Umm…hello. Hi. As you probably might have not noticed I went on hiatus earlier this year. And I thought I should explain why. Maybe some of you can relate or give me some advice for the future who knows.

My super extra important exams are FINALLY over!!! Andd they have been..for a while…Fun little fact about the Romanian school system: at the end of middle school (yes i am a smol bean shut up) you have to take this exam called National Evaluation which basically dictates where you go to high school based on your grades. It also dictates weather you are going to FAIL IN LIFE or not. But no pressure or anything (and yes i said FUN fact but you should know by now that if someone says that it’s fun it’s not going to be fun so).

And since that has pretty much been my life for the past year or so (I HAD TO TAKE A MATH EXAM!!! MATH!! THE PAINNNN!!) … i…basically…don’t know what to do now??

giphy (6)
(this has pretty much been me the past few days)

Like i honestly have a math shaped hole in my life at the moment. What was my life like before it again??


 In the meantime I have been vicariously reading and watching TV shows the past few days in bed in my pajamas. Hey, i deserve it after NOT BEING ABLE TO READ A SINGLE BOOK SINCE MARCH. YES CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THE HORROR??? I had to do what non-bookworms do when they aren’t reading!! Ok no, not talk to people that is never going to happen let’s be realistic but I did procrastinate by watching a ton of YouTube videos so there is that.

 So…now I have more time for blogging…which was kind of the plan all along??…I mean i was going to make this blog AFTER the exams but because NO PEASANT SHALL TELL ME WHAT TO DO GODDAMN IT i did it months before I was supposed to…so happy one month anniversary and something to Dragonwaffles i guess huh….you are a mistake my dear child but I still love you. *send you all virtual sprinkle cupcakes because that is how this blogevarsary thing works right*

In other exciting news I have been very active on bookstagram. You totally should follow me just saying (pssst it’s @dragon-waffles). I think I am pretty cool. And look I have some pictures to show it!!


bookstagram #3

Isn’t it so absolutely prettyyyyy. I shall just ignore humanity and live in my bookshelf from now on thank you very much.


And…I guess…I am going to high school this fall…which is….NERVE RACKING.  Like….i am pretty sure I am still a child?? Who even thought that growing up was a good idea?? Welp excuUUUUse me while I go have an existential crisis on the kitchen floor, thinking about how the concept of time isn’t real.

All my knowledge of high school comes from TV shows and books so I think I have done my research fairly thoroughly. Also if I don’t find out I have some kind of unique secret power and i am supposed to save the world from the apocalypse and fall in love with two guys (i would prefer a grand total of 0 but whatever) while I do my homework and manage teen angst in the next four years I am suing for false advertising. Just saying.

Another fun fact about The Romanian School System TM: in high school there are two major profiles you can choose between- “uman” (yes it literally means humane go figure) and “real” (and this one means real- Romanian 101). Basically “uman” is where you study literature, foreign languages, Latin (i actually really don’t like latin- we studied it in middle school as well and it’s not half as interesting as it sounds), basically the equivalent of an English major (yes I have even been told I will end up selling french fries…splendid) and “real” is where you do maths and sciences…And since I am the LITERAL WORST when it comes to sciences you already know what profile I am picking. I am actually looking foreword to studying more about literature, maybe it will help me write better reviews.

I got into my first choice of school SO I AM INCREDIBLY EXCITED!! And I have already met my future peers and since we are all awkward beans that are acting like they know what to do when they really just don’t I’ve made some friends.


And since I know it all – I shall be a kind queen and give you some advice. You are welcome.

How to survive a life changing exam // a guide by yours truly

So you either have a big exam coming and are in desperate need of helpful tricks and

are progressively procrastinating OR you are just a confused bean who stumbled over

my post by an unfortunate accident  (or mayybeee you actually like me and follow my blog because you are interested in what i have to say….lol naah you most likely found this by watching cute cat videos in which case…THEY ARE ADORABLE AND FLOFFY)

You will need :
  • Book in question for subject in case (for using as a butt warmer because who is honestly here for actual helpful advice like open the thing in order to get the information you need nah son your butt cheeks are soft and in need of protection)
  •  Burial ground from a cemetery (or you know…you could just use dirt from your school same difference)
  • Some salt (from your own tears because we all know how fun it is when you have a breakdown on the kitchen floor over math at 3 am)
  • Blood of your enemies (i feel like this is somehow self explanatory and that should at least slightly concern me yet it does not)

Now all you have to do is to get out (yes like actually outside where there is no free

internet connection and scary human beings that try to socialize *shudder*) and in the darkness of the full moon on the sixty-sixth day of the thirteenth month just have to burn the book and sprinkle salt over it’s ashes to signify your level of done.

giphy (14)

After that you could drink the blood of your enemies and sacrifice your soul to a devil for maximum efficiency and guaranteed excellent results. Now trust me on this one John WHEN HAVE I EVER BEEN WRONG BEFORE? (The correct answer is never because i know everything duh)

Disclaimer: I cannot be held accountable if you accidentally burn the patriarchy and start a revolution or other side effects that may occur. Those are your mistakes there is nothing wrong with my perfectly functional ritual thank you very much. Sheesh.

20170910_112626Sooo…hopefully that kind of explains where I have been.

Do YOU know any good tv shows/ anime/ movies that I can watch?? And how strange do YOU find The Romanian School System TM on a scale of 1 to 10?? Is it actually any different from your school system because I am so curious??

And how are YOU spending your summer? (I hope it’s nice and you are having fun)


2 thoughts on “Life update #1 // high-school is a thing apparently

  1. I had no idea the Romanian school system was like that, that’s really interesting. Your high school is like college, picking majors and everything?! It’s not like that in the US. Unless you specifically apply to a special kinda school, your high school is just based on where you live. Congrats on getting into your first choice though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess it’s kind of like that…but there are only 2 majors lol. It’s terribly restricting and anxiety inducing though so it’s pretty stupid. But how can your high scool depend on where you live?? Near where I live are like 3 diferrent highscools and in the whole city there are hundreds. I can’t imagine that 😂. And thank youuu I worked so hard it’s very satisfying to see that it paid out!!


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