This might actually count as a festive post look at me getting into the Christmas spirit.

(Also why does everybody say “getting into” the Christmas spirit? Is the spirit ok with that? Why can’t the spirit get into OUR houses for once and we can feed it cookies? If I were a spirit I would want people to ask me nicely and then proceed to feed me cookies.)

You all already saw the title so here I am, giving you all a comprehensive guide on how not to put up your Christmas tree because I fail.



Gentleman and female gentleman – I present to you today…. OUR VICTIM TODAY:

One very bushy tree, plastic with gold glitter on some benches. It’s balding poor thing that might just be from the pressure we put on it to look beautiful smol baby we love you even if you’re ugly).


(apologies if you don’t understand my handwriting!)

Now come the important part – you must choose your weapon carefully. In my case it’s a box full of terribly sparkly tacky (and commercial) ornaments!


This is also the part where my dog showed mild interest in what I was doing.


….and then proceeded to go nap on the couch and judge my human quirks of decorating perfectly fine plastic trees.

Nevertheless I succeeded in my quest without that traitor gremlin’s help!


here I pretended to be a present to escape the responsibilities of human life and also people but I failed

I tried to make the dog sit and pose but she got confused and made a very comfortable nest out of my legs.


Appreciate the comfy nest qualities of my legs. I have always aspired to be used as an armchair.

I am very concerned for my foot in this shot what is it doing?

I eventually caught her by surprise though. My parentals got what I was trying to do and helped me.


Do not let yourselves be fooled by her seemingly innocent appearance SHE IS VICIOUS.


And look I also exist!! Did you forget about your favourite smol bean AKA ME?!


I tried to take a very aesthetic photo of the star even but I have a very insistent curtain that apparently wanted to be photographed so badly it consistently got int the shot.


In the end I was defeated by the monster and succumbed to my endless torture forever onward. This kids is what happens when your dog falls asleep on you and you capture your shame:

I have been taken over by the dog

Since the Dog has taken over me and I’ll never move from that spot on the floor you can all just assume that every single blogpost from now on will be written by the dog. It was nice knowing you internet.





25 thoughts on “Decorating the Christmas Tree ft. my smol doggo

    1. Thank youu ❀!!
      Didn’t you just see how evil my dog is?? IT CAPTURED ME AND FORCED ME TO BE HER PILLOW. If that’s not evil then I don’t know what is.
      Your dog sounds like a true gremlin. I have a feeling our dogs would be bffs. Mine doesn’t really care for the tree but then again she’s better then us mortals. They would make the best evil team and proceed to rule over the world.


  1. Hahahahaha this was SO funny. To caption this post, it would be “the wild beast with fangs and the scandalous naked plant”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m DYING lmao

    I love how yours ended up, and decorating the tree is always so fun. This year I am HOPING that we will spend Christmas at my grandma’s because she has the most beautiful tree and decorations you have ever seen. She REALLY gets into the Christmas spirit, and it gets into her house too (yes, she bribes it with cookies).
    Happy Holidays! Stay cozy you too!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG THAT’S THE BEST CAPTION FOR ANYTHING EVER πŸ˜‚!! Somebody should definitely write a book about that.

      And my Christmas tree appreciates the compliments ❀.

      Hmmm I like this grandma of yours. I aspire to be like her when I grow up. Christmas-obsessed and nice to spirits sounds like a nice thing to be.

      Happy Holidays to you and your amazing grandma ❀!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg yess my socks are now famous!! I feel like a proud parent.
      Thank you my tree is pretty on the outside maybe now it won’t be balding all over the place. Ahhh is also a common reaction when my doggo is destroying everything ❀. But she’s cute so I shall forgive her.


  2. This whole post is definitely goals! Your tree looks so cute, I adore it and your dog is so adorable! ❀ Also, I'm glad you know you're everyone's favourite smol bean (or at least mine). ❀ ❀ Happy holidays, Ioana!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youu ❀!!
      Ah I’m glad I am someone favourite smol bean HA! I am warning you my dog is a vicious gremlin!!
      Happy Holidays to you too ❀!! I hope you have some good sarmale (if you like them) and amazing cozonaci (this ones you have to like otherwise I am sorry but this friendship isn’t going to work out it’s not me it’s you ok no pressure).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. *huuuuugs* I love sarmale so much!!! *heart eyes* I hope you get to eat as many as you like! (I like cozonaci, but not as much as sarmale, don’t kill me please) HAhaha, I wonder if people read our conversation and get confused by sarmale and cozonaci.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. They areeee…I lost them after I took the photos though #behindthescenes. It’s tragic.
      OMG I WANT CHOCOLATE TOO NOW?? i shall go scavenge the house for chocolate now great. Hopefully there is some because if there isn’t…then that’s just cruel and sad.


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