I’m posting this on February 30th which means I’m probably, possibly sending messages of bookish opinions from a parallel dimension.

A parallel dimension in which everything seems to be an unnerving mirror of our own with only little things that strike you as wrong – such as the stitching on socks being the opposite direction and candy being wrapped differently. And here I’m also apparently? A consistent being?? A blogging lizard that actually does blog? HAHAHAH see? Unnerving I tell yah!

In other news: I haven’t finished a book in 2 weeks and I’m only having a tiny small crisis about that. What am I doinggggg?! Why am I proving to be incapable of reading anything at the moment?! And even more questions that come with this slump : What is one supposed to do with all this time?? How do non-bookish people SURVIVE without consuming 50 books?! Should I balance upside down and see if I can finish 5 books in a sitting that way?

Big sigh of sadness.

Now shall we talk about the books I HAVE read….


Eight Ghosts (collection of short stories) : I firstly picked this one up in Paris with absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE of any of the authors. WHICH I NEVER DO EVER??? Just because it had the English Heritage logo on it and I thought THAT particular thing sounded interesting. Also I have a big weakness for ghosts and it was October. Sadly the average of ratings for the short stories vary wildly and even out on 2 stars ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . My favourite story was by far Max Porter’s.


Franklin’s Flying Bookshop by Jen Campbell : RECENTLY I’ve been getting into watching the UK olderish booktubers and Jen is one of my faves. Don’t mind me obsessively geeking in a corner over people but THE WAY SHE TALKS ABOUT BOOKS is amazing and her podcast is so good anyway this is a long explanation on why a children’s book is on this list. The scene of this occurrence: me in a bookshop, left to wait and getting bored. This book on the table, with a shiny green dragon on the cover. Honestly? It was just meant to be. So I read it in like 5 minutes in this bookshop. ARGH I WISH I COULD BUY IT FOR SOME SMOL IMPISH KIDS but alas they don’t speak English here and could never understand the story. It was cute in the way children’s books are cute – they fill you with hope of magic and possibility. Also book-loving dragon representation.


To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo : This turned out to be my most disappointing read of the month. Not for me, not for meeee, really not for me. This book is in the box of YA fantasies that are advertised as a fantasy but they are actually romances spiced with fantastical elements parading around wearing fake mustaches and thinking they are Clark Kent. My opinion ca be summed up as: this felt … excuse the pun… surface level (actually appreciate the pun please I am a comedic genius). The characters felt same-y, the plot was nothing I haven’t seen before and the mythology wasn’t done in a way that pleased me. Hype allergies strike yet again I’m sad I didn’t love this more since many people I know LOVEEE IT. Alas.


Dragul meu turnator (eng : My dear security agent) by Gabriel Liiceanu : Read for the ongoing competition wherein I have to read historical books detailing one aspect or the other regarding the communist regime in Romania. I can safely say this was one of my favourite books I’ve read for this competition so far! Liiceanu is a cultured man and his intelligence shines through the words and sentences. Also the humour is simply great. If you’ve ever thought to yourself in the middle of the night “hmmm I have a sudden craving for Romanian books about the secret police during the communist regime” than ughhh 1. What?! 2. I won’t say I’m questioning your life choices but I really actually am. and 3. Start with this particular book because it’s really good.


Intoarcere in secolul 21 (eng: Return to the 21st century) by Ioana Parvulescu : This is – contrary to what the title would have you believe – NOT a sci-fi! Aren’t we all just liars? GREAT START. It’s just a bunch of collected articles that this author wrote in a literary magazine about the mundane things of real life. Some of them were were good (the ones about books and food SPECIFICALLY), some were less so and caused me to break out into yawns. And yet I still majorly enjoyed it and laughed a great deal! Ioana Parvulescu is one of the great contemporary Romanian authors and she was recommended to me by my Literature teacher (whom I majorly look up to…and is the only teacher who actually cares ahem). The writing style is immensely enjoyable and funny? Which I appreciate??


Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan Mcguire : AHHHH HOW I LOVED THIS ONE REALLY?! It lived up to literally everything?! Bording school and magical shenanigans and incredibly hilarious quotes?! I’M HERE TO JOIN THE CHORUS OF PRAISE … 3 years too late lol lol let’s remember I am a wizard and wizards are never late and arrive precisely on the time they wish. Also it happened to be he first book I’ve ever read wherein the protagonist self identifies as “asexual” and all the happy yelps were yepled at that moment! For this notable great and rare occurrence!!!!

There’s that on that, my list of read for February. Honestly February is too short a month. I feel robed of 2 whole days – I could’ve attempted to read the other 2 books I’m currently in the middle of! Universe please fix this immediately.

What have YOU read this month? Any newfound favourites? Maybe some incredibly disappointing reads?



6 thoughts on “#AlltheReads of February

  1. I gave To Kill a Kingdom 4 stars when I read it but it was honestly because of the hype, and I would give it like 2.5/3 stars now. OOPS. I remember it was ENJOYABLE but nothing more? And I enjoyed the slow-burn but then when it actually HAPPENED i was like “eh.” And OOH EVERY HEART A DOORWAY LOOKS SO GOOD, I’m so happy you enjoyed! and i’m nearly always seven years late to the hype. EIght Ghosts looked SO cool so I’m sorry it wasn’t that great. ALSO, YEH WHY IS FEB SO SHORT. We must file an official complaint to the universe. ://

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  2. Okay, it really sucks that you didn’t like To Kill A Kingdom, but… I might still pick it up because I really like romance-centered YA novels???? And slow-burn?? I’m vaguely interested, lol. Also, yes, Every Heart a Doorway was goood!! I really enjoyed it when I read it and when I finished, I was left feeling lowkey empty. I *need* to finish that series. Eventually…

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  3. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t love To Kill A Kingdom, I don’t mind a romance-focused kind of book but it’s true that it can feel like it’s, well, not that unique. I’m happy you enjoyed Every Heart A Doorway! This book was a little weird for me, but it certainly was unique and original 🙂
    I hope you’ll have amazing reads in March! ❤

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