Since that day when society conditions us to think we HAVE to have a partner in order to be happy in life is fast approaching I thought hey it would be great idea to list some of my favorite romance tropes! Because I have a feeling occasionally and it’s most likely because of these tropes.

Ok so if you know me you might also know my tendency to scrunch my nose and run away if I ever hear the words “romance” and “love”. Because I am a firm conformer to the saying why make out when you can make a plan to take over the universe and all it’s star systems. You know…I like something practical like that.

Imagine similară

And yet despite all the horror of kissing I sometimes admittedly may have a feeling because there are tropes that melt my smol frozen heart with their incredible cuteness.

(!! Also I am aware that the “aro/ace person with no feelings is a damaging trope that exists in media and I wish it would stop. I for one have 1 feeling and use it on occasion but I’m not speaking for all ever. Let asexual people fall in love because they deserve happiness 2k18 !!!


Enemies to friends to lovers

The best romance trope out there and I will don my armor and fight you on this one. It has the drama and it has the cuteness it’s like a vanilla and chocolate cake : vastly superior, satisfies everyone and has the best of both worlds.

AND HAHA THIS IS THE ONLY ONE I LIKE. We can all go home now this is just going to be the only trope on this list. Oh what…what do you mean a list is made up of more than just one thing? But…but I like this one thing very much do I really have to list others too? Ugh fineee.


Friends to lovers

…WHA- what do you mean this is the same thing? It’s obviously totally different! Leave me alone Susan who’s making this list yeah that’s right this blog’s mine and I can list whatever I so please.

So how’s this one different? Well…less drama but it’s full of fluffy cuteness overload opportunities galore.


The Unrequited

Ah ok this one’s tragic and we want fluffy cozy feels I gotcha.


Mutual Pining

I love soft dorks that can’t feelings good. It’s adorable and cute and I wanna strangle them but also awww. You know when this one’s at it best feel-y self? When they are friends and they don’t want to confess because they don’t want to ruin the friendship.

Provides optimal amounts of angst and feels.


The Alpha Male that is totally fine and not at all toxic see I promise

Wait so you mean to tell me – a teenage girl that has never had any romantic experience in her smol life – that THIS is not how a relationship should look like? REALLY? I am truly shocked. Utterly outraged. It’s like the representation of romances in fiction is often unrealistic or something.

…I hate this one and I wish it burned to clarify in case the heavy sarcasm didn’t give that away.



My personal favorite trope. The chaotic good of romance tropes. When all else fails just chocolate.

(I said I can write anything on this list don’t ever doubt me again.)


I hope I cheered you up in case you’re single and sad (hey you can be single and happy) because hey having a special other on an exact date dictated by society isn’t that big a deal. And if you DO have a special other that’s great I’m happy you’re happy.

Valentine’s Day can be a day of whatever love you want so hug your boyfriend / girlfriend / bestfriend / mom / dad / dog or whatever dragon egg you are preparing to hatch!


!!! And please don’t leave a comment trying to explain romance to me or that I just “haven’t found the one yet” or “I’m too young to get it” because I’ve heard those things before a thousand times and believe me I’m aware of them…that doesn’t mean I like hearing them over and over.

How about we talk about cake instead huh? That’s way nicer.

Imagini pentru anti valentine's day gif


So what are some of YOUR favorite romance tropes? Did I miss any (PROBABLY)? How are you going to spend you Valentine’s Day?



45 thoughts on “Some Soft Romance Tropes That Melt My Frozen Hart (and yet haha NO)

  1. Chocolate. Always chocolate. Ioana you sure have the spirit of love seeing as tomorrow is Valentine’s Day πŸ˜‚ Friends & enemies-> couple is almost the same but not and it honestly messes with my emotions but i LOVE it. Ahh happy Valentine’s day ❀️

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  2. YES TO ENEMY TO LOVERS! I love it and always always ship it when it comes to this trope but they can be out of line too… I mean, Neville/Snape?????? Hermione/Snape???? That’s just too much even for me. I love friends to lovers too, but usually got more ~feels~ if it’s like childhood friends that got away then come back πŸ˜€ The longing, the memories, the angst!!!! ❀

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    1. Enemies to loves is greattt THE DRAMA OF IT ALL. I’m living for the angst.
      Haha omggg IS HERMIONE/ SNAPE A THING?? I should be glad I never delved into hp fanfic πŸ˜‚. But I have a hatred for Snape that can’t be matched anyway sooo…maybe combinations with him will never be my coup of tea πŸ˜‚??
      Ahhh I see you’re the adept of the more tragic and feels-y part of the trope I like how you think friend. It maximizes the angst level it’s perfect.


  3. Hahaha I love this post so much and CHOCOLATE is everything so obviously you did the right thing by writing it down in this post.
    I really like the enemies to lovers trope, it’s quite fun to follow because it’s always filled with drama and angst and complex feelings and AHHH I am all for it. I’m particularily in love with the childhood friends trope, to be honest, it is my favorite of ever, but I also love the friends to lovers one and ahh it’s just so filled with adorableness ❀ ❀

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    1. Chocolate is everything good in the world I thought I should remind you all of that. Plus it’s my best friend on all days not only Valentine’s it’s never let me down.
      You like it so much I think you made childhood friends A THING. Congrats Marie on making a trope iconic πŸ˜‚. That one is so full of the best feels ahh it tugs on my heartstrings.



    I'm spending Valentine's Day as a single pringle for the fifteenth time in my life. WELP I'M LONELY. Anyway. I CAN'T STAND THE ALPHA MALE TROPE hahahaha but I love the friends to lovers, enemies to lovers and mutual pining tropes. The feels ❀

    (+ TBH reading about unrequited love kind of reminds me of my own tragic experiences so no thanks please! I get sad every time I read about that because hey, it's relatable AND depressing at the same time.)

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    1. I’VE BEEN ON HIATUS!! DISAPPEARED FROM THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!! But I’m coming back don’t you worry (though I’m still super busy at school so I’ll se bout that). Ahhh thanks I MISSED TALKING TO YA’LL ❀️!!

      Ah yes but we can be single pringles TOGETHER you see. Eating chocolate. I highly recommend. Best way to speand the day. I’m here to send you hugs if you haven’t received any today ❀️.

      Pfff Alpha trope is so over the top exagerated I can’t πŸ˜‚. I would probably throw multiple punches if I was in the story it’s ridiculous. Like how are they even a thingggggg.

      I’m sorry about that!! It’s ok you’ll find the one that makes you happy I’m sure!! You’re a lovely bean and anyone would be super lucky to be your valentine!! AND IF THEY ARE MEAN I’LL MAKE SURE TO EAT THEM OK.

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      1. Thank goodness hahaha! (I’ve got a lot of homework so I FEEL YOU GIRL.) ❀ However I understand how hard it is to juggle blogging and school, so if you ever need a break, just take one πŸ˜€ #selfcare

        *sends you a hug right back* That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me thank you so much YOU MADE MY DAY ❀ Love you!

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  5. Enemies to friends to lovers is the best trope ever, I would have had absolutely nothing against you if you ended the list there because #relatable.
    Also, fake relationships are so goooood, they make my cold heart melt. But I think chocolate is the best trope – I mean, someone should write a book about the main character having a relationship with chocolate – that’s all, that’s the plot. JUST CHOCOLATE EVERYWHERE.
    This post was amazing, I absolutely adored it!! ❀ Keep up the good work because I'm rooting for you so much, you're doing amazing!!


  6. I just realized my hubby and I were enemies to friends to lovers. Okay, maybe not enemies, but we totally considered each other annoying at first.

    I think Mutual Pining is my favourites – it is so cheesy and ALL THE FEELS!

    As for V-day… I don’t celebrate it, but I also have no problem with people celebrating it.

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  7. I love this post so effing much. None of my favorite tropes are romance and often if I love a romance I want them to die so it stays perfect in my mind. (I’m not crazy.)

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  8. “cute and adorable and i want to strangle them.” yep, sounds about right. that’s definitely me xD

    why of course chocolate is on the list why wouldn’t it be when it’s the best partner to have in a relationship. so chocolate-ly and delicious. seriously, who needs to make out when i can just eat chocolate? not me, that’s who

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  9. I LOVE a good romance, and I can’t stand a badly done romance ahaha. It’s a fine line when it comes to me. But the first two tropes you mentioned here – the enemies to lovers and friends to lovers, are the two I adoreeee the most πŸ˜€

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  10. Oh my goodness I love this post haha. Chocolate is honestly the best trope I mean,,, IT’S CHOCOLATE (I feel like that fish from Spongebob) I’m such a sucker from enemies to friends to lovers, friends to lovers and mutual pining like yes pls thank you give those to me no alpha males and toxic relationships pls

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  11. I LOOOOOOOVE Enemies to Friends to Lovers, or just skip the friends part entirely if need be! I will never not fall for it, never not love it.
    I also really love best friends pinning for each other! It gets me everytime and hurts my heart until they finally get their shit together and join romantic forces!
    Ugh Alpha Male romance trope can be thrown in the trash pls thanks.

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  12. *Waves* Hi I’m Becky, totally new to your blog (I found you through the Writing Hufflepuff) and your space is awesome!

    This was BRILLIANT. I was chuckling like a weirdo at my laptop (people gave me strange looks, YOU MADE ME SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE).

    Not gunna, lie, the enemies to friends to lover trope is one that gets me in the feels every time as well. It’s something about the pent up tension!

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    1. *Waves back* HELLO!! I’m glad you discovered my smol blog!! And that you like it *squels*! Seriously hearing that I’ve made people laugh makes MY day so thank youuuu ❀️!!

      (people always give strange looks so you might as well YOU DO YOU!! And go social unacceptable-ism (that’s not a word is it?…ok i’ll use it anyway)!! We’re all weird here so it’s totally fine you can always eat the other people if they are not ok with that ahem not advisable but certainly satisfying.)

      (Also sorry you cought my blog on hiatus!! I’ll return…soonish I hope!!)

      Yess pent up tension is the best! The angst is just a perfect spoonful of it aghhh. It’s so good!!

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