Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Christmas coming. It closely resembles the wonderful voice of Mariah Carrey singing about what she wants for Christmas

(I feel you Mariah, I too want to aggressively share my Christmas wishlist with strangers) (psst it’s books just get me books I am a very easy dragon to satisfy pinky promise not to bite your head of if you get me books).

 I know that in December I always watch Vlogmas on YouTube (let me be Susan I cherish the simple pleasures in life like calming vlogs as background noise and gingerbread lattes) so I thought I would get into the Christmas spirit by doing Blogmas!

i am very proud of this picture I made look at my mad skill

Yey but also wait hold onto your confetti and hats kids because this is me you’re talking about ergo nothing is ever that easy.

I’ve got them speshally speshul terms and conditions how could I not.


Let’s just get that out of the way. I feel like posting everyday would stab my creative soul and then dance step on the little pieces. No bueno I am not doing that thank you very much I like my creativity whole (and working and neat but that never happens so I have to lower my standards here).


1. You all know I am a rebel so does this surprise anyone? (if it doesn’t then I don’t know what to tell you mate you’ve come to the wrong blog or even worse you read something written by someone in an alternate universe. either one is plausible.)

2. I didn’t find ANY kind of bookish blogmas plan. Every single prompt is like “Best gifts for him” and that leaves me wondering who’s him?? The cute monster in my closet whom I might occasionally feed cookies and he just steals one sock so that my pairs never match?

3. Improvising is great and not at all stressful it’s fine this is fine I didn’t need sleep anyway surviving off chocolate and pure stubbornness is what I do.


….but umm that might be just me…living my life stealing Christmas cookies….look this time of year people put cinnamon in everything and I am but a weak soul…


In other news…

The first 3 weeks of December I have finals at school (OH SO HELP ME I HAVE ONE AT LATIN HOW IS THIS EVEN A THING) so I will quite possibly be missing in my booklizard duties. I am NOT going on hiatus because I think I can manage blogging just fine (ahem….look at me ignoring my responsibilities for you munchkins where is my appreciation huh? i accept cash, credit and cinnamon stuffed goods shoved under my door.) but if I’m a bit slow now you know why. It’s not because I was abducted by a maical train in the middle of the night to go to the North Pole to meet Santa it’s because I a studying Latin conjugations.

I know what you all are wondering (and if you’re not shh this is my blog I do what I want) YES my “End of the year TBR” is very much still constantly screaming and it’s still vicious. Thank you for checking up on it I am slowly growing it bigger and it’s becoming an anxious mess since the new year is coming and I still haven’t finished all the books in existence. How dare I that is very unprofessional of me.

So for the next 31 days strap yourselves in, get one’s warm beverage of choice, blast some annoyingly catchy carols (mostly to annoy the special poor unfortunate soul in your life) and have yourselves a lovely December.

Imagine similară




7 thoughts on “Life update #3 // BLOGMAS?

  1. Best of luck for your finals, YOU CAN DO THIS, you are the best! Eat all the Christmas cookies you can, it’ll give you the fuel you need to learn your latin and to succeeeeeed at everything, I’m sure of it 😛
    I’ll be looking forward to your blogmas posts – and… a plan? Who needs a plan anyway, you can do this only with your talent 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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