Here we go again. The same old situation. Why is the bookworm thing made up half by hating our TBR and half by BEING OH OH SO EXCITED BY NEW BOOKSSSSS?

First thing first, I’M ON A BOOK BUYING BAN!! This has never happened before so applause for such occasion, such premiere! What does this mean for my book buying? Well…it should possibly not happen. Until summer. Yeah that’s the goal – no new books until I read my stack of old ones.

Second thing first, these are all mostly YA books. I am currently on the search of plains and mountains for non-YA books to read so uhhhh….this is biasly misguided. But the interest in YA on Goodreads is so big that there are a million and one list for such releases so here we are.

Third thing last, THIS LIST IS SO I CAN HIGHLIGHT SOME GREAT AND AMAZING BOOKS COMING OUT! Will I get to all of them? No. Will I even get to most? Probably not.

But we’re here for the fun and pretty covers so let the fun begin.



The usual Declaimer: Ioana is not responsible for future murderous TBRs after the lecture of this post. Add everything on Goodreads AT. YOUR. OWN. RISK.


Most Anticipated

40170373 The Boy Who Steals Houses : This is Cait’s second book! AND LOOK for as long as Cait gets published the books will end up top of the list in my “Most Anticipated” section. So we’ll all better egt used to it. Also it’s yellow! Which is my fave colour so it’s meant to be. And I guess the prospect of more heartbreak is appealing

17699853Chain of Gold : Guess who hasn’t read Queen of Air and Darkness and therefore knows nothing at all about this one? BUT IS STILL EXTREMELY HYPED?? That’s right ME! I have NO idea who that on the cover even IS but I’m here for red haired faeries of the forest!


The Starless Sea : This is about a secret library that’s quote “a place of lost cities and seas, lovers who pass notes under doors and across time, and of stories whispered by the dead”. Also a girl with pink hair and a bee, a key and a sword. Does that sound confusing? VERY. Does that make me incredibly excited? VERY!! I am a girl of simple taste as you can see.



39863498 The Gilded Wolves: It’s a HEIST book set in PARIS! Look MORE lovable outcasts to break my heart!! My little Six of Crows loving heart is beating wildly for this one!


Enchantee : More fantasy set in Paris I guess. I’m absolutely not complaining about this new trend here nope. It’s got a bit of French Revolution going on too (not my fave period in history – I’m more of a tsarists Russian kind of gal) but LOOK it sounds really really cool and I’m here for it.

39122774 Children of Virtue and Vengeance : I might not have absolutely loved the first book in this series but I’m excited to see what happens next! Especially because I need more Amari in my life!



Gods of Jade and Shadow : 1920s? Mexico? Dark fairy tales? All the ingredients of success in that small blurb.


The Red Scrolls of Magic : I admit to not being 13056% excited for this…I am a hesitantly cautious yet maybe interested little potato. I like Magnus a lot (and his backstory is not talked about enough in fandom JUST SAYIN’) but I just….I don’t knowww why I’m not more excited ok! I’ll read it ok don’t come @ me I’m a fan I surrender to your mental pitchforks.

40375245 Wayward Son : Carry onnnn my wayward soooon of Supernatural references I don’t get! Again I’m not as excited as I should be. I LOVE CARRY ON but. I don’t know…it was a pretty cute stand alone. So I have mixed feelings™ about a sequel. BUT BRING IT ON!



35068618 One The Come Up : More Angie Thomas books….need I say more? Also rap! I’ve been waiting for this book since last year but the release date got pushed back so here it is again!

41147279 Again, but Better : I’m not a huge Christine fan but. Massive respect for the fact that she kinda started the booktube community! We have nothing in common reading taste wise but…a book about university for once sounds pretty darn interesting!

36362234 The Love & Lies of Rukhsana Ali : Wlw muslim rep!!! JUST!! YES!!! I’m a bit nervous about it reading the blurb BUT!! STILL!! wlw!!

39909219 The Year I Didn’t Eat : This is about a boy who struggles with anorexia! Yes A BOY! Yey rep! I really want to read any book about eating disorders (I finally feel ready) and this one just sounds fantastic!

39678923 I Wish You All The Best : Non-binary #ownvoices rep and an enby main character! LOOK AT THAT I’M SO EXCITED!! Plus it looks both heartbreaking AND adorable and I’m screeching softly.


Miscellaneous Other

37828446 Don’t Date Rosa Santos : A story about magic, family and curses from the sea? I’M HERE! I’ve been here since I saw it on twitter on a bus in London so you know I’M SERIOUS! Also that title? The fate getting her nose in your dating life had proved to be a successful trope to my knowledge SO. Give it to me.

35614314 The Weight of Our Sky : Have I ever herd of the 1969 riots in Kuala Lumpur? nO. This is not a time or place I am familiar with BUT THAT’S WHAT MAKES IT ALL THE MORE INTRIGUING! Please tell me more. And teens with OCD that have something inside them?? I DON’T EVEN KNOW BUT I’M SO SO INTRIGUED!

39091679The Truth About Keeping Secrets : Magic? Ghosts?? GIRLS LOVING OTHER GIRLS?? Look I’m not saying this is the recipe to pretty much buy my loyalty because that would be admitting I have a weakness but that’s pretty much exactly what I’m saying….I don’t admit anything though…

39754733 Natalie Tan’s Books of Luck and Fortune : FOOD AND MAGIC! Magical food and a Chinese restaurant! Nothing more to say there.

40597810 Daisy Jones & The Six : 60s rockstars! I haven’t read Evelyn Hugo (I know I know I’m horrible get a ticket and stand in the line to sign the Ioana is horrible poster right under my own signature) but I trust the hype and I’m prepared to dive into anything this author writes.

40177227 All Of Us With Wings : Fairy tales and general confusion because I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE BLURB AT ALL!! But it seems to be words I like hearing so uhhh YES.

35965482 Middle Game : Twins? Gods? Robots? I don’t even know mate. But apparently Seanan McGuire’s books are little oddballs THAT I WOULD READ IF THEY WEREN’T SO HARD TO BUY INTERNATIONALLY. Not salty at all here no salt to be seen. Anyway this book sounds cool.


Well that’s about it. Those are many books. My TBR absolutely despises me. I’ll go figure out how to make a Philosopher’s Stone just so I can get myself some immortality juice.

Me : in 2019 I’ll try reading less books

Me *2 days into the year* : w-whops


What about YOU? Do YOU have any releases you’re dying to get your hands on? What are your thoughts on unnecessary sequels? Is 2019 going to be the year of Cassandra Clare?



21 thoughts on “2019 books that I anticipate most eagerly (screaming can be heard for miles)

  1. SO MANY good looking books, what are we going to doooooooo. I love your list here! I can’t wait to read Rosa Santos, this book sounds AMAZING and I’m just so excited to get to it 😀 also so impatient about Cait’s new book, it sounds just as amazing as she is and I can’t wait. And I don’t watch Christine’s booktube channel either, but I really like her book’s synopsis and will most likely read it, it sounds good! 🙂
    Happy reading ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t wait to get my hands on TLH books by Cassie Clare!! ^^ Not too excited about the red scrolls of magic too and SAME HERE I don’t know why since he’s also one of my favorite character in the series!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t know freaking out could be elegant and done eloquently wow 😂
        Then there’s the ghosts of the shadow market novellas too… ANYWAY it’s good to read them slowly so you won’t be in agony waiting for another Cassie Clare book.

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  3. Um, Cordelia is on the cover of Chain of Gold dummy, I knew you were a fake fan!!. Yeah, I feel the same about Scrolls of Magic but I’d buy anything with Cassie’s name on it so,,, my wallet hates me.

    Oh my gosh, I didn’t think I was excited about Starless Sea but now I am.

    I just finished Carry On and my heart is empty!! It’s a great standalone but I NEED MORE. Also, Carry On My Wayward Son is a song by Kansas if ya didn’t know.

    You and me both. I haven’t read Evelyn Hugo but I MUST and Daisy Jones sounds something right up my alley.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. I. Did not. Know. Wait who’s Cordelia <- my initial reaction. I googled it now. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Ok i'm officially a dumb toast.

      YES CARRY ON IS SO GOOD WHAT TOO YOU SO LONG TO BORD THIS SHIP?!?!! it's. so good. so pure. so British.


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  4. I know we’ve screamed about half of these but time repeats itself and so does excitement. ANYWAYS, i genuinely can’t wait for The Starless Sea – i know my heart is going to feel so FULL reading it and i can’t wait to fall in love with her beautiful words again. AGH

    Alsooo I so want to read about eating disorders more! I feel like they’re so glossed over in YA and there needs to be MORE?!? Where all of them.

    AND I GOT AN EARC OF THE TRUTH ABOUT KEEPING SECRETS on NetGalley and i SCREAM. the author has a youtube channel and has done some amazing spoken word poetry stuff and SHE’S SO COOL. (there’s one called skinny pretty girls about eating disorders and it’s V Good, I love)

    Also, I’m so curious and nervous about The Love and Lie of Rukshana Ali ah. i don’t know if I’ll get to read it because i’m broke and i don’t think my library would be able to get new lowkey obscure releases (like my library only gets really popular new YA releases) so IDK IF I EVER HAVE THE CHANCE TO READ IT. i’m forever broke, so like never been on a book buying ban BECAUSE i’m always on one oops. But good luck on not buying books. We’ll SEE how determined you stay when all these books are being waved around in front of you. No bur seriously i am cheering you on YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!1

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    1. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BROKE SELF BECAUSE I SO RELATE. I’m forever crying. I can really only buy books for the important events like my birthday and Christmas because all the extended family gives me da monehhhhy to do so. So I’m on a book buying ban because my parents won’t buy me books since I haven’t read the ones I got for my latest b-day (and the books came in December soo…uhh 2-3 months after I ordered them lol lol). (Also I feel bad making them spend money all the time?) So yeah NO MORE BOOKS FOR ME UNTIL I READ THE ONES I OWN!

      WE NEED MORE EATING DISORDER REPRESENTATION IN BOOKS. And good rep at that. Really I feel like all I ever see just… perpetuates the stereotype of “girl wants to loose weight to look pretty for boyzzz and then speshul boy comes around and she’s cured HURRAH”. And since uhhh eating disorders are a sensitive topic for me (I NEVER TALK ABOUT THIS ONLINE I’VE HAD ONE OH WELL) I’ve kept myself miles away from any ED books.

      (but tbh the ed books I would like to read are as you said really obscure releases and I don’t think I’ll be able to even order any online?? so yeah. DAMN YOU OBSCURITY!!!)

      (This response is getting very long oh nooOOOoooOo I’ll keep going I like talking to you what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

      I KNOWWWW I’ve watched some of the author’s videos and I think she seems AMAZING!! So ALL THE EXCITMENT and tell me what you think of the book when you’ve read it!!!

      And yes. The Starless Sea. Sounds so magical. And full of STUFF. OF GOOD STUFF. The blurb sound so Laini Taylor-esque too AND JUST. BEST COMBINATION.

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