Hey you guys remember when I said that I wasn’t reading that much…and instead I was watching tv shows…remember the good ol’ days…ahem….WELL LET ME PRESENT TO YOU MY NEWEST OBSESSION:



Look at all my children. They are so beautiful and precious. I will protect them and watch them grow healthy.

Declaimer: I haven’t read the manga. So yeah…there’s that.

My blurb: Superhero school. SUPERHERO SCHOOL!!!!!!! Also cute characters.


By now you might have noticed that i love superheroes. Just a smigde. Not like hahah not like I am obsessed or anything hahaha…I’m not sweating with guilt you are sweating with guilt!!! Ahem. As I was saying I like superheroes…a lot.

Anime on the other hand…has always been a mixed bag. I tried Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul aka THE BESTEST CREME DE LA CREME of anime. But…nothing stuck. I have to mention that I have the attention span of a squirrel with a Redbull addiction (note that I am neither a rodent nor do I drink energy drinks) and nothing holds my attention for too long. I have commitment issues.

And right when I was about to sadly accept my tragic fate that anime was not for me BAM Yuri on ice!

…sorry was that a bit anticlimactic? You were probably expecting something else because you clicked on a review for Boku no hero academia and I talk about Yuri on ice. Ok ok I shall go back to the anime at hand.

And after that BAM Boku no Hero Academia!

(But you should totally still watch Yuri on ice. It has an amazing lgbt romance.)

I watched 10 episodes of season 1 before I got on the plane to London, essentially getting no sleep before that flight but it was worth it.

Also I mentioned my squirrel-esq attention? Yeah WELL I MANAGED TO BINGE WATCH THIS. And that never happens. Ever.

And I now sing along to the opening instrumental with all my soul!! SO WHAT IF IT’S IN JAPANESE JOHN LET ME DREAM!


Boku no hero academia is the best anime I have watched to day.

Yes, it’s the typical boy gets superpowers and wins a lot while becoming the best superhero there ever was BUT it’s all of the cliches DONE RIGHT.

 It takes place in Japan in the future where gradually the humans have evolved, developing “quirks” (superpowers. they are superpowers. The Incredibles kind of superpowers) (also i guess you could say they are…quirky…I’ll show myself out). The society has adapted to this and now being a superhero is a job. No, really, you have to go to school and get a degree and then get hired by a company to be a superhero. And if you’re big you are like a celebrity.

Izuku Midorya “Deku” is our protagonist (psst you can guess from the colorful hairrrr). He is bullied at school, is kind of a nerd and he has a dream of becoming the best superhero like his childhood hero All Might (if superheroes are like celebrities then this guy is the Beyonce). Only problem: he doesn’t have a quirk of his own. Than some plot happens and he gets admitted to the best superhero school in Japan. Que “typical” highschool drama and emotional moments.

Look we all know Deku IS going to become the BEST hero there ever was. This isn’t a spoiler he says it in the anime while narrating. You know how this is going to end so…why watch it?

Well, simply put…because of the characters. You get so attached to all of them that you want to stick around for the journey.

Deku is an incredible protagonist. You his his passion and determination to become a hero right from the start so when he eventually gets a quirk he is still driven by those two characteristics. The previous knowledge about the biggest heroes he collected as their biggest fan helps him in duels, making him very smart and good at making strategies. He is also extremely reletable while also having a personality, not being a kind of blanck slate that the audience can project themselves on but rather a really colorful slate that the audience can root for.

 Ahem…Also he is a huge cinnamon roll that should be protected because he’s so precious but that is kind of true for all of the characters.

The whole series has a huge optimistic air about everything. And that’s not to say that there aren’t any sad or angsty moments because there ARE but it’s still seen as “things are not the best right now but they WILL be, we CAN make them be”.

The plot progresses steadily and it presents all the characters gradually. In the first few episodes you get a strong attachment for Deku, and later every character starts growing on you after they get fleshed out. Some of my favorite characters get more development in season 2 -yup it’s season 2 and you still get characterization, just so you understand how gradually and naturally it’s done.

Family is a huge driving factor and motivation for these kids. They are in high school so it’s normal that their parents shape their lives and have a huge impact on them. Ironically enough, an anime about super-powered humans with pink, animal and just overall weird children presents a more realistic home life than most YA novels.

Now you should go watch it (it only has 2 seasons, find it legally on Cruchyroll) because I don’t know how spoiler free this next part of the post is going to be.


Some thoughts on all of my children that I have adopted because I love all of them:

  • All Might : His is the biggest dad. He deserves a “World’s Nr. 1 Dad” mug. I am glad they made him flawed and so likable instead of just your average perfection in a spandex suit. His is probably my favorite character.
  • Bakugo : Kind of an asshole but don’t worry everybody still loves him…somehow…I don’t really but I would be sad if something ,like, happened to ahem King Explosion Murder.
  • Uraraka : My soft daughter. She can kick your ass and still look adorable while doing it. Actual ray of sunshine and positivity. She’s also the love interest but the relationship is adorable and she is mostly doing her own thing so she’s best waifu. She is super close to all of the other girls too.
  • Todoroki : Tumblr’s favorite son and Ice Zuko. Angsty backstory unlocks is season 2. He is an actual sweetheart though that needs to be wrapped in a blanket and protected. Looks like he could kick your ass and can actually kick your ass.
  • Tenya : Is the most proper and formal but the excited hand gestures are everything. Would be the kid that raises his hand to remind the teacher to give homework just because he feels like has to work and would make every extra credit assignment. An actual sweetheart that needs to relax and…calm his engines…get it cause he has actual engines in his feet???…ahem
  • Tsu : My other daughter. Actually a frog (I am NOT making this up her quirk is frog). A true lesbean. Also she literally has no filter and says everything as it is. I relate.
  • Tokoyami : Birb boi (HIS ACTUAL HEAD IS A BIRD OK THIS ANIME IS WEIRD ACCEPT IT). Is emo and probably cooler then you. Edgelord but cries over My Chemical Romance. Is actually really nice to everybody around him. My second favorite character. My son, LOOK AT MY SOOOOOOON, PRIDE IS NOT THE WORD I’M LOOKING FOR.
  • Shota Aizawa : Homeroom teacher. Is stressed and depressed. The Snape that actually deserved that redemption arc. Says he doesn’t care, actually cares a lot. Would rather be asleep.

(And yes I’m aware that this sounds like one of those tag youself memes.)



Since a friend so kindly recommended the anime to me, essentially ruining my life by dragging me into the fandom (THANKS FRIEND!! she isn’t really reading but you know, I thought I should be polite), I took it upon myself to spam her every 5 seconds.

…so yeah I’ll leave you with our nerdy fangirling.

If you ever wanted to get into anime and didn’t know where to start: this is perfect for you! And even if you are just a simple human looking for something to kill your time with I highly recommend this show. It’s entertaining and funny and really bingeable (is that a word?? probably not).

20170910_112626But what about YOU? Have you ever watched anime? If not: what OTHER things have you been watching and loving this summer?? I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW!


 HELLO IT’S MEEEE (outdated Adele meme? check). I have returned from my trip to London…and immediately went on another one. But this time I have internet connection and my laptop with me so I can actually write. Yey. I’m going to make a post about my trip soon and show you pictures because I LOVED IT. But that is coming sometime, hopefully sooner rather than later. 



8 thoughts on “Fangirling mush: Boku no Hero Academia edition

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched anime, but I have definitely heard about Yuri on Ice lol. And psh, songs being in other languages has never stopped anyone who’s determined. I mean, The Circle of Life song? Lol. Anyway, I’m glad you’re loving this and that the characters are so great! I haven’t really been watching much of anything. I mostly just read and play the sims instead of watching shows 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Watching shows is usually a slippery slope because I haven’t been doing much reading lately. I need help. And The Circle of Life is definitely my go to soundtrack wherever I lift my dog up 😂. Everybody stares at me weridly wherever I do that though, including the poor dog. I don’t think they understand the greatness that is Simba.


  2. You bring the whole anime review in a whole new fangirl level. Like amazeballs fan level! It’s contagious coz I seriously want to watch it after reading this!!

    Liked by 1 person

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