Oops there goes Ioana not posting again for more than a week. Yes, I do have the tendency to drop of the face of the Earth occasionally. But I’m back at it again (*dabs* is this how the youngsters speak like these days??) and I have a Travel Blog for ya’ll!

So: I went to London for 7 days and it was truly amazing!

In case you didn’t know this about me: I travel. A lot. First time I got on a plane I was just a wee lad who didn’t even read and I just…haven’t gotten enough of it since (also parent advice: don’t get your kids on the plane when they are 3….my ears popped soooo bad). I have been to most countries in Europe (except for Spain* and Portugal and the ones in the north) and I always love seeing new places. My ultimate goal is going EVERYWHERE. (yes this might help with my queen of the universe tendencies seeing as actual world domination is frowned upon…sadly)

*this is going to change btw I AM GOING TO VALENCIA IN OCTOBER for my birthday ahhh so excitedddd294

All that being said: I. Adored. London.

 It’s magical and J. K. Rowling warned us all but I didn’t listen. I apologize for ever doubting her.

And since I’m a reviewer I decided to review ALL OF THE THINGS I VISITED. (If I don’t have pictures of some of them it’s because we were probably not allowed to take them). Get ready for:

Ioana reviews London’s Top Tourist Attractions

cc506816-e76b-4591-aa76-6899a3286271Buckingham Palace

It was beautiful. Pretty disapointed of the lack of corgis. I expected AT LEAST 1 in every room. Also no tea with crumpets. But the Ice Cream was really good: the guy broke my cone and felt so bad that he gave me another one and shoved as much ice cream as he could. BLESS YOU ICE CREAM GUY I HOPE THEY GIVE YOU A PAY RISE!!

Rating: Worth it. (the doggo rating is low however. -10 borks)


National History Museum

I fangirled so hard when I got there. I dragged my poor parents around for 2 hours, fangirling over all the history. In case you had any doubts: I AM A HUGE HISTORY NERD! I started explaining all the greek statues to my mom so excitedly that you would have thought I saw Justin Bieber. Nope, just crusty old dead guys mom.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also HOW COOL is the fact that they have an LGBTQ+ history exhibit?

294London Tower

Surprisingly…not at all a tower. I meant COME ON it wasn’t even TALL! However, the tour guide was HILARIOUS! My mom and I cracked up constantly. No ghosts though. I would have like just a small little hunting…just a little…a ghost leg would have been fine and very satisfactory.

Rating: For seeing the crown jewels it’s worth a visit.

294London Eye

It was amazing! However the queue is extremely LONG so be prepared.

Rating: Must do.

294The Parliment

It was really cool and the audio guide was incredibly good! Even though mine ran out of battery half way trough the tour. A bit of feminist history at the end as well!

Rating: Must see.

294Shakespere’s Globe

It was really interesting and I’m sure every theater kid out there will absolutely ADORE it. (to get there we walked on The Millennium Bridge and it was amazing. I fangirled a tad bit because of the Harry Potter-ness)

Rating: Worth it.

294The National Gallery

Ugh…I’m just going to say this wasn’t my coup of tea. I love art (my avatar is even a drawing I made…in class…long story for another time) BUT art galleries bore me. And my parents didn’t get even half of what I got out of it sooo…yeah we got out of there quickly haha.

Rating: Skipable. (it’s still free if it does interest you)

294King’s Cross and Platform 9 and 3/4

Every Harry Potter fan’s dream…and my worst nightmare. Queues, queues everywhere Susan! The queues had queues. Also it costs 12 to get your picture taken…NO THANKS I’M GOOD. I did however buy a Gryffindor scarf from the shop which was the only thing I have ever wanted.

Rating: Not worth it (for me at least).

294Sea Life Aquarium

Pretty underwhelming.

Rating: Definitely skipable.

Stonehenge (not London but I’m including it)

Bunch of rocks. Despite what the guide said I am still convinced they were made by aliens.

Rating: Skipable. Look here’s a picture and believe me that’s all you need.


294Oxford (also not London)

Nice little city with a good amount of Harry Potter merch.

Rating: Kinda worth it IF you get a trip that includes VISITING one of the universities.

294Greenwich Royal Observatory

Pretty interesting. We took the tube there and it was am amazing trip!

Rating: Worth it.294 Oxford street, Trafalgar Square and Picadelly Circus DEFINITELY get very crowded so the best time to see those is in the morning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also highly recommand just talking relaxing walks trough Hyde Park. You’ll most likely spot squirells and parrots out in the very domestic wilderness and that’s always fun.


Another thing I highly recommand is just spending time in Soho. It’s an amazing part of the city and there you can find the best food. I also ate an entire bubble waffle with ice cream from the Chinese district and it was AMAZING!


7 days were definitely enough to visit everything without feeling under pressure. There are bag checks and airport type security at every attraction so beware. If you visit about 3 things a day and don’t stop to smell the roses as much as we did you can guaranteed do it in less days. We are just very lazy.cc506816-e76b-4591-aa76-6899a3286271

How to save time/money

  • DON’T visit things that you aren’t interested in. You aren’t going to miss anything believe me.
  • DO eat at places like Pret a Manger and Vapiano (yes those were my faves) were the food is served fast and instantaneously. Normal restaurants are money and time consuming.
  • SKIP the changing of the guard at the palace. It’s incredibly crowded and not friendly environment for short people (…i may of may not have had to climb a pole to see something)
  • DO get a Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour for a day. It’s interesting, you get to see everything AND it offers discounts and fast passes for some attractions included in the price. You get a cruise on the Themes aswell.
  • DON’T use taxis. They are totally not worth it.
  • DO get an oyster card and use the buses. It’s free of charge after 3 trips daily AND you get to see the city.
  • DO let the people at the cash registers handle the coins. They offer because they know it’s confusing.

I had a blast this whole trip and it was so WORTH IT! I really hope I’ll return because damn it was so amazing.

20170910_112626FINALLY it’s done! First ever travel post! This is probably huge and rambly but I hope it can help some of you that are thinking of visiting London.

Have YOU ever visited London? Do YOU want to go? What would be the first place YOU’d see? LET ME KNOW.


6 thoughts on “HELLO: London!

  1. I’m so glad you had a great time in London! I live about an hour away on the train, so I get to go relatively often – although my main reason for going is for all the cool indie bookshops (Foyles, Daunt Books, Stanfords etc). London Tower is awesome, isn’t it? And the British Museum (I think that’s what you mean by the National History Museum – correct me if I’m wrong) – although I was a little disappointed by the LGBT+ exhibition in that it was in this tiny little (closet-sized) room off to the side, and I would have liked a bit more.

    Thank you for sharing your travels with us! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg you’re so lucky to be able to go often lol 😂! I sadly didn’t go to any of the stores you mentioned but I’ll keep an eye out for them next time!
      And yes that’s the name (sorry I get them mixed up 😅)! The LGBT exhibition could have been a lot bigger and I would have liked a bit more too (like…it could have done with a whole side of historic lgbtq+ figures right??) but I am just excited and happy to SEE something like that IN PUBLIC. In my country it’s sadly almost illegal and people’s attitudes aren’t much better 😔. Hopefully in the future that will change but for now even a broom closet with pictures would cause massive outrage here.
      Thank you for leaving a comment ❤ !!

      Liked by 1 person

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