A squishy platonic relationship between two males? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?! (answer: a lot of playing with our poor emotionally invested reader emotions that’s what). SO BROMANCES…YEY!


Yup yup this is the first time I’m doing a Top 5 Wednesday prompt but I really liked the sound of this one so here we are. You can check out the Goodreads group HERE.

And this week’s topic *PROBABLY IS NOT* : BROMANCES!

(ughh…this may or may not be this week’s topic…more like LAST weeks topic…I DID REALLY LIKE IT THOUGH! That’s why I’m using it! Also: YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO SUSAN! It’s my blog therefore I do what I want!)

(also I do apologize in advance to future Susans that might be reading this I AM NOT IMPLYING YOU ARE ATTACKING ME IT’S JUST THAT YOU HAVE A LOVELY NAME MADAM!)


Can you hear that angelic tune playing? Yeah that’s me singing because boy oh boy do I love a good bromance.

giphy (26)


And I mean who doesn’t? I call my friend bro ALL THE TIME! (she doesn’t mind bless her little heart).

“Bro? Bro!” is one of the most romantic declarations of platonic love there is in recent 21st century.  What better than to give in to heteronormativity by implying that the love you feel for your close mates cannot be in any way romantic, instead, feeling the need to add the very masculine form of endearment “bro” at the start of said word as a form of distancing it from it’s grossly non-heterosexual implications.

Or -AHEM- as youngsters say:

“no homo”.

So I shall list off my favorites!

Honorary Mentions
  •  Dan and Phil (from…Youtube…yeeeah) : A non-bookish bromance WELL WE’RE OFF TO A GREAT START! Their videos are funny and their dynamic is honestly the best. Friendship goals I tell you!
  • Edward and Alphonse Elric (from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) : This is the most tragic story I’ve ever seen. I MEAN IT HAS BROTHERHOOD IN THE TITLE SO YOU KNOW IT’S GOOD. One of them is missing an arm and leg and the other is missing a body. Poor precious angels. IT’S AN EMOTIONAL PUNCH IN THE GUT OK.

giphy (29)

Ok no no no no..this doesn’t illustrate their dynamic well enough.

giphy (28)


  • Sherlock and Watson : It’s elementary that I put these two on the bromance list. I know quite a few people ship Johnlock -as you should do your own thing- but I for one see Sherlock as the acest ace to every ace. He’s certainly more interested in mysteries than any other kind of “foolish romantic distractions”. I totally relate to his lizard heart and drama queen tendencies ❤

giphy (27)

Onto THE REAL LIST now shall we

5. Percy and Jason (from Heroes of Olympus)

These 2 have such a bromance that it’s one of the biggest memes. The original “Bro? BRo! BROOOO!” duo. I have seen countless posts on Tumblr and I have to agree with all of them. Of course their friendship was a bit rocky at the start, trying to decide who’s the leader and being too busy measuring their swords BUT HEY they came around and now they’re bestest buds.

(…Grover who? PFFFTTT I’ve never heard of the satyr that was Percy’s bff for 5 books, who he’s risked his life for countless times and who’s got a mental bond with…never heard of THAT guy)

I mean, the Percy Jackson fandom also ships Jason romantically with a brick…

Yeah I think those movies slowly drove us into madness. We’re totally ok I swear and no that’s definitely NOT FANART OF A CAP AND A PEN I CAN EXPLAIN!

giphy (30)

(did I scare you off with my weird fandom references yet? No? If you’re still reading I don’t know WHAT to tell you)


4. Harry and Ron (from Harry Potter)

(…except The Goblet of Fire that one doesn’t count)

What can be cuter than literally adopting your best friend into your family giving you cozy sweaters and sweets?…now that I think more about it I should have put Harry and Mrs Weasley instead…

I think Ron and Harry’s friendship is so underrated and overlooked. Yes, there is a “Golden Trio” but these 2 were close from the very begging. Ron came to Harry’s aid a lot at the cost of his own safety and I think he’s an underrated character. YES, he threw a fussy fit in Goblet of Fire AND drank a love portion AND threw ANOTHER fussy fit in Deathly Hollows BUT that doesn’t automatically make him worthy of the hate he gets! Ron Weasley defense squad all the way! Leave my son aloneee!!

3. The Raven Boys (from The Raven Boys)

Do these beans even need an explanation? Three boys and a ghost? NAME A MORE ICONIC BROMANCE! You probably cannot. Why? Because they are perfection. My babies have issues and that’s why I love them!

(yes I did adopt a bunch of highschoolers that are older than me)

(yes highschoolers are older than me)

(I am their mother now there’s nothing you can do)

2. Kell and Rhy (from A Darker Shade of Magic)

The most fitting pair perhaps. Get it because BROmance and they are actually brothers. Heartbreaking ones at that actually. DOINGS A SPECTACULAR JOB AREN’T THEY?! They love each other so much and I also love them so much I couldn’t just NOT include the stubborn idiots.

Especially since they would literally DIE for each other. I can respect that level of stubbornness any day. Just please let them be happy.

adsom #2

1. Will and Jem (from The Infernal Devices)

I nominate these two for THE BEST BROMANCE THAT HAS EVER BROMANCED. It’s a real prestigious title look it up. The Infernal Devices didn’t have the “Best Love Triangle of All Time” for nothing folks. These two broke my heart and made it whole. HERONSTAIRS WAS THE ENDGAME WE DESERVED OK. When even the girl you fight over ships you with your bro then she might be onto something. Just sayn’.

giphy (32)



So here it is: my first meme. Are you proud? (you should I mean look at those gifs). I am probably NOT going to be doing T5W every week but it was a lot of fun to write this post so be prepared to see more in the future!

What about YOU? Do YOU agree with what I said? And do YOU have any other favorite bromances?LET ME KNOW!


18 thoughts on “My Favorite Squishy Bromances

  1. Harry and ROn? I don’t really remember them being that major but I need to re-read HP obviously.

    JOHN AND SHERLOOOCCK! I don’t ship them? Like I REALLY REALLY REALLY like them as friends plus I agree about Sherlock having mysteries AS HIS TRUE LOVE XD

    But Kell and Rhy are scenes are THE ONES I LIVE FOR. It’s honestly developed SO WELL and I JUST LOVE EM OKAY. Let me hug them please

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I relate to Sherlock and his deep love for mysteries tbh. My crime solving lizard baby ❤
      Also I just want to give all of V. E. Schwab's characters a hug. THOSE POOR CHILDREN NEED LOVE AND A BLANKET AND WARM HUGS OK!! Petition to wrap Kell up in a blanket 2k17.


    1. Thank you ❤!!
      Yes Jem and Will shall forever be my smol tragic beans THAT BROKE MY POOR FRAIL HEART! Tessa sorry sister but back up MY BABIES ARE TALKING! The true ending should have been them and Curch platonicaly together as a family 4 ever (wishful thinking here but I can dream)!!
      (And of course I included Dan and Phil….I had to the title just FITS mate 😂)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. WILL AND JEM man I cannot. I swear by the second book I was ready to sacrifice whatever was necessary if it meant that they could be happy (and alive.). I love love love Sherlock and Watson’s dynamic, TOO. This remind some I need to finish watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Will and Jem are my absolute fave tragic babies that broke my heart…but I forgive them 😭.
      I haven’t finished watching Brotherhood either but in the first 10 episodes I nearly cried more than I did my whole reader life so I think that’s saying something 😂.


  3. Will and Jem… I totally agree with you.. The best bromance ever that has existed… Also love that you mentioned Sherlock and Watson.. They are my childhood favorites and Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have made me love them even more…

    Liked by 1 person

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