The responsibility of “Influencers”

Um…not my usual post but I had something to say on this so here we are.

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Life update #3 // BLOGMAS?

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Christmas coming. It closely resembles the wonderful voice of Mariah Carrey singing about what she wants for Christmas

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What is this and what am I doing?

Hello there wonderful human reading my blog, why don’t you come join me on my kitchen floor while I’m having a wonderful existential crisis?

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 The full moon has risen (probably not), wolves are howling and bats are flying: All Hollow’s Eve is neigh! And what better way to celebrate than TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD SINCE IT’S SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE FOR ONE NIGHT MUAHAHAH ahem…Ignore that.

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Life update #2 // new blog design + a blogging schedule?

But Ioana I hear you saying, didn’t you JUST post a Monthly Wrap up? Why yes, yes I did. How observant of you. But I decided to bore you all with my life stuff yet again…You’re welcome. Obviously.

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Life update #1 // high-school is a thing apparently

Umm…hello. Hi. As you probably might have not noticed I went on hiatus earlier this year. And I thought I should explain why. Maybe some of you can relate or give me some advice for the future who knows.

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