Guess who just finished a really good TV show and needs to excitedly fangirl about it?…It meee!

In case you didn’t know this about me: I am a massive fangirl. Wohoo big surprise there I think a total of 3 people are shocked, some of you I’m sure didn’t even see that coming. And once in a blue moon, when the planets align, I watch (and finish!!) a TV show that I really like and I spend a whole post waffling about it.

(Sorry this isn’t my usual type of post…Can I bribe you with cookies to stay? Look I’ve been told multiple times that if I want people to read my blog I got to bribe them with food so I’m trying here.)

 The whole universe is watching Stranger Things these days right? If you’ve never heard or watched it 1. Hi was it cozy under that big rock of yours? and 2.Go forth my young padawan and enjoy the wonderful masterpiece that is this show.20171209_1931302124435045.jpg





Reasons why you should probably watch Stranger Things (if you haven’t already):

  • monsters
  • my one tragic daughter, Eleven
  • you’re going to adopt 5 children
  • 80s’ nostalgia (that I don’t get)
  • Stephen Kings vibes

stranger things hug GIF



I’m not going to spend much time talking about season 1 (mostly because I remember exactly nothing) so here are my very brief thoughts: I really liked it but I didn’t find it that scary and I thought it was a tad bit over-rated.


The cinematography was so good, the directors had fun with the bigger budget and IT SHOWS. Thank you, Duffer Brothers for blessing my eyes with incredible scene transitions (yes I am a sucker for good and creative film making and BOY DOES THIS ONE SHOW). I’m so glad I noticed that because I HAVEN’T SEEN ANYONE talking about it which is such a shame. Peoples: THE CINEMATOGRAPHY? AMAZING!

winona ryder christmas lights GIF

I think that this season was so much more character driven. I know most people have issues with the plot and all that but I adored how we explored everyone dealing with the events of the first season. I think that’s why I don’t mind plot holes and half explained plot thingies. I think it’s way darker and disturbing.


The Duffer brothers do this amazing things when it comes to their characters: they play on the dynamic between them and IT WAS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.

  •  Eleven: She was my sweet, sweet daughter who suffers from trauma since she was abused as a child. Her scenes with Hopper were heart-breaking because you wanted it to work out but both characters have issues and stuff to deal with and it can’t just all be sunshine and rainbows.
  • Mike: He wasn’t as much a main character this season as the last but I really liked him. He’s one of my absolute favourite characters and Finn Wolfhard does and AMAZING job seriously. He’s a soft boy that cares so much for his friends but it really pissed me off that he was so mean to Max for no reason.
  • Dustin: I loved Dustin but than what else is new. I think he made some stupid decisions but…he’s my son…
  • Steve: IN THIS HOUSE WE LOVE AND RESPECT STEVE OK. I’ve loved him since season 1 and that hasn’t changed. I just loved how he fully embraced the soccer mom role and cared for all his children and punched things for them. Honestly the Steve memes are the best thing that came out of this season.
iconic wine mom
  • Will: Give this kid an Emmy his performance was incredible. It was scary and hart-breaking and so so sad. The way he struggled with everything that happened in the first season is tragic and I JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY.
  • Lucas: Oh yeah he gets a girlfriend…I guess? He’s not my favourite.
  • Max:….Also oh yeah she was there. I felt bad for her really but I didn’t warm up to her until the end so. I would really love for her and Eleven to become besties though?? We need more girl friendships that don’t end in death on this show (cough Nancy and Barb worked out…great… cough)
  • Nancy: Haaa…I never really cared for her and Johnny boy?? Look I don’t “do” romance, I am an unfeeling lizard. I liked that she knows how to be a badass and shoot demogorgons, and she adorably danced with Dustin so I guess I liked her a bit.
  • Hopper: Awe he has his issues but I love him seriously. (do I not love anyone on this show?…except Johnny boy??). He adopted Eleven and I was so happy.
  • Joyce: Can she be happy?? Please?? Just…make Joyce happy for once…let her be with Hopper and live a long tragic life with their 3 children.


Bob’s death was so predictable and yet I hoped against all hope in those last scenes that he would survive. Also that last scene where  we see him being eaten by demodogs WAS UNNECESSARY OK just *sniff* leave my son alone.

Stranger Things creators: YOU REALLY SHOULDN’T BE TRUSTED WITH CHUBBY SIDE CHARACTERS WHOSE NAMES START WITH B. I need to protect my babies from you and bake them cookies and make sure no harm comes to them.

Also I didn’t dislike ep 7?? Which seems to be an unpopular opinion but ok. I didn’t dislike Eleven’s sister and I didn’t feel like it threw the pace of the story too much. *ducks behind bookshelves to hide from mean people that are going to come at me to explain why I’m wrong and my opinion is wrong*.




Things I want to see in season 3:
  • Will having one happy day
  • Eleven and Mike being the fluffiest, softest, power couple ever
  • Eleven becoming friends with Max because hey we need some girl friendships here
  • Max’s brother getting bet up by all the kids preferably with bats
  • Hopper and Eleven getting father-daughter bonding time
  • I just want more Steve please

joe keery steve GIF by ADWEEK


Plus can we just appreciate how on brand for me the Eggo Waffles are? Finally some waffle appreciation UP IN HERE!

netflix 80s GIF by ADWEEK


LET’S FANGIRL TOGETHER! Have YOU watched Stranger Things?(You totally should just sayin’) What did YOU think of it?? Any other TV Shows you’ve been binging recently?



23 thoughts on “Fangirling mush: Stranger Things edition

  1. I adored this season of Stranger Things so much, but also the first one!! ❤ I also believe Max and Eleven should become friends, we need more girl love in this show.
    Why do you hatee Jonathan though?? I mean, it’s totally okay, but I’m a bit curious.
    Lovely review! 💕 I’m glad you enjoyed the show!

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    1. I AM SO GLAD THEY DECIDED TO JUST STREAM SEASON 2 IN OUR COUNTRY TOO!! We don’t get most shows but we get this one thanks Netflix…I guess….
      I just tought he was wayyyyy to creepy is season 1! Like people in 13 Reasons Why got a tape for doing less then what he did -taking pictures of girls when they weren’t paying attention from a distance. I HONESTLY expected him to turn out to be a bit villain-ish. Meh I didn’t mind him as much this season but that’s doesn’t meeean I like him.
      We need all the girl love in this show!! Also Elevn and Max would be such badasses JUST IMAGINE.
      Thank youuu ❤!!


      1. Ah, I can understand that! Taking those pictures of Nancy was really not okay, I’d love to think that he’s changed since then. But I totally understand why you don’t like him. I have a soft spot for people that are really protective of their families, so I guess that’s how he grew on me.
        Yessss!!! Can’t wait for that! ❤

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  2. I LOVE the first season, but hasn’t been in a mood to watch the second season. I love Steve, but I don’t like him being with Nancy for some reason xD I love how he ended up being a mother hen to the gang even though he was denying it at first xD Definitely one of the best character growth ever existed!

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  3. Okay I’ve been waiting for this post – took ya long enough 😂 But wait, I thought you didn’t mind ep7?! Yes more STEVE -he’s the best. And alsooo… MORE MIKE & ELEVEN!!! I NEED MILEVEN, like now. I miss my kids….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I MISS MY CHILDREN TOO OMG 😭❤!! And yeah it took me some TIME didn’t it (lol I have planned posts it helps me STAY ORGANISED). I didn’t mind it….is that not what I said wait lemme check *checks post* yup that’s what I said. Mileven is THE PUREST SHIP they are both such cinnamon rolls. MY CHILDREN DESERVE HAPPINESS.

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  4. This season was so good! I really think Will’s actor is so amazing and it sucks that he doesn’t seem to get as much love and recognition as the other actors.
    Hopefully Eleven will warm up to Max, we need some girl best friends desperately in this show!!!

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  5. Steve (and Steve memes) is the best thing that came out of season 2 haha. I mean, I really liked the novelty of having an IT/Goonies/E.T. type show to watch, so that’s why season 1 was so special to me. It felt so different from eveything else I was watching. Season 2, though, was really well-done. I was sad Mike wasn’t as involved as he was in season 1 and I wasn’t too hot on the Max/Billy storyline, but everything else was A+. Dustin made some stupid decision but I mean, look at that face. How can I be mad. I was FURIOUS when no one wanted to dance with him at the end. HOW DARE THOSE MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS. HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT TO DANCE WITH MY DUSTY??? Thank god for Nancy though. I’m not her hugest fan, but she’s all right in my book, just for what she did for Dustin haha. Eleven/Millie Bobby Brown was excellent and Noah Schnapp as Will nearly stole the show with his performance. Also, poor poor Bob. I knew it was gonna happen but I was hoping for a miracle lol. Great season. I will admit I wasn’t a fan of episode 7. I knew it was necessary, or at least the info it provided was necessary; I just felt like it could have been present in a different way. But other than those things, season 2 and Steve were AMAZING!


    1. I get -1 80s nostalgia mostly because 1. I wasn’t born in the 80s and 2. My country didn’t have those movies then. I did watch E.T once tho and I liked it so there’s that.

      Ahh your comment pretty much sums up all my thoughts perfectly!!

      Steve memes are best memes and he was so pure. I was a fan but now I’m stanning seriously I was here FROM THE START and I’m glad the fandom finally appreciates my child.

      Yeah I was kinda hoping against all hope for Bob but let me root for the adorable OBVIOUSLY DOOMED character.

      Dustin is my grandson since he’s Steve’s son and I wouldn’t steal my child’s son. I don’t mind Nancy I just really don’t care about her plotline (in any of the seasons for that matter). But she’s nice AND SO RIGHT ABOUT MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS (i was one not long ago I FEEL SO BAAAD now though).

      Mike is also one of my faves AND FINN IS SO GOOD. Like how you child how can you act so well?? And be?? My age?? All I’ve accomplished?? Is waking up at 7??


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      1. I hope Steve gets a lot more screen time in the next season! He’s beloved now. We need more Steve!

        And agreed, I’m not all that interested in Nancy and Jonathan’s storyline, but at least Nancy did that in the end. Hopefully they’ll both get more interesting storylines in the next season.

        Finn Wolfhard is FABULOUS. If all goes well and he stays healthy and happy, I see a few Oscars in his future haha

        AND OF COURSE ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hopefully fame and creepy people don’t ruin those children’s lives. I would be so scared and uncomfortable if most people would act like that around me ughhhh. They are kids: they want attention but they are also not fully formed and majorly insecure so I hope they stay safe. Hopefully Finn grows up near the right people and he will turn out amazing! Millie too.

        Maybeeee if they get a more interesting plotline I’LL GET TO LIKE JOHNNY BOY TOO WHO KNOWS.

        (Also I need more Steve memes they are the best LET’S BE REAL)


  6. Ahh I loved season 2 as well!! I kind of agree that episode 7 wasn’t bad. I just wish it tied in more to the main plot of the series, and hopefully those characters come back at some point so that it feels like that episode was setting something up for the future.

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    1. Yeah it definitely could’ve been tied up more but I didn’t mind it. It was actually cute (in a murderous morally grey kind of way). It looks like it sets up something bigger for the future with how much time they put into it so I’m excited to see what!! Like the sister is kinda badass and also her powers have so much potential!

      Liked by 1 person


    mike and eleven are sooooo wonderful. I LOVE LUCAS’S FAMILY MORE THAN?? lucas himself. and DUSTIN IS SO PRECIOUS and he does that wierd sound and steve’s just like “no” AND BASICALLY I LOVE STEVE.

    and eleven is so wonderful and she and max BETTER BE FREINDS in season 3. and will suffers so much my poor heart ❤ when they have to tie him up and all. and i dont really care about jonathon and steve that much. i like steve and nancy better?

    BOB DESERVED BETTER. he's so smol and precious and such a nice dude? LIKE WHY WHY WHY WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE. and joyce needs to be happy? JUST FOR ONCE? SERIOUSLY.


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