Yeah so…2017 was also one of the best and worst years of my entire life. Look at it multitasking. (…it can stop now that’s enough).

recommended soundtrack for this post : Impossible Year (the dodie cover because it’s sadder and SO AM I …I want to feel emo ok)

This really was an impossible year wow. Ok so this post will be a ball of conflicting emotions (LIKE MEEEEE) but I want to start positive and end positive! It’s like a cake and you have the really great icing on top and the delicious one at the bottom and you just shove the meh layer in the middle because NOBODY WILL NOTICE! (but they notice Susan oh they notice and then the spend the rest of the year judging you for it).

Umm…so congrats us for not blowing up the planet? Yey? Good job?

So Happy “you survived 2017 here’s a diploma and a lame sticker” Month! You get…to sleep I guess. Congrats dude we really are magic for doing this huh.


List of reason why 2017 felt like riding a bicycle on fire trough trash that’s also on fire and everything’s on fire


I love learning and I always have it’s just…school sometimes fails some people….and makes them feel bad for not understanding stuff like other kids do. COUGH. If my maths teacher is reading this I just want to say that I hope a dragon accidentally bites your head off…for no particular reason.

Also WHAT CRUEL PERSON THOUGHT EVERY STUDENT HAD TO TAKE CHEMISTRY?! I would’ve been fine not seeing a periodic table in my life thank you very much.


-Metal Health

Ok so…I don’t talk about this much on my blog? Ok maybe not at all and in real life only when I’m joking about it (that’s my way of dealing with it ok? I’m in no way trying to be hurtful to other people. Everybody feels differently and has their own way of dealing with things). I had a huge exam that drained the life out of me earlier this year and the huge stress had a very VERY negative impact on my mental health. I had panic attacks and I was feeling very depressed and these 2 combined umm…kinda made me spiral into disordered eating. I am getting better though! And I’m feeling way happier at the moment so I’ve got hope for 2018!!!

And remember to call the hotlines and talk to someone you trust and feel safe with about these things if you ever deal with them! Stay safe it gets better ok?


-The level of world suck INCREASED (!!!)

Remember how we were all like “It can’t get worse then this” at the end of 2016?

….we were innocent summer children then. We played ourselves. 2017 was like “hold my beer”. Why. Why did such a immense amount of hatred explode on square meter?! It’s like everywhere I look on Earth there’s essence of suck concentrated.


-News overexposure

Ahhhh…this one’s my fault. Yeah sure the world could suck less (PLEASE DO?? I THINK WE’VE ALL HAD ENOUGH??) but I could also not stay on my phone 24/7 worrying over every single bad news that I can’t do anything to stop.(..let’s be real I’m not going to stop reading articles about every single thing that happens so basically this is just my problem and I have a phone addiction because I’m glued to it constantly.)


-International bloggers ARC thingy

Ahem. Behold:


…I said that in my International Bookworm Struggles post…in September…

Do you hear that high pitched noise? Yeah that’s me SCREAMING INTERNALLY EXTERNALLY ETERNALLY. Goodreads, Netgalley, buddy chum pal mates, you do realize that I was joking right? RIGHT?!


This year summed up in a GIF

comic adult swim GIF


List of reasons this year was actually THE BEST?! Somehow?!


Ok here me out a bit. In the middle of the year I went from middle school to highschool. AND. IT. CHANGED. EVERYTHING. I am so lucky that I have the actual best class mates ever?? And I take classes that I ADORE? I am surrounded by amazing and creative and accepting people (which may I add IS SADLY RARE IN MY COUNTRY?!) and it just feels a million times better.


-MORE SCHOOL (but this time it’s the grades!!)

Because as stressed out as I was about that DAMNED EXAM I took really high marks! And proved to my math teacher that’s I am actually NOT STUPID! Ahem. I took higher marks then everyone expected including me? Which yey exciting!

(but also noooo because it isn’t worth sacrificing your mental health for grades kids!!)



I traveled to some amazing places this year! Like thank you parentals for taking me to London after I begged them for half my life to get me there! And it didn’t rain ONCE the whole week I was there so it must be a sign that I am actual sunshine. And to Valencia for my birthday and made me skip school (I swear my parents are responsible adults most of the time)! And to Bulgaria but I stayed inside the hotel room because it had internet connection and I had to avoid the humans. Basically look at me I’m all over the place.


-This blog

Because just a month before that crazy exam banaza my inner impulsive Gryffindor just decided “hey you know how you’ve wanted to make a blog for months? HOW ABOUT WE DO IT NOW?!”. And I then proceeded to not post consistently for about 4 months.

Yet here I am rambling on the internet and there you are reading this and THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION EVER? I now have over 100 followers ( 140??! WOW THAT’S A LOT?? I am sure I don’t even know 140 people in real life?! How do you all like all my bad jokes? You are here for my dog* aren’t you?). And I am so incredibly HAPPY.

*I wouldn’t blame you if you were tell the truth now


-Amazing friends

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all the wonderful amazing fabulous people that made my year SO GREAT!

My IRL friends (that are not reading this blog but I though I’d mention anyway -WUDDUP YA’LL) and also my Internet friends (Ilsa, Marta, Ruby, Lu, Camilla, Marie, Amber, Rhea, Sophie) that I AM SENDING SO MANY HUGS TO (INFINITELY MANY!!). You guys made me feel accepted in the blogging community and I am so proud to be the friend of such a fantastic bunch. I am feeling many feelings right now.


-Memes (!!!)

I mostly hate humanity but one thing we do right is laugh at ourselves. We’re doing great dudes.

Imagini pentru bookish memes 2017

Imagine similară


My year in monthly recaps

1513882449351461585559.jpg 15138842820301786874298.jpg

1513851939019389023247.jpg 1513882085425-11432831661.jpg



WHAT I like about Contemporary Fairytale Retellings (+ a geeky retelling review!)


Tropes we love (and hate!) (and love to hate!!)





2018 Resolutions

  • WORK HARDER IN ENGLISH! – You would think I would be kinda alright in English I mean hey look I am decent I thinks I can speaks English good. And yet…no. I HATE FORMAL ESSAYS AND I MAKE TYPOS WITHOUT TYPING where is the autocorrect button when you need one pls I am lost.
  • Read 100 books (?) – Look I am optimistically aiming high here because I haven’t read most of this year’s hyped up releases and this is the first time I’ve ever felt guilty about that. And not because “oh noo the pressure to read” it’s just that I feel like I am missing out on so many amazing stories.
  • Just…sleep? maybe?
  • Get out of the house! – Me @ myself: Just ignoring the outside world and sitting like a lump on the floor isn’t helping you know that right? …


This year has had some really HIGH highs and REALLY LOOOOW lows which I guess it’s better then a “just meh” year? It means life is happening I guess? But at the end I am just exhausted. I need about 6483 naps and tea with honey and did I mention sleep? Because sleep?! I legit feel like I’m now so much older and wiser and like I should grow a beard …that might just be the sleep deprivation talking though (I still can’t figure out if being too tired to sleep is a normal thing?).




42 thoughts on “2017.

  1. Hi Ioana!
    It seems like a tough year for you, however you survived (what a trooper!)
    That is great to hear that you are liking your classmates at school. That can make all the difference! And it sounds like you’ve had an amazing time travelling!
    Take care! Wishing you a wonderful 2018 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I read what a trooper and immediately thought of stormtroopers. I think that says a whole lot about myself 😂.
      It really does make a difference! It’s a big contrast but I’m glad. I think environment affects people more then the realise sometimes.
      I hope you have an amazing 2018 too ❤!!


  2. Oh no I’m sorry about your mental health struggles but so happy to hear you’re getting better 🙂 And I’m glad you did well on the test! And that you started this blog! And all the other good things!

    Ah yes, sleep, that is a good resolution. I should make that mine too lol. Hope you have a great 2018!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youu ❤!!
      I’m glad I did well on the test-exam-“whatever I don’t know what to call it because other education systems don’t have one”!!
      And starting this blog was definitely a highlight!! I love it a whole lot.

      Sleep would be perfect. Hope you get some in the new year. Here’s to a great 2018 to you too ❤!


  3. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with your mental health, I’m glad you are feeling a bit better and I’m always here if you need to rant about anything, never forget that! ❤
    And yay for travelling in 2017 and feeling surrounded by great people at school, it makes me so happy ❤
    I hope you'll have a wonderful day and a great 2018, sending you ALL the love and hugs ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a bit scary but hey I am surrounded by wonderful people so I’m lucky for so many amazing friends both online and offline ❤!! Thank you so so much, your kind words are very encouraging as always!!
      Happy new year to you too I hope you get to accomplish everything you’ve set you mind to!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. IN. 1. PIECE. WHAT. A. FEAT!! I want a particularly shiny star sticker for it 😂. I think the whole world deserves a big congrats for not exploding either tbh.

      Thank youuu so much ❤!! I hope your 2018 is amazing as well and you accomplish everything you’ve set your mind to!


  4. Ahh I hate writing formal essays too, I always put them off until the last minute and then have to rush through them. I believe you can make it to 100 books! I did it in 2017, but this year I have my GRADUATING EXAMS and yikes I cannot commit to 100 books on top of that. I am so scared.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy 2018, Ioana!
    I’ve to say, that cake analogy is on point: let’s hope this year has a more delicious centre filling 😁. Welcome to high school, ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS…I start senior year soon and I’m not ready. Also, congratulations on surviving THE EXAM and glad you’re feeling better! Look, it’s just not me who started a blog before/during exams – totally normal. Good luck with your goals!
    P.S. Sleep is always a good idea 😴

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A happy 2018 to you too ❤!

      Cake analogys are the best they should be used all the time. I shall enjoy it because OMG WHERE IS TIME GOINGGGG. It feels like yesterday it was 2012. Haha glad I’m not the only impulsive one here 😂. Sleeps sounds great right about now.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I think most years have their highs and lows. And a testament to that would definitely be how some of the things on your lows list were also on your highs! I’m sorry about having to take chemistry (that was my struggle with maths in school) but you can pull through! I hope your goal of working harder in English goes well. x And I like the goal of reading 100 books! I hope you can achieve that. ❤ And I am glad this blog and traveling went so well last year. Here's to those two things carrying through again x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youu ❤!!
      I’ll never forgive chemistry for what it has done to me. NEVER!! Ah yess the ultimate goal of 100 books…let’s see how that’ll go. Tackling my TBR should go well…right? If I don’t get buried in books that is.
      Happy 2018 and I hope you get to accomplish your resolutions too ❤!!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. This post was a pleasure to my eyes. It looks so nice and, basically, your blog looks fantastic overall 🙂 I can’t wait to check out everything else

    Ummm, hi! My name is Han and I’m a new blogger. I’m a super awkward potato who wants to be friends with other bloggers but doesn’t know how to do it, so would you be ok if I wanted to get to know you better???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOUUU ❤!! Omggg that means a lot to me! I’m glad my blog is pleasing to the eyeballs!

      HI *waves*!! Wanna know a secret? We’re all akward potato bloggers in disguise…unless other bloggers aren’t and I just didn’t get the memo because mate I’m still akward and very much a potato. And new friends are always welcome (I promise I don’t bite…mostly!) ❤


  8. What a great post! I am glad that you got an awesome grade for that stressful exam, but also take care of yourself and your mental health!

    Despite the lows – all years will have them, they are unavoidable unless you are a puppy or an unicorn (I bet they don’t have any problems ever), we should all focus on the positive! Huuugs!

    Good luck with 100 books! I am aiming for about half of that – taking it easy this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youu ❤!! Yeah all years have their highs and lows it’s just that this one took me by surprise and now I’m a bit tired.
      I HAVE A PUPPY AND IT’S UNBELIEVABLE. She sleeps all day long and I’m jealous tbh. I want her lifeeee.

      Good luck to you too!! And a very happy 2018 ❤!

      Liked by 1 person

    MIDTERM EXAMS :((() (Also hiiii *waves nervously* I’m reading your post instead of studying for my Chinese exam please don’t tell anyone I’m procrastinating.)
    2017 was a good year for me but I was under a lot of stress at school! I had 3 mental breakdowns this week when studying for my exams. BTW I agree – chemistry sucks. I started taking it this year and we had to memorise the first 20 elements and some random crap about ionic bond and metallic bond and I felt like my brain’s going to explode. And omg the unloyal boyfriend meme I love it. HERE’S TO A BETTER 2018. (+ I’m so sorry about your mental health exams suck and I hope you feel better soon!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHHHHH!!! Yesss YESSS it’s a new blog layout see it’s got a scrolly things at the top aghajkal. I luuuve it. All I’ve ever wanted was a scrolly thing at the top and now I have oneee!! It looks so nice and it makes me feel slightly profesional like “look I’ve got the scroll and NOPE DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO THE FACT THAT I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING.” Ahem.

      Ughhhh midterms suck (I took my English one the week before Christmas LIKE OK WOW TEACHERS WAY TO GO). I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well and I hope you escape exam chaos soon!!

      Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone it’s our secret 😂. All the good luck on your exam I believe in you and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Sending you virtual hugs and cookies ❤.

      YESS!! A very happy 2018 to you too ❤! I want everyone to have an overall better new year ahh!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about the not so great parts of 2017 😦 But hey, you had some amazing stuff happening too! So it’s not all bad 😀
    I would definitely lay off the news for a while… I used to worry a lot about what was happening in the world and it would make me super anxious too. So I made a pact with myself to just stop. I will still keep myself updated on important stuff but I’ll mostly ignore everything else. You need to take care of your mental health and if it means being a bit ignorant once in a while, then so be it. YOU DO YOU.
    Anyway, best of luck with everything (school, grades, friendships, blogging, etc etc) and I hope you continue to deliver awesome posts! Honestly, I love your content and even when you’re on a bad day you can still make me laugh so that’s something to be proud of.
    Lots of hugs sent your way ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely not all bad!! I’m really grateful to ya’ll for being my internet friends and making my year a million times better!

      Yeah the news stuff was stressing we out big time…but I also spend all my time on social media so it’s really hard to avoid. That’s my fault though I should work on that.

      THANK YOUUU ❤!! I’m glad my weird jokes make you smile!

      *Hugssss* and I wish you a very happy new year ❤!!


      1. Aaawww, same here hon! ❤ ❤
        Twitter is especially hard to avoid, yeah, but I do my best to stick to blogging and books as much as possible and just shut out everything else ^^'
        Thank you so much! ❤ And of course, don't mention it! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  11. OKAY SO i listened to the dodie cover whilst reading and i am now replaying it whilst writing this comment BECAUSE ITS SO GOOD and sad and my heart is just crumbling this is hitting me in the feels ioana what the heck

    omigosh ioana im so sorry about your mental health ❤ i can't imagine what it mst be like to have panick attacks but im glad your better now because you deserve the world. 2017 was meh yeah for mental health for me. sometimes i was feeling really great and other times and i was a ball of anxiety about EVERYTHING. and stress is the worst ❤ all my love.

    ahh i hope you read 100 books this year!! i think you can do it and there are certain books you have to be reading this year okay!? I THINK YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT.

    and i love your little mood board/ aesthetic thing at the end BECAUSE IT FEATURES YOUR DOG. i love your dog. i swear if you ever come to london again, ID LOVE TO MEET YOU AND YOUR PRECIOUS DOG!! i didnt do much travelling this year which im sad about but hopefully, in 2018 i'll go some exciting places.

    and your one of my favourite blogger friends too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MUAHAHA make someone cry ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED i’ve made it this was my sole purpose. You’re welcoooome.

      Sending hugs to you too because mental health sucks but we’re the real champions for getting trough it!! Badges for surviving 2017 should be a thing. I need at least a larticipation diploma. Or a wonky you tried star sticker. Yeah I need one. Or maybe 300.


      Of course I know I think you keep reminding me fairly ofter it’s not like I mysteriously get comments just saying DAUGHER OF THE BURNING CITY in all caps and BLUE LILY LILY BLUE and let’s not forget THE ACCIDENT SEASON. Hmmmm a mystery indeed. You’re very sutble with your recommandations I’ll give you that.

      haha…about coming to London….umm…funny that you’d mention that…I…yeah I’m mysterious…I’m a lizard that’s going to be all over Europe next summer it’s what I’m going to say about that….mmhmmm….


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