Guess who’s back? You absolute fave internet lizard is and aren’t you all just glad!


Ahem…1..2…3 I’m just testing the waters here oh my I haven’t written in so long. And I apparently got a British accent in the meantime because who even says oh my these days #conspiracyconfirmed Ioana was abducted by the Queen. (Or maybe she’s just been watching The Crown too much and she now has a hunger for scones and wants 10 corgis…the world may never know which one).

I have good excuses for falling off the face of the Earth though!!

Which is school and mental health!! These 2? Haven’t been that great! And let’s move on from that because I don’t like being a negative pickle usually and that’s exactly why I haven’t been posting. I like being a positive ray of sunshine on here and I don’t want to fake it.

So to that here’s a daily reminder to hydrate yourself, make some tea or lemonade and eat a cookie. Take care of yourself!

Imagini pentru hug gif

Oh and also another pretty big reason I haven’t been blogging is…well I haven’t been reading. I’ve been in a reading slump since last year (HA I didn’t have the chance to make a last year joke until now and you have to witness my comic genius) and I’ll spare you the “that suuuuucks” details. I had loads of stuff to do for school so sorry but no pleasure reading for this smol bean. School takes priority.

Also I shall see how I’m going to go about my exams at the end of the year!! I can’t promise regular bloposts so I’ll most probably try to post once a week and if I have time to write something extra up then that’s magnificent. I’ll try to focus more on commenting back and blog hopping because let’s be real I’ve been so horrible at it and I feel bad because I LOVE YOU ALL and I like talking to you.

What I’ve been up to?

-Taking my Cambridge exams

AHahahaha. Ha. I sometimes think I’m halfΒ  decent at English but then I have to write an essay and I realize that I was solely mistaken. WHAT EVEN ARE THOSE HUH?? I’m taking my C1 level for those who are connesiours and since I skipped about 2 years I AM SO CONFUSION. What are those words and why do they look like German compound nouns. What is grammar?? I DON’T KNOW GRAMMAR IN MY OWN LANGUAGE PEOPLE HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LEARN IT IN OTHERS?

-Planning a world tour

Me loving traveling is not a revolutionary discovery BUT I’m going to be all over the place come summer vacation. I’m sosoosso excited!! Especially because my school is doing a trip TO LONDON??? AKA MY FAVORITE CITY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD?? And I get to go with all my friends? SO MUCH YES?? Also about 3 of them will celebrate their birthdays there ergo we will probably storm the city and take over it that’s just how things work. WE WILL EAT ALL THE CAKE so if cake is missing in London then we will probably be the cause of the Cake Craze.

-Looking at univeristies

But am I not a freshmen in highschool you may ask? And yes…yes I am. But I really want to study abroad and I have to work a bit harder if I want that to happen. At the moment I am so interested in anthropology AND OMG THOSE HAVE ARCHAEOLOGY COURSES OMG I WANNA DO ARCHAEOLOGY!!

I am a history nerd sorry it’s just what it is I get really excited about history stuff. Also Rome is overrated ANCIENT EGYPT IS WHERE IT’S AT. And my bois the Mayans and the Aztecs are really underrated and I wish we learned more about them in school.

BUT this changes every day and basically I have no idea what I want to with my life and that’s BEEN FUN TO THINK ABOUT AND ALSO TERRIFYING.

Like I wanna do something with arts? But also?? Cultural studies?? Marketing?? If I wanna go into publishing later in life do I need English lit?? Is media a thing??

If you have some university advice leave it in the comments as I’m a very confused bean and i’m also internally freaking out a smidge.

-Watching movies/ TV shows

I’ve been going out with said nerd friends so I’ve seen a lot of movies recently (BTW BLACK PANTHER IS AS GOOD AS THEY SAY GO WATCH IT NOW)! Also I’ve finished Devilman Crybaby (it’s on Netflix) and woooow that was kinda good. (DON’T WATCH THAT IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO GRAPHIC CONTENT IT HAS ALL THE WARNINGS EVER…basically don’t watch that if you’re like…my age maybe). The Greatest Showman was pretty great too.


Imagini pentru brooklyn nine nine gifs

-Drinking industrial quantities of hot chocolate

Ha it’s been snowing non stop so the schools were closed all week and it’s been so calming. I’ve been drowning myself in hot chocolate.


Um yes I got out in the blizzard for my English classes I AM DEDICATED!

And because I’m kinda short the snow gets in my boots DAMN YOU SNOW YOU WIN THIS TIME!!



Ok so now you can consider yourself updated on all my lizardy shananigans. I’m still trying to get back into the good ol’ blogging ways but patience dear grasshoppers (and by grasshoppers I mean ME BECAUSE I’VE BEEN THE MOST FRUSTRATED WITH MYSELF). My world domination plans are actually coming along quite nicely and I just need to find a place that rents dragons…OK THAT IS TOO MUCH INFORMATION PRETEND YOU’VE NEVER HEARD THAT.

Ok ’till next post (whenever that may be I HOPE SOON-ISH)




32 thoughts on “Life Update:…of unplanned hiatuses


    #firstcomment hehehehe

    You get to go to London with your friends? You lucky human! I will be going on a 28-day school trip to Australia in the summer (in Australia, it’s winter) and we will not be allowed to bring any electronics with us (INCLUDING KINDLES) and I have no idea how I am going to survive. We will get three chances to write letters to our family, and bring along tubes to poop in when we go on expeditions. Not my idea of fun. Heh.

    And OMG THE SNOW IS SO PRETTY! I went to South Korea in the Lunar New Year Holidays and we didn’t get to see snow like we did in Japan and I was kind of disappointed TBH. You’re so lucky aaahh, I wish I lived somewhere where it snows! (BTW I’m curious, is Romania in the Balkans? Sorry I suck at geography.)

    Aaaahh I want to watch Black Panther but recently I’ve been so busy so I didn’t have any time to watch any movies! But it’s on my HAVE-TO-WATCH-ASAP list, along with The Greatest Showman! My friends loved both movies and I’m really looking forward to watching them.

    + Yeah I’m kind of confused about uni applications and stuff. I will be choosing diploma programmes next year and I have no idea if I should do IBDP or my local programme. LET’S BE CLUELESS TOGETHER OK DON’T WORRY YOU’RE NOT ON YOUR OWN.

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    1. YES YES YES
      (and you totally get first comment credit here’s a cookie)

      I’ve always wanted to see Australia but hahahhHAAA without ELECTRONICS??? HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE??? ARE YOU SURE YOU’LL BE OK?? I can’t stay without the internet for like a day how will you manage nearly a month???

      Ahhh the Lunar New Year sounds awesome I’m sad it didn’t snow! (And yup Romania is in the Balkans…is it bad that I had to google that?? I don’t know where my own country is great please don’t tell my geography teacher πŸ˜‚. It’s like a bit above Greece.)

      THEY ARE BOTH GREAT SO WATCH!! Especially Black Panther because it’s 12/10 good.

      I’M GLAD I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE MILDLY FREAKING OUT ABOUT UNI!! AGHHHH!! I’ve got no idea what major I want what university how scholarships work because it’s a lot of money etc. But!! We’ll figure it out!!! Let’s be there for each other right!!!

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      1. Thanks for the cookie!


        Aaaahh I’ve always wanted to visit Greece. When I finally get to go to Greece (in the near future I hope, Santorini is so beautiful), I will definitely visit Romania as well!

        Yes! Let’s be there for each other and figure stuff out together ❀

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  2. Thank you for the life update, Ioanaaa! And welcome back to the blogging world, we all missed you very much (especially me because I love you the most!!!)
    This all sounds very stressful, I’ve also been researching some Master’s abroads, I’m hoping for the best and I’m such a fearsome idiot when it comes to that. I hope you’re able to find a great uni!!!
    Black Panther, I want to watch it so much!! I need it right now! Too bad nobody wants to watch it in the cinema with me 😦 All my friends suck.
    Still jealous you got this week off. 😦

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      Yes I have been kinda stressed depressed and not even well dressed BUT. Hot chocolate is a blessing. Try the one at pasajul de la metroul de la universitate I guarantee it is the cure to all sadness and it’s rainbows in your mouth.

      Yeeeey I’m not the only one trying to study abroad!!! Doing a masters abroad is a great thing (I know someone who’s doing it in Spain) but it’s really stressful trying to figure things out. Also it’s goddamned expensive. And I want to go on humanitarian stuff which ahhahahaha ha….well selling fries McDonald’s is a job too i guess.


      Of course i got the week off queen Firea never dissapoints….I haven’t done any homework and I have like a million things to do it’s fine this is fine. I’ve just been watching Brooklyn 99 and I’M NOT EVEN SURE I REGRET IT 😭.


  3. Welcome back, Ioana ❀ I absolutely love Brooklyn 99 and I just heard that the show will come back Mid march and I legit screamed.London is my favorite city too and I would love to visit some day and I hope you have lots of fun there with your friends.

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    1. THANK YOUU!! ALSO YES I SCREAMED TOO WHEN I SAW THE ANNOUNCEMENT. I watched like the whole first season so fast like wow my attention span lasted.
      Yeeekkkk LONDON IS THE BESSST. I hope you get a chance to go soon (and also eat cake because the sweets are great there tbh).

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  4. hahahah “abducted by the queen” xD I still say oh my … but english is a 2nd language and im in canada.. so erm, might not count?

    aww im sorry to hear that your MH was giving you problems .. but im glad that you’re back and hopefull feel better ! also naps. naps are good when not feeling 100% heheheh ..
    I am also here to tell you to not worry. it’s normal if you don’t know what you wanna do yet; heck I graduated HS at 17, and college at 19 – and I STILL end up not liking what I chosed and end up working retail in a sex shop xD despice having that accounting diploma. It’s alright if you figure that later, you just cannot know for sure what you want to do all your life at such young age .. I admire the very few that does, honestly.

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    1. Pffffft I think I got a british accent in my head from watching so many british youtubers πŸ˜‚. It does count your britishism (totally a word i absolutley didn’t make up) is showing.

      Thank youuuu!! Yes I’m feeling much better! And thanks for the tips I need more naps in my life.

      Wooow that’s so early to graduate!! How does one even do that I am in awe!! I’m still a bit stressed and worried but that’s probably never going to go away…I just wish I knew what I like and what I’m good at. Hmmm. Thank you for the kind words ❀️!

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      1. No prob ! ❀
        I just started school early xD kind of a year ahead as I'm born in the last days of december .. and I went straight to college

        we all need more naps! heheh

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      2. yes !! back like in kindergarden .. ahaha welp. perks of working evenings; I do have the privilege of taking them for me to stay awake until the closing ! 😏 (11 or 10pm)

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  5. I’m sorry to hear that these past weeks haven’t been great with school and your mental health, I hope that you are feeling a bit better now and know that I am always here whenever you need or want to talk about it all ❀
    Oh, university, that's soooooo complicated, it's so hard to figure out whatever it is that you want to do, but you are still young and you still have time to experiment, try out history, arts, try out marketing, try out a bunch of things and see whether you enjoy it or not. Try not to worry too much about it and keep your eyes open for anything that might interest you, you'll figure it out, I'm sure of it! ❀ ❀

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  6. First of all, as always, take your time and relax. Keep up with English πŸ˜‰ The only suggestion I can do is to literally life with everything in English around you. The rest will come with time, even grammatic improvement.

    Just figura that my original uni plan was to study criminology. Now I’m a fashion student. Basically I followed my instict.

    Btw I watched the first episode and the second of Devilman and… maybe I’m growing old πŸ˜‚ But at the same it was amazingly disturbing. My jaw was falling when I first saw the massacre (you know what I mean). Just… OH WELL WTF WHY NOT.

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    1. I love english it’s just that AHHGHHHHH I hate writing pompus posh formal essays. It’s so cringey I swear. I’ve been doing it for so long and I still don’t know the grammar rules so there’s that πŸ˜‚.

      Criminology sounds really interesting but fashion seems awesome!! I’m glad you’re doing something you love.

      Devilam is really cool it just that the first half of the show is very over the top with the sexy times. It becomes more about the gore later that’s what I liked. But yup edgy disturbing stuff sure why not.

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  7. I LOVE the Crown so much! And I’m so jealous you’re going to London, that’s so exciting! I’m working at getting ready for grad school, and I’d love to do grad work in the UK. Except, I may go to law school in state? (And save money???) Who knows????

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    1. HA THE CROWN IS GREAT and it’s giving me a british accent! Law school sounds EXCITING AND HARD GOOD LUCK!! My thought went to Legally Blonde tbh but that’s a great movie you’re gonna rock it I’m sure!! All the luck to youuu friend I hope you figure it out!


  8. UGH YES BROOKLYN NINE NINE. i literally watched the season premiere as it aired + stuck with it for the first few seasons but i am so bad with watching shows as they’re airing so it just………faded out. MUST CATCH UP
    great to see you back!!! i am jealous of all your jetsetting adventurey plans

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    1. I relate to your horrible commitment to shows so yey for that. I HOPE I DON’T FORGET TO FINISH IT??? IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE (not my greatest moments). I. Must. Finish. It. It brings me too much joy it’s too pure Brooklyn Nine Nine is the best feel good comedy. And all the memes my smol heart is happy.

      Thank youu ❀️!! I need to chill with all my adventury plans tbh somebody stop me I need sleep?

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  9. London my home city!! That’s where I am from πŸ˜€ I hope you will enjoy your time when you’re over there. It sounds great to go with all your friends. And yes, schoolwork does take priority, so that makes sense. Hope it goes well and you can clear up all that confusion soon. Applying to universities is so exciting (and a lot of work) but mostly exciting ^.^

    My recent post:

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  10. It sounds like you have a lot going on! Also, Brooklyn Nine Nine IS MY JAM. My husband and I love it. It’s such a good way to relax and just enjoy a moment, you know?

    I’m actually quite jealous of your snow. We don’t see too much of that here in Texas, y’all. (I actually never use the word “y’all, but it felt relevant).

    Do You Dog-ear?

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    1. Brooklyn Nine Nine is such a pure show it’s amazing!!! I was hyena laughing throughout the whole first season πŸ˜‚! THE MEMES ARE PRICELESS!

      I use ya’ll ALL THE TIME and I’m not from texas and English isn’t even my first language SO IT’S OK YA’LL IS UNIVERSALLY LOVED.


  11. Take it slow, sometimes we all need a break (I actually have a sweater with a sloth that says “take it slow in the snow” so it fits, although the snow is kinda gone). Plus it is good that you know mental health and school are priorities – also lots of self-care and hot chocolate.

    That being said, I am still happy to read another post on your blog!

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    1. Bye snow but I’M SO READY FOR SPRING!! ok not summer because bleaghhh sun and heat BUT SPRING IS NICE.
      And omggg the sloth sweater sounds amazing i need like 50 of them.
      I’M HAPPY TO WRITE SOMETHING AGAINNN though school still sucks (hahahaha WHY DO THEY GIVE US 5 TESTS A WEEK?!?) but I’m trying really hard to manage my smol blog because I LOVE IT TOO MUCH OK.

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