But Ioana I hear you saying, didn’t you JUST post a Monthly Wrap up? Why yes, yes I did. How observant of you. But I decided to bore you all with my life stuff yet again…You’re welcome. Obviously.

*get nose out of book, inhales deeply, squints eyes and looks outside*

OH LOOK it’s : September! You know what that means?

School. It means school.

giphy (40)

 And since my last life update was all about how I’m freaking out about starting highschool I thought I should keep consistent and freak out about the same thing.

You know…so we can freak out TOGETHER!

Aren’t I just so considerate?

(also yes I am “starting highschool” as in “this is my first year”….I am indeed a small bean, glad we settled that, cry for me shall you)


What I actually meant to say, in a short wonderful list is:
  • I have at least 6 hours of school everyday
  • And English lessons on Tuesdays
  • I’m also taking Spanish lessons on Saturdays (please don’t ask me things in Spanish I don’t know anything my knowledge is basically under-the-sea level)
  • ANNND German lessons…because apparently taking 2 exams and still not knowing anything else than how to say “my name is” is not ideal…pfft…I know how to say snowman people I would say I’m pretty good.
  • All in all this has been an SOS message.
  • help

  ALSO I’VE BEEN MOVED TO A MORE ADVANCED LEVEL IN ENGLISH??? SO I’M NOW TAKING THE SAME EXAM AS PEOPLE OLDER THAN ME?!?! (it’s the one for my C2 level). Basically I skipped an entire year AND exam after an evaluation. (I’M ACTUALLY SO HAPPY THAT HAPPENED LIKE WOW)

Morale of the story is: if your mom ever tells you that watching TV shows all day isn’t educational she’s WRONG! Watch cartoons and obsessively read books kids!!! That’s how I learned! (also years of studying since I was a smol 4 year-old but pfft nobody cares about the boring part)

In conclusion: THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE LOTS OF FUN! BUT (as you’ve probably figured out by the title…) I WON’T HAVE LOTS OF FREE TIME.

And doesn’t that last sentence just conveniently lead into my next point?

cc506816-e76b-4591-aa76-6899a3286271SCHEDULE TIME!

I’ve never really HAD a blogging schedule…YES I do post rather…ok VERY sporadically. Cough.

 And since I don’t actually KNOW how I’m going to manage both school and the blog because that never happened before I though it was time for a schedule. So here’s what I thought about:

  • Monday: A bookish review
  • Wednesday: A tag or meme (..also can I just take a moment and say how FUNNY it is to me that things like Top 5 Wednesday are called memes ?! OF ALL THINGS?? Do you have ANY idea how hard I laughed when I figured that out?! I’m sorry but Doge will always pop in my head.)
  • Saturday: Something else IF it pops into my mind – TV shows/Movie/Cartoon reviews, Monthly Recaps and Life updates or ANYTHING else

I know it’s not everyday but I had to be realistic. I’m probably going to be posting TWICE a week (!!!).

I also don’t really want to post things just for the shake of it if I’m not proud of them. Being 50% a perfectionist (I don’t know what the other half is..maybe I just lack competitiveness so I’m not THAT driven all of the time…but I WILL FIGHT YOU) so if I’m going to post anything it better be good Susan.



As you may have noticed I did a bit of re-designing around here!

(Does it count as a RE-design if you never had a design to begin with? Probably not but HEY I’m calling it that.)

As you may have noticed I’ve changed my theme! BAM! It’s kind of…a drastic change…

Ahem…Hi if you’re reading this on the WordPress app just open this in chrome to see said beautiful theme? Play some interlude music while you search it. It’s fine I’ll wait. You did?? Ok good. I’ll resume with the tour.

LOOOOOOK AT ITTTT! It’s so pretty. I’m actually crying.

Look at all those fairy lights and succulents and all those things. Aren’t they just so pretty?!?! I’m in LOVEEE! That’s it I ship Myself + Blog as the ultimate OTP.

And before you say “Ioana…fairy lights?? But isn’t it September?” AND yes, you are correct, thank you for looking at a calendar the right way (get yourself a nice cookie because you deserve it), but IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY TO PUT FAIRY LIGHTS ON! Joke’s on you, in fact I have fairy lights on RIGHT. NOW. BOOM!



Also because I just got my graphic tablet back here you go. If you’ve ever wondered: This is a doodle of how I look.


(Those books? Yeah, those are not for aesthetic. That’s my TBR. Eating me alive. Help.)

 Sadly enough I am *probably* not a real dragon. (There is always the possibility that I AM in fact LYING and I’m a lizard..you’ll never know). Sorry to disappoint. But I’m sure if you do ask anyone who has ever talked to me they would be eager to disagree. Especially my parents. They are positive they raised some kind of hatchling.


And THAT’S IT for a quick life update.

Umm…HI IF YOU’RE READING THIS?? It’s not the type of post I usually do sooo…see you next time with some other bookish content! I am now going to go interact with fellow humans (OR SO THEY THINK!!! LiZaRd pEopLe!!!….I watched too many conspiracy theories…) or as they like to call themselves “classmates” *shudder*.

Are YOU going back to school? IF SO: HOW ARE YOU COPING WITH IT??  I am giving you internet hugs right now. If not HI HELLO HOW’S LIFE WITHOUT SCHOOL because I honestly can’t imagine it???


18 thoughts on “Life update #2 // new blog design + a blogging schedule?

  1. YOUR BLOG DESIGN IS SO CUTE!! I luv the little fairy lights graphic, ahhhh! ❀ *cries at how lovely it is*

    and OHMYGOD I feel you, I laughed so so hard when I realized what those bookish "memes" were. the first thing that popped up in my head was Pepe the frog. and also those tumblr/facebook memes that I constantly tag my friends in at 3 in the morning. XD

    Ooooh, three languages!! that's definitely a mouthful!! I wish I was trilingual :') I'm studying Spanish too, but I'm SO BAD AT IT I actually cringe at my pronunciation. though you're so so fluent in English, it's amazinggg, especially considering it's not your native language!!

    I spend 10 hours a day at school on average so you can cry for me. :')

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOUUU ❀!!! I think I changed the design like 3 times before I was satisfied (I WILL NEVER BE SATISFIEDDD…I just had to sorry πŸ˜‚)
      I sometimes have trouble pronouncing English words too! It’s because I’m so shy I never really practiced πŸ˜…. IT NEVER FAILS to make my day when someone compliments my skills so THANK YOU SO SO SO MUUCH!! (Especially since I proofread everything 3 times πŸ™ƒ)
      You study Spanish at school? That’s so cool! Latin languages can be quite hard so I don’t blame you!
      I am crying for you. You can’t see me but I am. Sending vitual hugs and cookies your way asap. Also cheesy motivational cat posters with “Hang in there”. YOU NEED THEM.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ioana! I’m a high school freshman too! #fellowsmolbean You’re taking advanced English? That’s so awesome! And I think I told you this before, but I don’t know if you remember – I used to take German classes at school, and now I self-learn it. Hallo, ich bin Chloe! Du bist Ioana (is that grammatically correct? I have no idea)! Yay!

    Fairy lights FTW! I have some fairy lights and I hang them on the wall to make my room look more “Tumblr”. Love how you use those graphics as separators! ❀ ALSO THAT DOODLE OF YOU IS SO ADORABLE MY HEART IS MELTING

    (By the way, go check out my Anything But Books Tag post – I tagged you! Feel free to do it anytime you want, I know how annoying school can be! )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAGGING ME ❀!!! I will definitely check it out and do it myself soon❀❀!
      Yey for freshman!!! It’s a bit awkward and kind of stressful at school at the moment but it will get better once I get to know my classmates πŸ˜‚!
      AND YES that is grammatically correct!! I think πŸ˜…. You’re pretty good ❀!
      I love fairy lights!! It fits the whole “Tumblr” aestethic quite nicely.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. GOSH THAT GIF IS HILARIOUS – I couldn’t stop laughing XD XD XD Congratulations on moving up in English. JUST WOW. The book and waffles and dragons HAVE PAID OF loana. Love the FAIRTY LIGHTS? WHO DOSEN’t??? and omggg good luck on the blogging schedule IT IS SO HARD THO, just warning u πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW THEY REALLY DID ❀❀!!! Waffles are educational kids!!! People who don’t love fairy lights don’t know love or friendship and I feel sorry for them. Did they fragment their soul? Probably.
      Thanksss. I’ll maybe hopefully stick with itttt (if only school wasn’t such a sour pickle 😞).


  4. Ahh school is horrible so good luck with that. I get so busy and I don’t have enough time to read. And I also find it hilarious how things like top ten tuesday are called memes, how did that even happen????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would LOVE to know the little story of how they got to be called memes tbh!! I am sure someone out there has a hilarious explanation that I want to hear!!
      “Too busy to read” basically sums up my life at the moment. Thankfully I sneak in a few pages during math class! Which..is not the best way to read but I take what I can get!


  5. Ohhh best of luck for school and everything, YOU CAN DO THIS! Also, congrats on getting onto advanced level English…though I knew you would, with how you write, I’m sure you are doing pretty awesomely πŸ˜›
    Best of luck for your new blogging schedule! I find that having a schedule really helps me keeping focus and I love being organized ahah. I hope this will work well for you! πŸ˜€ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH <3! I'm honestly so happy whenever someone compliments my English like nah staph I'm blushing!
      I hope the blogging schedule works out because I needed some order seeing how busy life got haha! Thank you so much for commenting <3!

      Liked by 1 person

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