Let’s be honest: being a bookworm is a dream! All the conventions, the swag, the tours, the signings! Heaven on Earth right? Well no for you see little pineapple…YOU ARE WRONG!

Being an international bookworm is a struggle. It’s a fight for survival (and official merch because you want to support your favourite author the right way)! The truth is:


Sorry for shouting at you. Here have some warm tea and cookies. I promise I am not that scary. I just have a lot of feelings.


For some of you that didn’t already know: I AM EUROPEAN!

More exactly I’m from Romania! Yes I’m a russian speaking vampire. You’re welcome. (psst the russian part is a lie nobody here actually speaks russian -except our grandparents…ok so maybe SOME people speak russian but it’s rare. The vampire part is totally true. Can’t deny the truth.)

I use an extra vowel in “flavour” just to be dramatic, temperature is OBVIOUSLY measured in Celsius and I post things in the middle of the night- because say hello to time-zones. You see? EUROPEAN.

 Now while that’s all good and dandy there is one thing that isn’t all glitter rainbows and sunshine. And that is: BOOKWORMING!

(That’s a word right?? That’s totally a word. I say it’s a word!)

 While we all know that being a bookworm is a full time (including extra unpaid hours may I add) job, it gets considerably harder to do it if you’re outside the US. And here I am to tell you all why! (Howdy aren’t you glad I am your illustrious guide!)




 And no I’m not talking about the cutesy one from the books. I am talking about the monstrous one that you have to pay by selling your dog and half your house.

I just LOVE it when I finish adding books in my cart and when it’s time to confirm the order the price just…doubles…That number is mocking me like: HAHAAA you wanted to buy 2 books because they were on sale? WELL GUESS WHAT now you have to pay for another 568 books equivalent in shipping you nugget!!….better buy those 100 books so you can MAYBEE get free shipping…either way you struck a deal with the devil, sold your soul, cried a little AND made a mess.

In case your wallet hasn’t transformed yet into a permanent Howler boy you’re doing it wrong.

giphy (45)



Hahaha…whaat are those? Never heard of them….Can you eat them?


It’s like organizers think the rest of the world outside the US is a mythical place that is probably just an urban legend meant to scare the children. Do we scare you America? Are we that scary? DO I LOOK LIKE NARNIA TO YOU AMERICA? HUH?? WELL NO I DON’T BECAUSE IF I DID I WOULD BE EATING TURKISH DELIGHT RIGHT NOW AND LET ME TELL YOU THERE IS A DISAPPOINTING LACK OF TURKISH DELIGHT IN THIS HOUSE.

I swear I don’t want to steal your hot dogs and eagle! I’m vegetarian! Honest! Could you please just…share…a bit of those nice book convention with us? Pretty pleaseee?? I won’t bite! I JUST WANT AN ARC! A SMALL ONE!! You have loaads you could give me at least one!!

I am suffering over here alone, drowning my sorrows in ice cream while you all post vlogs from panels and parties and I am SAAAAD!



 Oh so you’ve decided you want to support your favorite authors or talented bean with an etsy by buying merch? THAT’S GREAT! Look at you having a strong moral compass GOOD FOR YOU!

….Wait you were actually serious?? Oh no nononoo no sweety you CANNOT do that.

 You just support authors FROM A DISTANCE! FOOL PROOF PLAN I TELL YA! Everybody knows that you silly pineapple! You can’t buy merch in stores! That would be RIDICULOUS!

(If you insist you COULD buy 100 of copies of their book and build yourself a house out of them…THAT should generally do it. Authors love it when you do that.)

.…Of course whenever you DO find merch you buy as much as you can and RUN OK YOU HEAR ME!! It’s always good to be sure so just grab one of everything. Harry Potter shirts? YES! Pajamas? SURE! Socks? OK! This weird looking pen? Um..ye? A weird can opener that is way too expensive and you know you never open cans? Uhhh. BUT IT HAS YOU HOGWARTS HOUSE ON IT! JUST TAKE MY MONEY!

giphy-downsized (2)

Yeah your wallet might still end up screaming endlessly after that but HEY AT LEAST YOU DIDN’T PAY FOR SHIPPING!



Or any author for that matter. Guess what? NOPE. Nu-uh. Authors are rare zebras that can only be witnessed in America (and occasionally London) in the wilderness (does this analogy even make sense? probably not but I take my chances). Never near you because that would be too convenient!

If they ever DO come to Europe because of some astral alignment they usually just flip turn avoiding my country completely. WHO thought it was a good idea to go to every country BUT mine?

 I am a broke underage teenager… SURE thing just watch me hop on a train on this wonderful sunny school day and travel through 3 countries and 5 galaxies to the nearest place where I can meet my favourite author! I’m sure my parents would be totally on board! They would even pay for my train ticket!!

I feel content with knowing that at some point I shared a continent with some of my favorite authors. I am sharing a continent with J. K. Rowling at this very moment. Counting the small blessings.



Why do publishers think this is a good idea ever?? Also: UK publishers: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! I swear their meetings go something like this:

Uk publishers: Aw this american cover is cute and represents the story completely.

Me: Don’t do it….


Me: Oh my GOD!

Uk publishers: Make sure it shows the faces of the models too! Because readers can’t possibly imagine how the characters look like! We must help their small brains!

Me: …

Bookstagram: …

The whole universe: …

I mean…Poor Rick Riordan books got the worst end of the horrible desingn stick. LOOK AT THIS:

Imagini pentru us vs uk book rick riordan

And oh it doesn’t stop there! Nope there are other tragic ones:

Imagini pentru us vs uk book covers

Imagini pentru us vs uk book covers




(which I cannot spell apparently. why do I always end up spelling is like liebebeberies or something? a true mystery that is. Back to the subject.)

I just love it when I see #supportsmalllbookshopsday trending or something along those lines. “Support small businesses” they say. “Buy locally” they said. “There probably ISN’T A SMALL BOOKSHOP IN YOUR WHOLE COUNTRY AND/OR GALAXY” they did not say.

The only actual spot where I can buy books in the real world is the only chain bookshop in my whole country. Yey. And the books there are terribly expensive. And I only have one kidney left after the whole shipping debacle Susan give me a break.

As I said: I AM A BROKE TEENAGER. I have to ask my parents for money every single time I purchase water. And they certainly wouldn’t be happy to buy books in English at full price – which is sometimes almost DOUBLE the price of a book in Romanian.

 And the libraries here ALSO do not have the books that interest me.

List of things that my library DOESN’T KNOW EXIST:
  • Newest YA releases
  • YA releases in English generally
  • Comics
  • Graphic novels
  • Audiobooks
  • Things Ioana likes
List of things that DO exist
  • Classics



OH that special feeling when a giveaway tweet says “INTL”! BLESS THOSE PEOPLE!

 Publishers, you do realize making giveaways US only it’s very alienating for people that live outside the US and Canada right? THERE ARE LOADS of bookworms that would be INCREDIBLY HAPPY to be able to enter! It’s not such a big deal to open it up for everybody!

For example: Book Depository ships almost EVERYWHERE!! (I am lucky enough to be in one of the countries it DOES ship to…not WELL because my order comes over several weeks and it does forget I even paid for books in the first place…I’ve had to email them SEVERAL times and believe me it wasn’t FUN…but at least IT DOES SHIP SOMEWHAT)

 BUT NOOOOO instead we’re just left here to cry in our baguettes and macaroons and occasionally Vegemite. Because we NEVER get preorder swag or amazing limited editions or any other awesome and cool stuff. You American peeps could be getting dragon eggs and hatching them like a Khaleesi and we’re over here awkwardly waving our croissants at you. 

(and yes I am aware that most of the things I listed are french but I am in fact very hungry while typing this)


 Ok so I miiiiiiight be a little bit dramatic (it’s been said by many times on numerous world that I am a tad of a drama queen but of course it’s up to interpretation).

 But not all is dark and full of terrors here in Not-USA-World!

Look at the bright part: Most of us can speak 2 languages so we have DOUBLE the reading material! Except you Aussies…but you do have your own YA that is an entirely genre on it’s own and is probably mysterious and quirky and I’VE NEVER READ IT BEFORE (pls I want to). It sound great though Australia you keep being you boo-boo! Watch out for the kangaroos beautiful people!!

I would love to have all the awesome things that America has but alas I am pretty happy at the moment with my horrendously beautiful bookshelf! Me and my babies are very happy together yes!



Are YOU an international bookworm? Do you agree with what I said?? Are there any other struggles that you face? Which one is the worst in your opinion?? AND if YOU live in the USA what do you think of these things? Ever experienced them?



25 thoughts on “7 struggles international bookworms face

  1. Hahahaha this post is amazing!!! 🙂 I feel exactly the same and I live in a small town in Canada. I feel big cities get all the events and I hate when a giveaway says US only, it breaks my heart cuz I can’t participate. The struggle is real for shipping times and costs – it’s an arm and a leg… and you’d think that Canada And usa are neighbours shipping shouldn’t be any more than 1 week at the most… hahahaha it takes up to 2.5 weeks some times and sometimes longer and you forgot that you’ve even ordered something lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg I didn’t know that 😂! It takes about 4 weeks to ship to Europe so how come it’s that long over there?? I shall never understand the ways of shipping tbh. That and Fahrenheit will always be America’s greatest mysteries.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Bahahahaha I totally agree – Fahrenheit just doesn’t make any sense at all lol people say it’s like 60 degrees and I’m like you must be cooking over there and they are like no we are freezing and I’m like you’re out of your mind crazy person lol than I do the conversion and I see that I’m the crazy one lol 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. YESS 😂!! Like how do they even get to “100 degrees”?! MATE CAN’T YOU SEE THAT’S A BIG NUMBER do you not have eyes?? Big number = big temperature it ain’t that hard!! I constantly think they are in some kind of desert but lol nope there is winter somehow.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. THIS IS THE MOST RELETABLE POST EVER! As an Italian I feel your pain.

    First: Italians have at least three book convention. Lucca Comics, with books, game and nerds, Il Salone di Torino and Tempo di Libri in Milan. But you know what… only now Italy is publishin ya genre and still ruin the covers (100% reason why I read only in English) and just NO. It sucks.
    So, do you expect to see a famous US or UK author you love so much in of those convention? OH, MY DEAR LADY *yes, I’m screaming ❤ *

    And the: support small business. Yes. because I coudl wait years – if not century – before see the books that I want so much in my country. Plus, Italian are famous for being readers, so pretty sure that publisher all over the case *sarcasm*

    I ended up being more salty than what I imagined…. but that's is ❤


  3. AHhh these are all so relatable. I’m an aussie and there are always high shipping costs and no conventions or opportunities to meet authors. And I don’t get the added coolness of speaking another language… In terms of covers it seems like our publishers flip a coin as to whether we get the US or the UK cover, sometimes we get the better one and sometimes we get the worse one.

    You mentioned that we have our own YA in Australia which is true to an extent… there are some authors who are uniquely Australian and the bookshops and libraries I have gone to do a good job of promoting their books, but it’s a really small industry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will never understand the cover thing. Why are there different covers?? And why are the UK ones much uglier?? I mean…it doesn’t help the sales so?? Mysteries of the publishing industry I guess.
      The YA books from Australia sound so interesting to me I’m glad aussie authors and books are starting to get a little more recognition over here!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my goodness Ioana. I feel you. I order most of my physical books from the Book Depository. Usually I just read on my Kindle because shipping is so expensive lol.

    Also!!! Goodreads giveaways ships to where I live but you have to be over 18 years old to join, so age is a problem too! I can’t wait to turn 18 hahahaha.

    Authors never come to Asia. A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Instagram and saw Leigh Bardugo and Rainbow Rowell announcing that they would be going on tour together. In London!! Edinburgh!! Dublin!! Manchester!! ALL THE BIG EUROPEAN CITIES I want to go so bad!

    Well, true, not living in the U.S. means that most of us are bilingual! Yay! I can speak fluent Cantonese, English and Mandarin 🙂 But both Cantonese and Mandarin are actually Chinese in written form, so I guess I can speak 3 languages, but can only read 2? 😛 I like English books more than Chinese books though, I have no idea why!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kindle is a true life saver because Book Depository has the worst shipping ever to my country!!
      I never knew Goodread had giveaways 😂! I’m way to young to enter anyway so that’s a shame.
      Oh what I would give to meet Leigh and Rainbow!! So close yet so far 😭!! Yay for Europe though?
      It’s so cool that you can speak so many languages!! Seriously it’s like some kind of magical power!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I live in the uk (in london) and i understand what you mean about shipping and giveaways and uk covers (why are the nice us covers changed to some ugly ass shit? what is the point??). although i’m pretty lucky to have lit cons – i was lucky enough to go to yalc (ya lit con) and comic con earlier this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I also have East European Comic Con here…which is like Comic Con…but lamer 😂. It’s a con so small I think it shrunk somehow accidentally. And UK covers are just horrible but they are often the ones I get because shipping is cheaper 🙃.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I am from India and I faced all of these problems and Book Depository does not ship to our country at all and the only place I can get books is at Amazon and that too only when there is a sale.The first hardcover I own came from a giveaway the author hosted on Twitter and I was like,”finally,I have a hardcover”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My very first hardcover is still my most prized possession 😂!! Angels sing everytime I open it.
      I’m so sorry that Book Depository doesn’t ship to you!! I should wrap all you people that don’t get shipping in a blanket and offer some cookies.
      BUT you have loads of international bookworms offering support and cake and the possibility of world domination ❤!
      Thank you for commenting!!


  7. I have never related to a post so deeply in my life. I’m from Spain and I relate to absolutly EVERYTHING you said.
    My country is rather famous for sucking at English (although there are some exceptions, I hope I am one) so we never get English new releases unless we go to the main street bookstores (and it is still extremelly rare ro find one) that are INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE and cost more than my college tuition and house combined. Also, whenever a new release gets translated (again, very rare scenario) we have to PRAY THE GODS they don’t decide to stop publishing them in spanish. (I’ve lost count of how many book series I started in spanish and had to switch to english because they stopped publishing them, great!). Also, the translation of the titles IS THE MOST HORRIBLE AND COMICAL THING IN THE UNIVERSE.
    I get my books from The Book Depository (and they take a month and a half to arrive at least) or Amazon sales (which are extremelly random hence the reason I have a thousand sequels of sereis I haven’t read nor do I own the first book).
    So yeah, I relate.
    Being an International Bookwarm has its perks but definitely its downs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’M SO GLAD YOU RELATE!! Actually not really glad since it’s sad so maybe happy that I’m not the only one who feels like this?? Am I even making ANY sense here 😂?

      My country is like that too and it’s HORRIBLE. I own so many first books of numerous series translated but they never continue (cough Shatter Me cough). New releases? PFFFTTTT. What are those?? I only know “book that was popular 4 years ago so hey we’re translating it now”. (We got Fangirl translated this year HA what a miracle from the publishing gods). And yeah a hardcover book in English costs SO MUCH. If I want to buy just a few new releases welp I guess I have to sell my dog to pay now.
      Speaking of Book Depository: I ordered books last year and they haven’t come yet….joy.
      And omg translated titles 😂. I sometimes don’t even recognize the book because of how different the title is tbh.

      I know it’s hard but the community is always here for you *sends interantional hugs and cookies* ❤. It always shows support and we can bond and rant over all these stupid things at least.

      Liked by 1 person

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