I’ve been incredibly busy doing a bazillion hundred things that are mostly super boring!! Also I think I’ve lost the notion of sleep somewhere along the line.

( And DID I EVER MENTION I DON’T DRINK COFFEE?? Coffee tastes mildly bad and DOES NOTHING FOR ME! Seriously I’ve been validated because I’ve finally heard of other people that actually do feel sleepier after drinking coffee!! I’m not the only walking lie in the online world YEEEEy. Also thanks I HATE THIS because I’m sleepy ALL THE TIME. )

Ok so.

I went to bed at 2 and woke up at 6 and then took a Very Important and Physically and Mentally Impossible Test™ (seriously even teachers say it’s impossible to do it all correctly in the time given AND YET THEY MAKE US TAKE IT ANYWAY THANKS) on Friday and right now the jolly tune of The Halloween Shark Song is playing inside my head. On repeat. Dudududuududuudududuuuu SEE WHAT I MEAN.

This is what my life currently looks like.

I am in Hell and all the demons are here and in other news Shakespeare is a liar. Also can I google “after how many hours of sleep deprivation does hallucinating come into play” just so I am prepared.


⇒What I’ve been reading?

Mostly books for Romanian Literature that were written 100 or so years ago! And I consider most of them to be a horrendous boring snoozefest – damned be the bibliography of last year those books were TERRIBLE. BUT!! I have hopes for this year and I’m actually enjoying the current book we’re discussing that is basically What If The Shining Happened In Rural Romania And It’s About Intimidating Pig Headers – because ya know rural Romania.

And a non-fiction book about the strange history of communism ….in Romania. It’s pretty self deprecating and has that terrible humour only academic people can have. Also, my only major criticism – IT’S NOT STRANGE ENOUGH. When you say STRANGE or PECULIAR in THE TITLE I expect alien conspiracy theories and this is thoroughly lacking in anything that exciting. Instead it’s only about the politics of 1930s Romania – which I find interesting in certain small doses.

By the end of December I should probably start making my way through some English literary canon books because English lit finals are coming up and well…those poor books by white men have been forgotten in favour of….other books by white men. What a tragedy that I most certainly am crying over.

Gotta get myself into a Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver’s Travels both of which I’ve actually read before in my smol childhood when I was a six year old tomato that couldn’t speak any English! Hah…gotta read the adult boring versions now that I KNOW WILL HAVE NO PICTURES. Ugh. Why aren’t there any pictures for adults I WANT PICTURES aghhhhh stop sucking the fun out of things adulthood.


I said I wasn’t doing Nano but Y’ALL KNOW ME SAYING THINGS LIKE A LIAR and I still wrote over 5000 words this past week. But they were spread over:

– 2 articles for GirlUp Romania (a feminist organisation) – you can read the first one HERE if you wish (pssst it’s in English)

– a presentation for my Human Rights class about stereotypes and how they are used to manipulate the masses. (The class is in English with a pretty old guy from The North of the UK that I get along with pretty well since he’s the only teacher I know that mentions gay rights openly!! He’s cool like that!)

– essays for all my other English classes in general

– a really big article I wrote just because I wanted to for my own enjoyment and the lolz about the connection between feminism and witchcraft

and the thing I’m most proud of:

– a 3k short story about a fox and fate for my Romanian class

…I AM A MESS IN BITS SCATTERED TO THE 4 WINDS BY NOW. STRESS? A CONSTANT MOOD! I’ve slept 4 hours please send a blanket and buckets of chocolate.


Moreover* I’ve been trying to set up an online magazine type thingy with my friends and WE HAVE A WEBSITE NOW!! And an Instagram account!! Because I’m an impulsive gryffindor and I made those one evening while procrastinating and basically forced them to take part with me MUAHAHAH.

Now it’s A REAL THING?!?! REJOICE WORLD and let us eat small tea biscuits with cranberries FOR IT’S A HAPPY DAY. I am a horrible kind of friend.

(Are the tears I’m crying right now of happiness or relief or just because I’m stressed and my emotions are all over the place and scattered on the floor? WHO KNOWS.)

Also am I slowly turning into Hank Green by doing approximatly 50 billion things? WHY YES YES I AM.

*look at me using those fancy linker words I’ve learnt for The Important English Test™


The story I wrote and mentioned earlier? I’m strangely proud of it!

It’s told in snippets of time over a year or so and it has death and strange witches in the forest and curses and it’s from the pov of a fox that’s maybe not really a fox!

The teacher said “short” story so…I went ahead and did a weird and strange narrative that’s 8 pages long and none could stop me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. If I mysteriously disappear from the internet just assume that the teacher called my parents and told them their child has been switched in the cradle with a faerie monster and they’ve banned me from the outside world.

….I’ve just realized I often disappear form the Internet so you’d probably never know the truth… Just assume the above anyway.



If you’d maybeee be interested in hearing more about it I can make a post?? I don’t know if any of you would really care since it’s in Romanian and you can’t read it….. TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS!!

!! yes I do read comments I just don’t reply to most of them BUT I DO READ ALL OF THEM or at least the ones wordpress shows me !!!



In case you couldn’t tell by my frenzied ranting. School hates fun so I haven’t been reading any fun books or watching fun cartoons so no fun blogging either.

Basically I’m prepared for my hair to turn white early.


Also I’ve just procrastinated learning all the countries in the world and their capitals and the American declaration of independence by writing this 1k word vomit of a post that is not even coherent. Thanks I hate it.

…somebody take this laptop away from me AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh!!!!!!



9 thoughts on “Life Update #5? : I’m being boring and doing the boringest stuff

  1. First of all, COFFEE IS EWWW. And second of all, I would love to her about the story. FOXES ARE COOL.🦊🦊 Good luck on your magazine and omg I have like 2 months of comments to respond to and am I going to do that any time soon? Nope. Sorry everything’s boring but have fun procrastinating! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It warms my cold dead heart to hear somebody else insult coffee 😂!
      Yeeey so 1 vote for the story post!! (i really didn’t know if ANYONE would want to hear more about it lol)

      I’m having tons of fun BUT I’M SUPER STRESSED. Good luck with those comments… eventually 😂!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad someone’s is! It is literally disgusting but le water normal is good!
        It deffo sounds super cool and magical and dark and oooh! We want a translated version!
        Eventually 😂💕


  2. number one, coffee – ew. I’ve had like a sip before and it’s not to my tastes. but really? you wrote a short story that sounds so magical and dark and GOOD and I’m supposed to not want an English version now. i mean I’d love a post about it but it would just make me more desperate to read it and i can’t because i’m a useless penguin who can’t read Romanian. like you’re so amazing?? you know English which is like the Trashiest Language (TM) you deserve a noble peace prize. And the magazine!!! AGH IM SO PROUD OF YOU. and Feminism and WITCHCRAFT – am I supposed to be able to live without this! Also yes, you’re like a thousand per cent cool you have so many projects and you’re just so intelligently amazing. Also reading boring books for English – do not recommend.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. English is really easy to learn lol HAVE YOU SEEN ANY LATIN LANGUAGE EVER??? SERIOUSLY ROMANIAN IS OUTRAGEOUS. i love English the grammar is so easy i can write love letters to it.

      HAHAHA THANKS!! i mean… The story is probably kinda bad so I’ll wait for the teacher to correct it and tell me how horrible it is tbh. I don’t think there will ever be an English translation SOORRRRYYY (or at least in the near future because of all the reasons stated above)!! But I will probably torture y’all with a post about it ANYWAY!!

      BUT THE FEMINISM AND WITCHCRAFT ARTICLE THING IS IN ENGLISH!! (so I can send it to you if ya want cough). Actually funnily enough most of the things I write are in English because I go to a bilingual highschool. The story is just the universe possibly hating all of us. So my articles are readable – possibly really bad but readable.

      You’re intelligently amazing too YOU KNOW and GOOD LUCK WITH THAT NANO WIP of yours!!! It’s great and it’s going to be great!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I LOOK FORWARD TO THE POST. and i hope you’re having a great December you deserve one!! Please tell me you have a break right now and are relaxing you BETTER be. OMG SEND ME THE FEMINISM ARTICLE RIGHT NOW i need it like i need air. also NaNo? Idk her.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Ugh you’re not the only one about coffee, I’m definitely not a an of it at all, I hate the taste and smell and everything haha.
    CONGRATULATIONS on everything yu’ve been doing, setting up an online magazine, that’s awesome! And your story sounds amaznig, I am loving these aesthetics so, ver very much 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. omg yoooo you are doing so??? much??? crazy. i cannot believe. no wonder you’re not sleeping there are only so many hours in the day etc etc

    also feeling very left out in the midst of this post & comments about coffee, considering i am drinking some as we speak and am slated to go get more in 1.5 hours but i will take the wins with the losses

    ANYWAYYYY very impressive schedule you’re keeping up but also don’t die??? and preferably don’t hallucinate due to lack of sleep

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Gurllll you’re such a great writer. I just read the feminist article and I can’t even 😭👏 And omg magazines and short stories? I’d love to read a separate post about them. It’s so cool that you’re Romanian. I just searched up how Romanian text looks like and I expected it to be like Russian but it’s more french? Seems like a new language has been added to my to-learn list (which I may or may not have been procrastinating to start on) Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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