Most of the time the side effects of tropes are our eyes rolling out of our heads and making pained sounds….But are they really ALL bad?

I know what you might be thinking:

But Ioana – The damsel in distress? The plain girl that is actually stunningly beautiful? (and I just now realize how many of these tropes actually refer to female characters I MEAN COME ON WHY IS THIS A THING where are all the boy tropes) or *shuddders* the dreaded Love-Triangle??? THESE AREN’T FUN!

I hear your wails and complaints I do but what if I tell you that some of your favourite books (if you haven’t read any of these 1. Was you life under that rock of your comfortable enough? and 2. I am hereby forcefully nicely telling you to read them ALL) might actually have these very types of tropes IN THEM! *queue your mortified gasps and possibly some denial in French*



Like a good cake a book has to be made with loving ingredients (we don’t call characters “smol eggs” for nothing around here you know) ergo you need some tropes to make the dough gooey and basically make your book delicious.

And yes they might be overdone but it’s like chocolate cake: nobody says chocolate cake is overdone even though at every bakery they have chocolate cake it just depends on who makes the chocolate and if it’s delicious.

Eat your books kids is what I’m getting at here.

Imagini pentru cake gif



Now that you’ve probably understood that metaphor I am here to provide a very helpful guide to the bad and good chocolate cakes tropes I’ve noticed in YA lately and provide my opinion on them since you’ve so kindly asked.




NO: When there’s a boy and a girl and how much more obvious can it get? If the decision to fall in love at that moment is stupid -> no thanks. (Stop you are teenagers that are literally trying to stop the apocalypse I DON’T THINK YOU HAVE TIME for love confessions ok save it until AFTER if the zombie doesn’t BITE YOUR HEAD OFF John)

YES: When it fits within the WORLD and in the CONTEXT of the story. Are the characters  going to tragically die soon and emotional attachment is going to make us burst into hysterical tears? Have they been talking trough text messages before meeting so they are Internet Friends? Have they known each other for a long time

Done Right

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Done Wrong

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“Possesive” Alpha Males

NO: This is the worst of tropes and it makes me uncomfortable. This is not ok 90% of the time and it’s really harmful. Girls don’t need to be protected or be told what to do or be forcefully shoved around. I’ve had enough of these tropes born from toxic masculinity and we don’t need another trend. You can make your male characters brooding and strong without making them a sour piece of actual garbage.





Damsel in distress

NO: When the girl needs a boy to help rescue her because she’s too weak and oh so fragile to do it herself. Because girls are fragile teacups I am made of porcelain and my place is in the kitchen.

YES: If the damsel keeps her main characteristics intact while damsel-ing (I have now invented this word it is legit the dictionary is just slow) I think it can work. If they try to escape/ make their captor annoyed with them than it can be entertaining.

Imagine similară

Also if the damsel actually convinces the captor to join the good guys and when the heroes find them they’re like “hey wuddup I just saved the day oh yeah you’re a little late”.

I like how it makes characters trust each other and show a cold characters with walls up that they can trust their friends and are not alone.

Done Right

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Done Wrong

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Girl Hate

NO: I hate this trope with all my little gremlin-y heart that totally exists and I’m not making up right now. I don’t even understand WHY this trope is even a thing and hasn’t spontaneously combusted yet? MOST GIRLS DON’T ACT LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE.

I am a huge geek that doesn’t like spending time in the outernet and not in the proximity of my phone and YET I have friends who are popular and they are so nice and sweet. I GET SO UNBELIEVABLY UPSET when girls start gossiping about each other. I am friends with the type of girls that are usually labeled “sluts” or “bitches” in books and movies and they are actually genuinely friendly and nice. It’s like girls have human emotions and therefore shouldn’t be put under superficial labels by anyone or something.






Love Triangles

NO: If it is added in as an afterthought because the book needed more angst and one of the poor boys is so obviously not going to get the girl and it takes 3 freaking books for the main character to get to that conclusion as well because why not drag this and make money?

YES: When all off the corners of the triangle are connected the story can be heart-wrenching and pretty full of good angst because wow I wanted my hearttrings to be pulled today.

Done Right

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Done Wrong

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Band of Misfits

YES: Will I ever get enough of a good ol’ band of misfits coming together in a found family and just kicking everyone and being the best and making you wish you actually had friends? WELL I HOPE I NEVER DO because most of my favorite books of all time have this trope and it would be terribly inconvenient to just change my whole top 10 just now.

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Goofball Best Friend

YES: Give me all the goofball best friends. I resonate with them because 1. I AM the goofball best friend in real life and 2. I too care more about the food then about the relationship drama.

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The Chosen One

YES: When the smol cute underdog just gets a moment to shine and it’s still cute and smol only now it’s also confused because they have the faith of the world resting on their shoulder and please help them they are stressed.

NO: When a person that’s already living their best life gets to be s super extra snowflake. Aka please don’t make this annoying character the chosen one because that means I’ll have to spend the whole trilogy in this unlikable person’s head without understanding WHY people like them and follow them.

Done Right

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Done Wrong

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This post was inspired by the videos made by Overly Sarcastic Productions and then Queen Paper Fury also made a similar post that I encourage you all to check both of them out because they are amazing and incredibly funny!


What are some of YOUR favourite tropes? What about the ones YOU hate with the fiery rage of a thousand dragons? Do you now crave chocolate cake?



55 thoughts on “Tropes we love (and hate!) (and love to hate!!)

  1. Sooo agree with you, Iona! And absolutely loved your chocolate cake metaphor X’D (SO TRUE!!!)
    I don’t mind tropes at all, as long as they’re done right. I love cheesiness and predictability sometimes too; it doesn’t have to be “super deep and meaningful” all the time, you know? I need some fluffiness in my life, too!
    And I also agree with your picks, which happen to be some of my favorite books ever too. Coincidence? I think not.
    Amazing post! ❤

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    1. Ah yes cake metaphors are the best metaphors. They should be used more often in schools.
      Oh yes all the agree!! After about 3 super exta dreep cannot-express-my love-for-these-in-words books I need a good fluffy trope-y one to relax and maybe eat a smol cupcake.
      There is no coincidence it’s confirmed: we both telepathically have amazing tastes in books. Sorry I don’t make the rules it’s just the truth here.


  2. Goofball best friend is my FAVORITE. And some people just *hate* that character and I don’t know why because !!! I adore Ron.

    There is a boy trope, though! … “Brooding Hero”. Or “Brooding Love Interest” – mostly with the brooding. I am so tired of that word in YA I think I will stop using it in real life OMG.

    Love the snow on you blog. ❤ So wintery!

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    1. Who would hate on such a mirific trope?? It’s GREAT OK!! PEOPLE CAN FIGHT ME ON THIS ONE!! I REQUEST A DUEL TO THE DEATH!!

      Yeah but that’s sooo general! I feel like every YA boy is brooding these days. What are they all brooding about and can they please express other emotions??

      Yes I am gald you appreciate my wintery spirit it had to be done. Merry 14 days to Christmas ❤!!

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  3. Great post Ioana! I totally agree with all of these, except that Geekerella is actually done wrong for me. I feel like Darien and Ella haven’t talk much about anything outside of Starfield and it’s hard for me to see the connection and chemistry based on texts about Starfield alone…. Other than that, love this post! ❤

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    1. Thank youuu ❤!!
      That’s an interesting point of view actually. After reading it I saw Starfield but you’re right I’ve never thought about it that way before. Hmmm I might look at it with different eyes now.
      Of course opinions on what a trope done “wrong” or “right” mean vary…I am MOSTLY always right…few exceptions can appear.


  4. YES TO ALL OF THESE!! You are so right i couldn’t agree more! YESS instalove doesn’t annoy me all the time, it can be done right!! and OMG THE INFERNAL DEVICES OMG THAT LOVE TRIANGLE. THOSE EMOITONS. OMG. I LOVE IT.

    Loved this post!!!!!

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      Instalove is a tope everyone complains about but but…my smol baby can be done right stop being meanies and hurting it’s feelings.

      AAHH thanks ❤!!

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        Exactlyyyyy it can be done right sometimes an fskdhgbsdhsgr sometimes im just there for it and i ship it akdhndfnjg,cdfngjk,mfgbkjdfncvmv

        you’re welcome ❤ ❤

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  5. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO ENJOYS…LOVE TRIANGLES?!??!?! LIKE, I LOVE THE ANGST I LOVE THE TENSENESS. I do not like it however when the character is simultaneously swooning over both characters like “omg i can’t decide. i love maxon. i love you aspen” yes, i’m talking about America from the selection series. FOR GOD SAKE CHOOSE MAXON BECAUSE WHO ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO GO FOR. THe rich dude or the poor guy. THE RICH DUDE OBVS. I mean rich = more waffles and books so the choice is clear here. But most of the time I LOVE a good love triangle? I mean love squares and rectangles and nonigons is where the author or stretching it but The Raven Boys? Perfection. Like as SOON as blue starts having feelings for – OMG THE DREAM THIEVES PLEASE HURRY UP AND FINISH DO ANYTHING. BLUE LILY LILLY BLUE GETS BETTER JUST ENDURE DREAM THIEVES PLEASE OMIGOSH


    Insta love is usually HORRIBLE for me. I do quite hate it. I didn’t think Turtles was exactly insta love. Strange The Dreamer was definitely insta love and it was the only case I actually ADORED IT. I think it’s because both of the characters WERE SO PRECIOUS AND TORTURED andddd that a lot of it took place in dreams. IN FACT ALL OF IT (because SPOILER they never get to meet and i am officially sad my poor Lazlo and Sarai)

    AHEM. Yeah, insta love usually hated by me. So UNREALISTIC AND cringey. Romance books are GENERALL cringey for me so you have to be a wizard who does magic, like Laini Taylor, to make romance enjoyable for me. otherwise, i’ll stick to heists and waffles and battles and dragons thank you very much.

    i have feelings on girl on girl hate which i will discuss soon and it requires a post so do watch out. ERGO: I HATE IT but…post coming

    I don’t MIND special snowflakes (SPOILER AGAIN FOR COMMENT STALKERS: lazlo turned out to be one! AND?? I ?? didn’t mind?? strange the dreamer was actually quite filled with tropes but WAS STILL SO GOOD> see, magic.) but when they’re like “omigosh. only I shall save the world” *dramatic music* i AM OUTTA THERE. I like special snowflakes who aren’t bragging + drama queens. THANK YOU.

    I do dislike Ron though. Sorry. I mean, I feel like O only remember the annoying movie version of him. In the book, he was quite cool.

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    1. Yes you are the only one Ilsa I request an immediate refund for our friendship I WILL SELL YOUR SOUL FOR ONE CORN CHIP.

      Ok jokes aside I shall not sell you for a corn chip BUT I quite dislike love triangles BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!! Hot brooding dude with ansgty backstory and nice friendly dude who IS SO OBVIOUSLY NOT GOING TO GET THE GIRL. I hate that with the burning fire of Tartarus itself.

      ALSO I HAVE IN FACT FINISHED THE DREAM THIEVES A WHILE AGO it’s just that I didn’t make a review for it…I WAS BUSY OK DON’T THROW BOOKS AT ME MAYBE I WILL SOMETIME!! (Just to let you know: I gave it 3 stars but it’s still really hard to rate idk it’s like a 6.75/10)

      Romance is also horrible for me too!! MOSTLY BECAUSE I DON’T GET IT??? LIKE WOW OK YOU SUDDENLY CARE SO MUCH FOR A HUMAN BEING YOU’LL DIE FOR THEM?? ok sounds fake but ok…I’ll die for dessert but for humans? No. Let’s be real here. ALSO A PROBABLE APOCALYPSE IS COMING AND YOUR PRIORITY IS TO MAKE OUR?!?! But then again what are feelings I am the most unromantic bean you’ll ever meet.

      I like special snowflakes BEACUSE THEY KINDA MAKE THE STORY?? I mean…hello that’s the plot you have no plot without the snowflakey-ness. But if the character has the personality of a 2D cardboard cutout OUTSIDE of the dramatic music and the chosen thing then yup you lost me. (*GASP* ILSA DON’T YOU DARE SPOIL THE INNOCENT PEOPLE WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT ARE READING THE COMMENTS 😂! SWEET SUMMER CHILDREN COVER YOUR EYES PLEASE!!)

      Yeah nooo 1. Movie Ron more then mildly sucks. 2. Movie Ginny DEFINITELY sucks aswell. But in the books Ron had an actual personality…something must’ve gotten lost on the way to adaptation….maybe his entire character motivation, depth and arc. Hm.


  6. Oh I love this post so, so much! Tropes can be annoying, but they can also be GREAT as long as they are done in a RIGHT way….well, except for the possessive alpha male one, that one probably can’t be done right hahaha, I hate that one so, so much. I think my favorite trope has to be the childhood friends one / best friends one, it always gives me ALL the feels ❤

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    1. Thank youu ❤!! I shall forever hate the possesive alpha male with the fires of the pits of Tartarus. Truly. Can it just cease to exist??
      Also the childhood friends trope is the CUTEST and I too am a sucker for really deep and tragic friendships (…I like ’em tragic GIVE ME FEELS)!! (unless it’s used as a part of the love triangle and the boy friend is “the nice guy” and he grew up with the girl and he is OBVIOUSLY not going to get the girl…yeah that’s not my cup of herbal tea sorry)

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  7. Hello Ioana!
    Love this post and your humorous style! I absolutely agree that tropes can be used but that there is a way to do it right. In general, I also hate the possessive male trope (ahem 50 shades!!!) and the damsel in distress trope (girls can save themselves!!!) I don’t mind however if the damsel is able to kick ass in other ways throughout the novel and that the “in distress” part was just a one-off and not recurring.
    Great post!! 🙂

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    1. Hello there!!
      Thank youu I’m glad you like my post! (And that I’m not the only one laughing at my own jokes here 😂)
      ALL THE AGREE!! The possessive male trope can BURN ahm. But the damsel in distress as much as I dislike the concept of it…can be done right!! Obligatory badass-ery is obligatory for this to work though.
      Thank you for your lovely comment ❤!!

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      1. Yes! Badass-ery is absolutely necessary 🙂 I also love it when it is the other way around (damsel has to save a dude in distress haha- I think dudes in distress are becoming a thing 🙂 )

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  8. OMG, YES YES YES. Great post. I agree with all of what you said! I am really interested in The Winner’s Curse because of the political aspects of it and because I’ve heard many people talk about the great, smart main character, Kestrel!!! I like The Chosen One trope and Love Triangles when done right, and in this later field, Cassandra Clare is the Queen. I HATE with a fiery passion Insta Love and girl hate.
    I love the falling snow! I wish my blog had that application as well! Lovely post!

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    1. Thank youu ❤!!
      Cassie is queen of angsty hearbreaking love triangles and pentagons and aghh. She makes me feel all the FEELS.
      Ughhh Girl Hate is the worst trope ever and I hate it sooo much. Can it please disappear from any form of story telling please and thank you.

      I’m glad you like the falling snow ❤!! Merry 14 days untill Christmas!

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  9. I was totally prepared to have not read any of these, and I was going to be sassy and be all like, “My life under a rock is quite comfortable, thank you for asking,” but I have actually read three of these, so my plan was ruined lol.

    Anyway, let’s see. Nope, don’t like instalove. If the characters already were friends or knew each other or were texting, then I don’t consider that instalove. Don’t like alpha males, ugh. Damsel in distress can be done well, as long as the damsel doesn’t just sit around hopelessly not even trying to save herself or do something useful. Yep, I agree, girl hate = bad. And yay, finally someone else who gets it that love triangles can be great because they can add so much heart-wrenching emotion! That’s why I love them! But I saw you mention pentagons in the comment above, and that’s where I draw the line lol. Even the most heart-wrenching ones just turn unbelievable at that point.I also like bands of misfits and goofball best friends. Not a fan of chosen ones though. Glad to see some of the books I want to read being used as examples for books that do these things well!

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    1. HA your “living under a rock” status is jeopardized. But I am glad that your rock is cosy you deserve the comfort.

      Instalove is hated on so much but it seems like everyone under the Sun has a different opinion on what counts as instalove. It varys a whole lot but I like it sometimes.

      Look I love me some good angsty geometrical shaped love. Cassie Clare is QUEEN at this and it breaks my heart and I enjoy when characters suffer.

      Yess I am glad some of these are on your tbr GO READ THEM AND LOVE THEM THEY’RE AMAZING!!! no pressure though.


  10. This was such a good post! I totally agree that tropes can be done well OR be done awfully. The instalove in Strange the Dreamer oH MY GOSH and I usually hate instalove. Also, the goofball, sassy, loyal best friend is MY FAVOURITE. Zuzana in Daughter of Smoke and Bone was just perfect – I was literally jealous just reading about her and her amazingness! The chosen one has to be done VERY CAREFULLY. For example, Harry Potter has an intricate web of explanations and history behind him being the chosen one. But a lot of the time, it’s not really clear why this person is the “one” and it’s like..??? I LOVED this post – it made my morning (and I spent my morning making roast potatoes so you did well to beat that) ❤

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    1. Thank youu ❤!! Ooo I beat roast potatoes THIS IS MY ACHIEVEMENT THIS YEAR. I am honoured.

      Zuzana was perfect I loved her so much. Hilarious best friends are the best ok THEY CAN BE DONE SO RIGHT (I shed a smol tear everytime someone says they hate the trope).

      Instalove in Strange the Dreamer is done so right I can’t adgjska. All the flail for Lazlo and Sarai they succeed in breaking my hear.

      Ah yesss I love a good chosen one but they are so hard to come across. Everyone kinda just has a “because of reasons” attitude and?? I want to know those reasons please??

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  11. Love this post! I have to say that I am NO for insta love in any case though. Even in the world which is supposed to inspire it… I just can’t get down with it. Insta attraction though is another thing and I don’t mind that.

    I’ve always been impartial to love triangles. I don’t mind them if I think there is a decent reason or cause for them? Although I have to admit I am not liking the love triangle in TID. In fact, I’m currently reading that trilogy and am not liking it at all.

    YAS to band of misfits and goofball friends. Also, I don’t mind a damsel in distress if done right, like you said. It can be hard to do it right but when it is done right it’s all good.

    My recent wrap up post:

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    1. It’s nice to see a different opinion (HOW ARE YOU NOT LIKING TID HOOOOOOW) since I also have a smol particularity for unpopular opinions.

      Damsel in distress is the hardest to get right but oh it’s so good if it is. AND BANDS OF MISFITS AR EMY FAVE SMOL BEANS!!

      Thank you ❤!!

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      1. I don’t know? I just feel like all the characters are wayyy to similar to the ones in TMI. I do like them but I keep comparing and seeing as it’s the same world with some slight differences because of the time change it’s kind of exploding my brain… :/

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  12. I guess boys read less (or at least, not in masses, like we do. Have you noticed most of us bloggers are women? I’m a little weirded off by that sometimes. Maybe they’re afraid to join us? :D)

    I really do hate tropes though. Especially instalove! (Despite being in a relationship that developed as instalove, in actuality?? Tell me about it xD)

    Damseling should totally be a word 😀

    Actually, girl hate is a very real thing :/ my life was made miserable by other girls when I was in high school. They were vicious. That’s why having that trope is bad.. We shouldn’t be encouraging it. From either side. We shouldn’t have sides at all. Unfortunately, the ones that made my life miserable were the ones labelled as ‘sluts’, I suppose. They were just fashionable and popular, and they never forgot to keep telling us how worthless we are because we don’t have short skirts, pretty clothes and boys’ attention (I was sort of a dork in school xD)
    (okay fine I’m still a dork, but being a dork at 29 is actually fine :D)

    But! I’m glad those kinds of girls in your life are nice 🙂 that’s a really great thing to hear. I’ve also met a lot of nice people who could have been labelled like that after school. I guess it’s just the ones in my class that were like that.

    Oh and yes, I hate love triangles! Too stressful, or just sometimes too cliched xD it also sort of implies that someone is going to be a loser, and that someone is better than the other? Don’t like that.

    Goofball best friend is indeed a great trope, actually 🙂 one of the rare ones I like xD I grow tired of the chosen one though!

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    1. Yes I actually noticed that 😂. Some friends of mine actually wrote some amazing posts about how there are more female bloggers. I think it’s because there are so many female authors and also men aren’t encouraged to share their emotions are freely – toxic masculinity and all that…AND THAT IS WHY WE NEED FEMINISM 😊!

      (sorry smol rant over or this comment will be a shot novel 😂)

      Aww that’s lovely that your relationship is like that ❤. A bit ironic BUT 😂.

      I’m really sorry that happened to you. I’m talking about my experiences and I shouldn’t have generalised. Those girl were horrible. I guess I am just lucky
      (But it really hurts me because I’ve seen these girls being nothing but nice yet other people STILL see them as the “mean girls” for no reason and it does make them upset that they are called that a lot.)

      Ah I’m glad that being a dork will be acceptable at one point in my life AND I CANNOT WAIT!!

      Yeah I don’t like love triangles when they are like that either. BUT in TID there is basically no loser or no winner and that’s what makes me like it so much!

      I’m glad we can bond over our shared love for goofball best friends ❤.


      1. That’s also funny though because the publishing industry used to be mostly men, just a few decades ago. Women still talk that it’s harder to make it in publishing if you’re female. It’s complicated, I guess 😀 oh, I’m very glad you WERE lucky though 🙂 it’s good you didn’t meet mean girls like I did. I’m sure a lot of other classes didn’t have that problem. As much as I’ve asked people, I think I had one of the worst cases, so maybe it’s not that common, thankfully 🙂 oh yeah, being a dork definitely becomes acceptable 😀 you might feel the first changes at about, um, I don’t know… 26? But it’s also really important that you find a dorky partner for yourself, because that’s what makes the biggest impact. Dorkiness in numbers is safer, people are less willing to disrespect two dorks 😀 😀

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  13. Ohh God your posts are hilarious…. I can’t stop laughing and feeling jealous coz I can never write so interestingly…. 👏👏👏👏
    I agree with almost all of your points… Tropes are fun when done right and I usually enjoy tropes for their predictability when I don’t want to read anything too deep and introspective..
    I am not a fan of love triangles unless done by Cassie…. TID is ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I have read it twice and still cry when thinking about it…
    I know you mentioned that you don’t like possessive alpha male types… and I know you have read ToG series.. so, would you not consider Rowan or even Aedion as possessive alpha males… I don’t really care how they are slotted coz I totally love them.. just wanted to know what you thought..

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    1. Thank youu ❤!! Oh don’t compare you have your own amazing writing voice and being yourself is the best thing you can be (as Dr Seuss once said: There is no one alive who’s youer then you!) We’re all equally amazing queens and male queens ❤!!

      TID BROKE MY HEART AND THEN DANCED STEP ON THE LITTLE PIECES!! Rip my heart and sould are owned by Cassie and her love pentagrams.

      Yes I do read TOG (I was surprised nobody brought THAT UP?! 😂). I don’t like Aedion for that exact reason. I actually DO like Rowan but only when he and Aelin snark around – I think it’s because they were first introduced as a strong platonic friendship. It aggravated me in the last book because Rowan became so possessive BUT he has moments when he shows weakness and is really soft with Aelin and that’s when I like him best. I hope that explains my feelings on them! (Also I am reading the books more for Lysandra and Manon since they are my fave characters in the series!!) There’s no problem in liking the books or these characters though!

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      1. Thank you for your encouragement…. Male queens 🤣🤣🤣
        Both Cassie and SJM keep breaking my heart and soul and all I want to do is read their next book and weep all over again… And Cassie’s geometric ships are just legendary, esp coz we love all of them and don’t know who to root for…

        I was surprised too that no one brought up ToG.. I actually love Aedion a lot and I don’t even know why, right from the first scene he showed up in HoF… as for Rowan, I agree he is such a softy when he is with Aelin.. and I don’t think anyone with a less stronger personality could cope up with her because she is so strong willed and amazing… I also think that even though these 2 guys r possessive, we don’t see a lot of it because Aelin and Lysandra wouldn’t tolerate that bullshit for even a second… At this point, I am in love with everyone in the series… they r all my precious babies and I don’t know what I will do if anything happens to anyone in the finale…

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      2. Yeah I think Aelin and Lysandra don’t take any bs so that helps!! Rowan is a huge softie when it comes to his WIFE. I do see the problems with the series and all it’s faults but I enjoy it and I’ll definitely read the rest of the series (I HAVE TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS SERIOUSLY).

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      3. I guess I enjoy it so much that I sidestep it’s faults… I’m just too much in love with the world and characters… and of course we need to KNOW WHAT HAPPENS…. especially how is that EVIL QUEEN GOING TO DIE….. PAINFULLY !!!!

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  14. I am totally with you on these. I actually thought the instalove in The Sun is Also A Star was important and made sense? Which appears to be an unpopular opinion??? And I think the whole Damsel in Distress trope is only problematic when the girl is being rescued because people think she can’t handle it on her own (because she’s a girl) and they’re obliged to help. When it’s for the sake of friendship it is 100% adorable.

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    1. I haven’t read The Sun is Also A Star yet (is anyone even surpised anymore on how behind I am on these things? probs not) but hey you go with your unpopular opinions! It’s yours after all.

      Friendship always makes things 130% better it seems. It’s too adorable. And when anything happens “because she’s a girl” it’s pretty annoying. Have yet to see a trope like that that I actually like. I think that groups girls into set categories of what they are expected to be and that’s never a good thing with anything ever.


      1. YESS!! I don’t remember whether it was your post or Paper Fury’s similar one, but one of you said that most of the tropes are about females. I think it’s because society is always trying to box women in whereas men are always told they can have any personality or interests.

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  15. i absolutely adore this post!!!!! I don’t like when males, or any characters, in books are protective in a controlling way, but protective in a loving way is so beautiful ❤ ❤ ❤ Also, I love your interpretation of a likable damsel-in-distress story 🙂

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  16. I hate the girl hate trope so much.Like, do they really think that girls from different backgrounds or color can’t be friends? The insta love I can deal with.Sometimes I even enjoy it.
    I LOVE the band of misfits.Give me books with them.My heart will be forever happy.Great post, Ioana ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ❤!
      Girl hate shouldn’t exist tbh. If there is a real reason for it then yeah but just the “let’s hate the mean girl for no reason” is exhausting and I wish it burned with the fire of a thousand dragons.
      Bands of misfits are my faveee. They are GREAT can we just have them all the time in every book 😂?


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