On the 12th of October it is the Spanish National Day. It also so happens to be MY BIRTHDAY!! Why is that not an intergalactic holiday yet? Fret not little munchkins for I am working on that. One day, one day.

And since I have the most amazing of parentals (I must flatter them because I need someone to buy me books so they are useful) they took me to Spain!!!

 This is the story of how I skipped 2 days of school and ate 5 cakes!


You think I’m joking about the cakes. I’M NOT!!!

My dad’s birthday is one day before mine’s so that’s our cake counter up to 1 already. And of course since my family is as dramatic and extra as I (I had to learn from somewhere right?? It’s in my genes) they bought me 2 cakes for my party. And when we got back they gave us 2 MORE cakes…Look I’m not complaining here…they know what’s up. Bookbloggers are feared creatures that feast on cake so I must keep that #branding alive.

 I’m 15 now officially. Or have been for the last…3 weeks?? Wow time flies.

Also why does the gap between 13 and 14 seem WAYYYY much smaller than 14 to 15 huh?? Am I that old?? Oh gawd I’m a full on american-teen-angst-in-a-drama-show-on-Netflix AGE!!! What do I do nowwww?? Except having an existential crisis on the kitchen floor though. Should I stop the apocalypse and fall in an most unfortunate love triangle? Decisions, decisions.

 ANYWAY back to the trip!! Since this is a travel post, not an “existential crisis but LOOK DISTRACTION WITH CAKE” post.

(though it totally should just be that just saying)


I absolutely love and adore flying! I could do without the crying smol humans and the horribly overpriced water bottles but staring out that small window is still the best thing ever.




 It’s really a must see if you ever visit Valencia. It’s so so BIG!! Sorry London but yours sucks in comparison. I liked your jellyfish I really did but…BUT THIS ONE HAD MOREEE and also FOOOD. Also the Dolphins are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

One thing to know though: QUEUE UP EARLY FOR THE DOLPHIN SHOW! If you’re around the corner in the queue don’t worry: you’ll still get in! It’s well worth waiting.

The spaces can be very crowded and dark so if that affects you please take care! It did make me a bit dizzy but after a really chocolaty ice cream I was good to go (Chocolate proves itself yet again as the best thing ever and the cure…I guess Professor Lupin knew what he was saying never leave the home without chocolate).





Yeah…I’m not the biggest fan of Zoos. They make me sad no matter how open they are. Also birds scare me. I DO NOT LIKE BIRDS. Reading The 5th Wave did nothing to lessen that fear. NOPE NOPE NOPITY NOPE KEEP YOUR FEATHERS TO YOURSELF THANKS.

So maybe this wasn’t the ideal place for me.

 But it was ok. My dad loved it so if you’re a fan of animals I highly recommend!

(if not go get yourself a nice ice cream and chill in the shade because BOY IS SPAIN SO HOT I was a melted mess)


Other than that we just strolled trough the city because the weather was warm and it made us mellow.  Seriously coming from 12 degrees (CELSIUS YOU AMERICAN FOLK I’m usually not in Antarctica. Sadly no polar bear friends.) to 25 WAS SO WEIRD.

Here are some pretty pictures from around the city.





 I am so proud of these pictures honestly. Ignore the fact that I bent at odd and freakish angles in public to get these shots. My natural talent when taking photos in public consists of becoming a public nuisance by practicing occasional contorsionism.


All in all, I loved the city and my parents did too!

It was super fun and it looks straight out of an American postcard. We didn’t get to see as many things because we only went for 2 whole days and I didn’t get to practice my Spanish as much as I would’ve liked. (Come onnn I can say Yo me llamo Ioana ergo at this point I’m basically fluent…and cake is la torta you can thank me later for that vital piece of information after it possibly saves your life)



Have YOU ever went to Spain? If so: where? Did you like it?? If not: would you like to go? Favourite place you’ve visited??



11 thoughts on “HELLO: Valencia!

  1. Aaaahh so glad you enjoyed your trip! Spain is such a nice place and I would love to go there someday. A lot of my friends have been there and they gave me beautiful souvenir keychains and AAAHHH I WANT TO GO THERE SO BAD.
    So far the only European countries I’ve been to are the UK and Germany.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I WOULD LOVE to go to Scotland and move there someday aswell!! It’s the perfect place for me plus I’m pretty sure those guys have some dragons hidden there somewhere. I hope you get to visit Spain someday! It’s beautiful but it’s so hot omg 😂!


  2. I love flying too! I feel like it’s half the excitement of going on holiday 🙂 my brother spent 6 months in Valencia last year as part of his degree and it is just so gorgeous there! I love your photos!

    Liked by 1 person

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