Um…not my usual post but I had something to say on this so here we are.

Declaimer: This post is pretty much based on my personal thoughts and experiences! It’s not very positive and it discusses some umm…more problematic stuff….so AVERT THY EYES if you’re sensitive and I’ll see you next post with something more lighthearted!

โ†’If you agree/ disagree or have other thoughts on the matter: I would very much like to have a discussion about this!


After Logan Paul’s recent actions I thought I should discuss a bit about what effect does this have on his younger audience that he may not realize it does.

I am not some big media outlet hating on these influences because I feel my job is threatened, which seem to be the predominant articles that come up when you search this kind of stuff that’s meant to make parents uneasy and become over bearing over what their child is doing on the Internet (“Zoella being blamed for declining teen literacy”?!….get out of here).

I’m the opposite actually: I WOULD ENCOURAGE kids to go an the Internet on their own and find stuff. There is nothing BAD about watching vlogs and tutorials. Let your child learn on their own.

It becomes bad when children start putting these people up on pedestals and looking up to them.

A Youtuber’s main audience is impressionable young teens. Yes they won’t admit they are impressionable (I will fight you if you call ME impressionable and I’m 15 let’s be honest I probably am impressionable) but they are.


I know a lot of younger children who watch Logan and Jake Paul. I myself was a smol bean that grew up on the internet and looked up to different people not that long ago (cough I am grateful these 2 weren’t a thing back in my day). And that’s why all the stuff they do makes me so angry.

When Jake Paul cheats on his girlfriend repeatedly and uses racial slurs against Mexicans what example does he make? When Logan Paul makes fun of Asian culture and suicide what example does HE make?

I know you might be thinking : “Oh but the children can see trough their lies it’s so obvious.” Well…no. You might be as surprised and saddened by this as I was when I found out that the children TAKE THE PAUL BROTHERS’ SIDE.

They think this it’s ok because their fave is doing it and look he apologized. These are children we’re talking about.

Their content doesn’t challenge ideals : it doesn’t teach them tolerance, or about feminism or other stuff that I personally consider brain food – I would actually say that those vlogs effectively murder brain cells and make the IQ go lower but hey who am I to judge “personal taste”.

But does it have to?

Does content have to be remotely intelligent? Of course not. I am not preaching elitism here and I’m not trying to say that I’m superior because I watch other stuff. I spend hours watching Vine completions let’s be real I’m not on some moral high ground. But.

Ugly truth – I don’t live in a very accepting country – it’s predominantly white and very homophobic. I learned acceptance by interacting and reading and seeing all this stuff ON THE INTERNET. I broke my own bubble of ignorance.

The Paul Brothers? They very much still act inside that bubble. THEY ARE SAFE. Ergo this children NEVER LEARN. They never break out. And yes they are still very much homophobic and use racial slurs. Which is sad and it makes me angry hearing an 11 year old say the N word. It’s not caused by the Pauls per say (if they ever said something like that on video then I’m sure they would’ve gotten well deserved backlash) but it’s not discouraged either. Which makes is almost as worse.


Yeah so the creators did some pretty nasty things but the FANS went rabid over the people that dared criticize their faves. With really awful insults and extremely toxic behavior. So that brings me to:

Where does one draw the line between creator and their fanbase?

Where does the creator stop being held responsible for what their fanbase does? It’s obvious that one draws the kind of audience that enjoys their content…so if the Paul brothers never said “hey saying this and this is BAD don’t do it” their fanbase uses said words.


Parents are still responsible!

Your child should not get their basic commune sense education on the internet. That much should be obvious. I’m not saying that these children use this kind of language or are homophobic solely because Logan Paul never said it wasn’t ok. Parents didn’t discourage this kind of behavior either. Don’t trust rich and entitled 20 year olds on the Internet to teach your kids some manners – that is your responsibility as a parent.

What you need to do is teach your kids the basic baggage and then trust them to use that for good and trust yourself that you’ve done a good job preparing them. Sorry but you wanted a small human now you’ve gotta deal with it and do this properly.


Also if you’re wondering – Logan Paul actually GAINED subscribers after that video. Take it for what it is.

In conclusion:



So you know me wanting to always be thorough so I’m linking some YouTube videos as well:

interview with a child by Dodie (which really shows how mature some 10-13 year-olds can be and I would’ve liked to discover it when I was 12 myself)

Zoella and Exploiting Teen Girls (this one is a very interesting discussion about HOW influences can manipulate teenagers when they are in their most vulnerable years)


What do you think about this? I’d love to know you take and have a discussion.



28 thoughts on “The responsibility of “Influencers”

  1. this is a super great post, good job. ๐Ÿ™‚

    i feel like one of the worst parts about the logan paul thing (besides, you know, making fun of a suicide victim) is that he gained subscribers. and if he now knows that doing problematic stuff will get him attention, then thereโ€™s no reason heโ€™ll try to be a better person in the future, right? the more controversial his content is, the more attention his channel will get, as a result giving him more subscribers.

    iโ€™ve watched dodieโ€™s interview with her sister and it was really interesting. i agree that creators should use their platforms to make the world better and itโ€™s a shame that there are so many who do the opposite.

    xo loren

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    1. ayyy thanks I try.

      Also I’ve been super pissed about this this past months so Logan Paul was the last drop and I had to say something (ANYTHING) and I don’t like Twitter rants so here we are.

      Ughhhh how he thought that was ok is beyond meee. Like I get super self deprecating jokes (HELLO YES I AM A WALKING RAY OF SUNSHINE MYSELF IN REAL LIFE my humour is basically 99% that) and darkish humour but this is taking it to a whole new level of disrespectful. Even if you don’t share traditional Japanese beliefs about death THAT IS STILL BASIC HUMAN RESPECT AND DECENCY. Everyone was pissed (RIGHTFULLY SO) and yet he still got subscribers and views and I bet some god church merch sales. And youtube only recently did anything about it.

      I love dodie and I think what she and some other creators do is beautiful and it inspires creativity but the Paul brothers (and some other mindless youtubers) just…exist. They are a waste of space on a platform if I’ve ever seen one.

      (And I think Jake has some serious anger issues he gives me really bad vibes and it creeps me out tbh.)

      But yeah I would love kids to have actually good role models because they will grow up to become the future and this is not what I want to see in society.

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  2. This is a very important post. I was fuming over the Logan Paul incident in Japan – how dare he??? But I’m also not naive to the point of expecting him not to do it again or expecting him to be the only one doing it. In fact, what saddens me the most is how his fanbase INCREASED after that video and media coverage, which is probably what he was planning all along.
    Some of these idiots’ fans are absolutely delusional and should not be using the internet, period. When the people who criticize them receive death threats and get insulted online, that’s where things get out of control. These fucktards don’t need to do anything about it because their fans do the dirty work for them. And so they continue doing what they do best, and earning money for it.
    It’s true that they also lost a lot of followers and endorsements. But I don’t know how affected their numbers actually were. Hopefully, at least these cases will bring awareness to the public about these so called celebrities who really have nothing but mush as their brains. Most vine creators (and believe me, I love vines) are idiots and will do anything for money. Their content has become so bad I can’t even watch some of it. The fact that they’re backstabbing friends (Lele Pons) and being accused of sexual assault (Curtis Lepore) just to name a few, is just the cherry on top. No, I wasn’t expecting these people to be saints but the moment you make your life public on the internet and get tons of impressionable kids looking up to you, you have a moral obligation to do better.
    I’m glad you were able to expand your horizons and get out of that toxic bubble, Ioana ๐Ÿ™‚ The internet is a great invention, some people just don’t know how to use it well.

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    1. YEAH I KNOW IT’S PRETTY FUCKED UP that Youtube only NOW has canceled his youtube red series. SERIOUSLY?! When the Pewdiepie stuff happened THEY DIDN’T EVEN HESITE but know when it comes to money they do apparently. Also Logan doesn’t get his video taken down but other people who talk about lgbtq+ issues and sex ed do…yeah seems legit and fair.

      What hurts me most is that these people have come on a platform I LOVEEED and has been a safe space for me when I was a vulnerable and impressionable kid. I grew up watching lovely people and I AM THANKFUL FOR THAT but I know that there are other kids like I was growing up watching Logan Fricking Paul making fun of suicide (I am glad he put an apology up I KNOW it’s not genuine or the best but other kids don’t know so they will at least see that he says it was wrong so yey i don’t even know man look what low standards we’ve got) and his STUPID BROTHER CHEAT, TREAT WOMAN LIKE SHIT AND BE A RACIST STUCK UP JERK. I don’t say it lightly when I say that I am scared.

      While I do think that most of these fans are just stupid WHERE ARE THEIR FREAKING PARENTS THOUGH. Like?? Do their parents count on strangers on the internet to teach their kids to not send death threats to other people because HEY KIDDO THAT’S FUCKED UP SIT DOWN AND PLAY WITH DOLLS AND CHILL?! Parents please get your shit togheter it’s not Zoella’s fault you child is illiterate so stop blaming them and start HMM MAYBE DOING YOUR JOB AND EDUCATING YOU KID ABOUT STUFF.

      I also love vines and memes and mindlessly watching dumb stuff but actually believing these people are some kind of role model just because they film themselves?? Umm NO. They are money hungry and the downside to the internet is while creative people can make their voices heard easier STUPID PEOPLE CAN ALSO SHOUT AND GET ATTENTION.

      I think the best example is Zendaya -she’s 20 and she is actively trying to be someone that her fans can strive to be. It’s why I look up to her. And yet I still don’t idolise her -at the end of the day no matter what everyone is still human and therefore flawed.


  3. I’m so glad you made this post, it was very interesting to read and it’s something I’ve talked about a lot with my mother-in-law. She’s a family erm..?? guidance person??? I don’t really know what it’s called, but her job involves running courses for parents, helping them make good decisions and helping their children be the best they can be, basically. But she’s been telling me for ages how worrying the influence of the internet is, and it makes parenting harder when kids have so much access to these online influencers, which is then reinforced when they go to school because all their friends watch the same Youtubers too.
    No matter what you tell your child or what morals you try to give them, if they then watch 3 hours of Youtube videos telling them the opposite, and all their friends are also telling them the opposite, it’s tough to get that message through to them.

    I’ve had an issue with Youtube for a while now. There is so much good content on Youtube, and it’s invaluable what you can learn or find out about on there, but the content that Youtube as a company seems to be pushing is just the trending stuff to get more views and more money. I feel like it’s become much more corporate in the last couple of years, which I suppose is their prerogative as a business.

    This was a great post, thanks for sharing! โค

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    1. I think the best approach to children is don’t teach them what NOT to do and teach them what they SHOULD do instead. Instead of limiting the horizons teach them morals so that they could decide for themselves -if they make that decision for themselves it would stick much better then if they feel an adult made it for them. At least that’s how I grew up (I am a very stubborn specimen ok ๐Ÿ˜‚) and I’m glad- obviously different things work for different kids so it depends. Also I am a child myself soooo take this rant with a grain of salt I am biased and I love my internet ๐Ÿ˜‚.
      But I agree that is though especially if the community is so strong and most kids want desperately to fit in at that age and it can be so toxic. I tried reasoning with the kids I know and they were so brainwashed by Jake Paul I am concerned.

      It breaks my heart to see YouTube going downhill since it is and has been a safe space for me for quite a while now. But I guess money came into play now and everybody wants a piece of the internet celebrity even if they have nothing important or good to say.

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  4. i totally agree with all of this. what logan paul did was awful – as well as showing a dead body, his entire japan trip was him stereotyping japanese people and being racist – i agree with the other things too, like children should be able to explore the internet for themselves after getting the common sense talk. that’s what happened to me, a couple of years ago i got onto the internet for the first time and i think it’s shaped me. without me discovering the internet then i don’t think i’d be here today.

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    1. yessss we are what I like to call “Internet children” – beasically I spent most of my early teens on the Internet with no supervision and just basic commoun sense rules in my cringy brain and in fandoms and I am so glad because it has created a safe place for me and I leaned a lot. I grew up with 0 exposure to diversity so the internet has broadened my horizons (this is the story of how my life got flip turned upside down) and it breaks my little heart to see youtube become a trashfire because it has been my comfort for years.

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  5. In an ideal world influencers would set some boundaries and be smart about what they are talking about. In the real world influencers are like everyone: you have “intelligent and sensitive” influencers and others that thrive on shocking people because it makes publicity. We won’t change this.
    How can you expect people to care about their words when some rulers don’t have a filter?
    Now what IS important is the role parents play in this. I teached my kids from a very young age to think, to criticize and to ask if they would like people to talk about them like that. Of course kids have free will and some of what you cay may not be heard but that’s why you have to set an example. If YOU are respectful, open and tolerant in every day life and show it to your kids chance is great they will be shocked by these influencers and won’t abide.

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    1. Influencers are human therefore they are FLAWD and this thing of putting them up on any kind of pedestal is wrong. I know Hollywood celebrities are also put on this “unreachable” highground but now you can just pick up a camera and do something shoking and you’re internet famous so kinda everybody is. And stupid people tend to be louder and overshadow the true good content creators.
      All the agree about taking responsibility as a parent. Teach kids to think and choose for themselves because that has a more long lasting impact. Being yourself a role model is the best thing a parent can do so keep being great at that!!

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  6. Ioana thanks for writing such a great post! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    I was so furious when I learned about Logan Paul’s suicide video. It’s just terrible. That was someone’s brother. Someone’s kid. Someone’s father. Someone who was loved. It broke my heart when I read that he made fun of that body with his friends and that some kids are still defending him for doing that. That is wrong.
    And Jake Paul, wow. When I started watching Bizaardvark on Disney Channel I had no idea he was such an ignorant person. My younger sister told me about him cheating on his girlfriend and recently I read a news story on him using racial slurs during a freestyle rap. I’m so disappointed in the Paul brothers.
    And parents should monitor what their kids watch. When I was smaller I had to tell my mom what I was watching or reading. She was very strict (thank goodness for that). She made sure the content I got exposure to was child-friendly. So hey, to all the parents reading my comment? Please be more responsible.
    Also I watched this video made by Mama Bee and Papa Bee yesterday about content creators and their influence on children and everyone should watch this:

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    1. THANK YOU FOR LINKING ANOTHER VIDEO!! I watched it and I whole heartedly agree with the messege! And I love that I can talk to someone my age about stuff like this because let’s be real we’re both kids at the end of the day so our imput and point of view matters! Discussion is key between parents and children and the video is lovely!!

      I personally don’t like my parents monitoring what I do (SORRY MOM ๐Ÿ˜‚) but I have a very strong relationships with them and I think having trust in each other is the best thing. But to build trust takes responsabilitiy and time and patience so parents should really step into their metaphorical parenting shoes and do their job of educating and shaping their kids to be a person they would like to see. Especially since the Internet is so huge and finding bad stuff is easy.

      I remember starting to watch Pewdie pie 4 years ago and feeling so rebelious because “”omg he sweeearss” and I thought I was an edgy kid. Of course my parents didn’t know because they wouldn’t have let me so HA it was exciting. So I kinda understand the crazed fangirls (BUT NOT THE DEATH THREATS SERIOUSLY). And now…I don’t even swear that much in real life ๐Ÿ˜‚. I grew up and I realised that hey my parents don’t really talk like that and it’s not funny so meh. I learned on my own and I sincerely hope most of these “fangirls” will do to. I feel kinda bad for them because their cringy faze will be forever on there.

      I stopped watching tv a few years ago (kinda when I discovered YouTube) so I’ve never watched Jake on Disney and I’ve never heard of him until his everyday bro song. But it makes me so sad that the real creative people are overshadowed by these stupidly loud and obnoxious “influencers”.

      Anyway thanks a lot for commenting and adding to the discussion โค!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!

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  7. omg yes i completely agree with you!!! yes, logan & jake shouldn’t be complETELY blamed for everything,, but they need to recognize their wide child audience and HELP THEM BY TRYING TO BE A POSITIVE INFLUENCE OKAY

    also the font size on your site is so big wow!! i’m always used to small and tiny fonts just for the aesthetics

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    1. The Paul brothers are trash but they are not at fault for all of the things their audience does but they still kinda influence it in a way. I feel like a granny complaining that “back in my day” but it’s true.

      I never noticed that my font was any bigger ๐Ÿ˜‚ but HA my aestethic is “enthusiastically screaming” so big font fits better I guess.

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  8. I personally wanted to stay as far from watching anything Logan Paul related after I found out about what happened via Twitter, but I eventually got curious and watched some videos on what had really happened.

    I was furious! I honestly feel disgusted by such behavior and the stupidity of the choice he made when he posted something as ignorant as that about suicide. I’ve never been a fan and this just made me feel worse about the situation.

    It’s awful that kids have people like that to look up to and I can’t believe that he gained MORE subscribers???

    Overall, I definitely don’t like Logan Paul and won’t be watching anything by him or his brother, whom I learned from my own siblings was racist. It’s 2018, isn’t it past time to give up on hating and discriminating against other humans for being one race or another?

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  9. I never watch the Paul brothers so I don’t know what they get up to but from the explosion of the internet lately I’ve heard some things and NONE of them sound good. When I was younger I was on the internet too but luckily all the people I looked up to were people who edited my work on this writing website where it was all so peaceful and the moderators were handpicked so yeah… I couldn’t really go wrong.

    But YES, children should be allowed on the internet and to learn and find their own way. YES, some influencers are not responsible. I guess they still have a lot to learn as well. And YES, parents are still in control. They can steer their kids in the right direction when they are veering into the wrong one, and children shouldn’t learn everything they know on the internet. Parents are responsible for installing a balance in there somewhere…

    My recent post:

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  10. Hellooo, I absolutely agree with you.
    I’ve never watched Paul brothers so I can’t talk about them but in my country and even in the world, there are so many YouTubers etc. that do such things just for fame and children watch it. I know it from my brother, he is 8 years old and he always watches this stuff and plays online games which are bad for him. And he tries to act like them. The bad side is that their actions are not right. Now I can’t help him with this because he is addicted to these stuff. Maybe I’m aware of this but I don’t think he will be (but I hope). I’m just angry with my parents and parents like that.
    By the way there’s a thing that I don’t agree with you. I don’t think allowing children to surf on the net. Because almost all of things on the internet is bad. Maybe there must be a age limit to surf on the net (as 16-17 ?) Ughh I don’t know, this issue is complicated.
    Anyways, I miss the old days, when computers and phones were not that popular and people used to communicate ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿค— This issue really have to spread out to all parents because it is important. Thanks again for mentioning such important thing. ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS: I’m also 15 and I’ve just joined WordPress and somehow discovered you. I hope I’ll do good job! Because I have lots of important issues and want to spread them. ๐ŸŒž By the way, you’ve got me impressed by the way you’re talking, I’ll stalk you and your articles!~ ๐Ÿ˜„ โค
    PS2: I'm not native English speaker sorry if I've made mistake!

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    1. HI THERE!! Welcome to WordPress and thank you for commenting *hugs* โค!! Good luck with everything you can do it!

      I know how it is to have a kid close to you (this rant is based on my little nephews) that idolise the Paul brothers. They try to act like him too and it’s very concerning and aghhhhh so frustrating that I can’t do anything about ittttt. I’m sorry about your brother I wish they all find a better role model soon.

      I don’t really think the internet is all bad….I mean I hope it’s not since I’m on the Internet right now and I have loads of friends that I also made trough the Internet and…well I’m not bad am I ๐Ÿ˜‚? Last I checked I was a pretty chill lizard. It’s not as black and white as it seems but I definitely think that young children should be thought how to avoid all the bad stuff. It IS dangerous afterall. But hey each with their opinion thank you for sharing yours!!

      Thank youuu โค!! I’m actually not a native English speaker either so WELCOME TO THE CLUB we’ve got delicious cookies! It’s ok!

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  11. You make so many good points here. It would take far too long for me to point out all the parts I 100% agree with but the thing you said about kids not knowing it’s problematic is so true. My family is conservative (not extremely, but it’s there) so I grew up surrounded by a lot of off handed comments with undertones of racism. I didn’t even know about the LGBT+ movement until I was 14 and my friends (who had grown up in much more liberal households) started talking about it. It’s largely because of those friends who challenged the subconscious patterns of my upbringing that I can now clearly see the problems in my family’s behavior.
    I am so grateful for those friends and for the figures who led to them having mindsets that they were able to pass on to me. There are so many internet figures who use their platform to share love and inclusion. It makes me sad that people such as Logan Paul who have said so many problematic things and don’t seem to care about their impact have such large audiences. But it’s important to remember that no matter how small the platform of some positive influencers, every little bit makes a difference in the mindsets of the young and impressionable.

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    1. YES WE CAN BOND OVER COMING FROM CONSERVATIVE FAMILIES!! Ok well my whole country is VERY conservative so even the people at school were pretty openly racist and very (and I mean VERY) homophobic. So I’m eternally greatful for the Internet that showed me diversity FULL ON. That’s why I have a very strong opinion on letting kids use the Internet freely. Of course experiences are different and I understand parents that don’t eant their kids to see and learn all the bad stuff but coming from a place where the LGBTQ+ community was considered “the bad stuff” I disagree with that mindset.
      I’m so sad and angry that there are people like Jake Paul that are really ruining it. The Internet can be such an amazing place full of creativity and this content is just trashy mind-numbing filler.

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      1. Yess! I hate how my parents always tried to monitor exactly what I was doing online. It really limited my development. I’m pretty lucky that where I live isn’t overall too conservative, and there’s no open homophobia, just that no one ever acknowledges that people can ever be anything other than straight.

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    1. ok yes AND OF COURSE I LISTEN TO DODIE. On the regular. I am emo like that.

      Yeah influencers need to influence… better. Shocker I know but SOME OF THEM DON’T SEEM TO GET THAT. Like…dude you have 1 JOB HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO FUCK THAT ONE UP??? sighhhhhhhh. help I am losing my faith in humanity.


  12. I agree with you! We should find people on the Internet to be inspired by, but never put them on a pedestal.

    Telling kids what to enjoy and watch is not going to be successfull (after all, I am 26 and I still consume media without any substance – although cat videos make me happy), but we could try to teach kids to think critically so they will know that even if they admire a popular youtuber, that doesn’t mean all they do is good.

    I am still shocked over the Logan Paul thing – and I do not buy any of his excuses.

    Also, I still have the problem with when do we separate the creator from the creation – and I do not mean youtubers, but big artists. I always think about it and I have yet to form a final opinion. But do I enjoy someone’s art when I know they did some shitty things?

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  13. I’m so proud of my woke daughter, I was clapping through this whole post, seriously! This discussion was amazing and I agree with everything you’ve written. I didn’t know about the Paul brothers before people started talking about his video, but they sound absolutely awful. The Aokigahara Suicide Forest is a real thing, it’s been documented how people have been committing suicide there for a very long time, I’ve even read that the officials have stopped making the numbers public in order to stop the suicides there. It’s a serious thing. And to laugh at a dead body? Really? What kind of creepy thing is it? It’s really gross and it’s even grosser that he gained subscribers after what he did.

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    1. ALL THE COMMENTS ON THIS POST HAVE BEEN AMAZING I TELL YOU! It’s been so interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on this.

      Japan has a huge problem with mental health awareness already and the really tight work schedules and strict education puts a lot more stress on people so the suicide forest really is no joke :(.
      Also I saw videos of kids crying after watching the video BECAUSE THEY SAW A DEAD BODY LIKE WTF. When I was that age I cried watching Wall-E and seeing the dead plant AND THEY SAW A DEAD BODY. Ugh it makes me so mad.


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