*over-dramatic sigh* I am in such an overall life slump. This past months I have just wanted to read but I just…can’t?? I have started 6 books and I just cannot for the life of me FINNISH ONE. It’s awful.

So of course I have been going down a pretty nice rabbit hole, asking questions such as What if I don’t actually LIKE reading and it was just a phase? ; What if I will never read again? ; Who am I if I am not a reader? ; Which flavour of ice cream is the best?  . And.. you know…overall just having the best identity crisis of my poor old life. (questioning your favorite ice cream flavor is NOT the best way to spend your summer)

Closing that wonderful Pandora box and putting it aside, one thing I have been doing is geeking out over super heroes. Like I have been since 2013 BABYYYYY. Ahem. Just…getting a bit excited there.

I love Marvel. Say what you want but some of their movies make my Top 10 Favorite Movies of ALL TIME. Yes it’s cheesy, yes the villains are dumb and yes they ruined cinema with the cinematic universe thing BUT I ADORE IT DAMN IT and if I walk out of that cinema with a dorky grin of my face then it is worth it ok.

And since this summer was the summer of praised superhero movies I had to leave my house and see them. So here are my thoughts on Spiderman and Wonder Woman. (spoilers they are both 5 stars go see them)

Spider-man: Homecoming

giphy (18)

Rating: YES just YESSSS

I adored it. It felt a lot like a teen high school movie only with bad guys and super powers. The cinematography was great too. Even my friend who I nicely forced to come with me despite her total lack of knowledge of Marvel movies said she liked it.


Things I Liked (other then EVERYTHING)

*60’s memefull Spider-man theme song starts playing only it’s in a cool instrumental electronic guitar*

Tom Holland as Spiderman NAILED. IT. It was incredible seeing a superhero that was close to my age. Peter Parker in this movie is like a 15-year-old Hannah Montana. He talks like a teenager, his voice cracks and he cries. HE CRIES GUYS!! ON SCREEN!! WE HAVE A BOY CRYING!! (i…shouldn’t be so excited that this pure cinnamon character is in physical and emotional pain BUT). I walked into this movie expecting super hero goodness and i walked out adpoting a child. Spidey is officially my son (…shut up about age JOHN I CAN ADOPT PRECIOUS CHILDREN ALL I WANT)

giphy (16)
me, every time Tom Holland said something

Ned Leeds was also a great character. He is nerdy and so funny. I also liked how his weight was never played for jokes?? Or as a “token” thing?? He was just Peter’s bff not Petes’s token-poc- fat- friend.

Oh and let’s not forget:

“Oh I was just um… Looking at… Porn.”

.…I love him.

 The main love interest is a girl named Liz. She is smart, independent, popular and has her own problems and life to deal with OUTSIDE of being the love interest. She is actually her own character that just so happens to be Peter’s crush. Oh, also she is biracial. AND she shows Peter cute pictures on her phone in the car.

THE DIVERSITY IS INSANE (by other high school movie standards sadly). It’s subtle and it just blends in (as it should NORMALIZE THAT ISH) but I though it was pretty respectful (of course I am not the one to talk feel free to disagree and correct me).

Tony Stark appears, of course, and he was such a dad. A lot of people were afraid that this would turn into Ironman 4 but it’s not the case. He was just a worried dad, poor him. (I also absolutely ADORE his character and Robert Downey Jr so I miiight like him in the movie a bit more sorry for the bias)

Also kudos to the churro lady for being the blessing we all need. And the sandwich that Peter eats as a snack when he is Spidy-ing…and those Doritos for when they are planning… I just wanted to say I approve of the Snack-to-film ratio here ok.

And, without spoiling anything: the villain had more dimension and motivation this time.


Things that I didn’t like (which is honestly just nitpicking but the review sounded too cheerful)
  • That Michelle (played by Zendaya) was not in it MORE. Honestly she had some of the best lines. I know that in the future she will probably be more prominent I just wished she was given more screen time here. (she ignores people by reading books and calls everybody “losers”…SHE IS LITERALLY ME)
  • Karen. Which is to say “the disembodied voice that is Peter’s computer in the suit”. I mean she was funny for sure but I just didn’t want her there. It was way too Ironman-y

Overall: GO SEE IT NOW!!! It’s my third favorite in the MCU. (after Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy which are genius)

Yes I do realize it’s like the 15th movie in the MCU and you are probably not going to get it if you haven’t watched the others. So little guide for only watching this movie: I say go watch The Avengers and then wikipedia what happens in Age of Ultron (mostly because I haven’t watched that either upss) and then watch Civil War AND THEN you should be able to watch this one no problem. I think.

giphy (17)

Wonder Woman

giphy (11)

Rating: 12 / 10 asdfghjkl

Ahhhh I am still completely obsessed with this movie. One cannot simply hate Wonder Woman.

Look, I don’t hate DC…I just…greatly dislike their movies. Man of Steel was forgettable, Batman vs Superman was confusing and ugly (my friends and I actually giggled every time there was a slo-mo scene…we counted 13 total and we cracked up after 5) and I found Suicide Squad extremely meh given the AWESOME soundtrack (though I do watch videos on YouTube about how bad the cinematography is- it fascinates me).

But Wonder Woman is something else entirely.

For one, it actually has colour. It just looks sooo good compared to other DCEU movies. It’s saturated thank you very much. The cinematography is great.

Gal Gadot as Diana is amazing. I don’t know why people didn’t like her casting at first but, as someone who didn’t grew up with Wonder Woman being a blue-eyed, white woman I can say that her look and accent really sell her as a foreigner.

Diana is just the classic superhero. No alter motives, no dark past, she just saves the people because she thinks they deserve to be saved. She, for me, represents hope and everything that is truly good. And yes that is cheesy, this film IS cheesy, it takes emotion seriously, no quirky joke thrown in to break the tension. It really makes you FEEL.

The famous “No Man’s Land” scene is the best scene in all superhero movies. And yes I wanted to cry (I had emotions in my eyes DAMN IT). It’s very powerful.

giphy (15)

The romance was also incredible, and that comes from someone who never cares for romantic subplots. Steve respected Diana’s wised and trusted her. I liked that he only tried to “protect” her one time, before he realized that she could handle herself. After that he just lets her fight. No “woman are delicate fragile flowers”.

Also there is this line:

“Men are essential for procreation but when it comes to pleasure unnecessary”

Diana is a warrior but she also sequels over babies and likes ice cream and loves a man. Neither of these thing make her any less powerful or independent. She in not the usual “strong female character” that is strong like a man is strong, she is never made an emotionless killing “badass” machine. And that was so beautiful to see.

In Themyscira it was so impressive to see the amazons actually had muscle. Like…they weren’t kidding around. They weren’t training to look pretty nonoononooo THEY HAD INTIMIDATING BULKS OF MUSCLE. Honestly theirs arms looked bigger then my head and I had no doubt that these fine ladies could smash some skulls.

The whole film is just so respectful. Even Diana’s costume is inspired by REAL ARMOUR. I read that until now her outfit was inspired by FLIPPING LINGERIE. CORSETS!!! IMAGINE A WARRIOR IN A CORSET! This time it is ROMAN ARMOUR. That skirt? Gladiator skirt. Those thigh-high boots? Roman greaves- protects the calves. SEARCH. IT. UP.


Things I didn’t like (probably spoilers warning):
  • The end battle. The twist was really bad and the cgi is just put there to make the movie fit in the whole DCEU (mild spoilers: Ares keeps his mustache over centuries…even in his final form under the helmet there IS the mustache). It would have been infinity more interesting and satisfying if killing Ares DIDN”T just stop the war. It’s a pretty plot-hole-y resolution to the whole  movie’s theme.
  • The way they just made Diana a demigod instead of just going with her original backstory in the comics where she really is just made of clay and is breathed in life and given power by extremely powerful goddesses from all kinds of religions. We had the opportunity to meet some pretty kick-ass ladies.


giphy (19)

20170910_112626As you can see I have been busy…not reading. It’s been horrbile. Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly, “life slump” kinda includes blogging as well 😦 . Also yes, the drawing of Wonder Woman is made by me ( i am not Picasso but I have fun doodling ).

 Have YOU seen these movies?? What did you think? And do YOU have a favorite superhero? Let’s fangirl together.


3 thoughts on “Movie Reviews // adorable superhero edition (+ identity crisis)

  1. THESE REVIEWS MAKE ME SO HAPPY!!! I’m already like in love with the Spiderman movie and I haven’t seen it yet. Shhh. I know I’m a sad case. 😂😂 I just won’t get to see it in cinemas BUT (!!) I just watch so many interviews and clips on youtube and jfadksalfd TOM HOLLAND I ADORABLE THO. WHAT A PRECIOUS THING. And I want to see Dad!Tony freaking out over his smol spider son. GAHHHH. SO MUCH EXCITE.
    Also so so glad Wonder Woman is good! 😍 My sister has been freaking out over its goodness and #need.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I get what you mean- I always fall in love with movies and TV shows before even get to watch them too 😂 (I can reccomand and rant about how amazing a show is and who my favorite character is without even watching an episode 🙈). And I see that you have discoverd the cinnemon bun that is Tom Holland *nods approvingly*. Bless that child he’s too pure (even though he is older then me 😂)


  2. ermagherrrrdddd (<– okkkk WHAT sound did I just make) I adored all of these movies. I'm also the tiniest bit salty that Queen Zendaya didn't have many lines in Spider Man, but I'm still set on the hope that SHE'S Mary Jane. 😉 she's like my spirit animal. also…. Wonder Woman WAS SO BEAUTIFUL *single tear* I get that the movie was cheesy, but that's what made it so enjoyable. gal gadot though *one thousand million heart eyes* ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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