So as a third post I thought what would be more fitting then the newbie tag- for obvious reasons. That being that I am one true newbie.

And because I am a very speshul and unique snowflake type of newbie I decided I must do it with a twist John for I am the most rebellious one to rule them all (and I haven’t read or watched lord of the rings so my whole life as a nerd is fact a lie but that doesn’t stop me from making references). I thought I could maybe put in a little bit of extra information so that you can maybe get an idea on what kind of reader-blogger-person I am because that is what this tag is for. I am obviously making it all better you’re welcome.

giphy (1)

*The original tag that you should check out if you haven’t already because it’s full of quality GIF usage is HERE*

Now onward with the questions and GIFs now for I am sure you are all terribly exited to find out all my illustrious and mildly inspired original answers.

1.Why did you start this blog?

 Short answer: To be able to waffle about things on the internet WITHOUT annoying others. A blog  is a monstrously exciting thing to have because you are basically the owner of a small internet corner. I basically wanted a head-start in my world domination plans is what i am trying to say. Starting small seemed like the best option but one day soon I shall rule a planet.

2.What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?

Um…I am not sure?? BUUUT i CAN in fact move my ears. So…that makes me very unique right? Right.

giphy (1)
3.What are you most excited for about this new blog?

 Oh getting to talk to people that I share interests with and have things in common for sure. Because you know, my logic is that if I fangirl hard enough about books then other bookish people will notice and start fangirling too. And then we will all be a big fangirling crowd. Which is in fact what is actually the blogosphere so I guess it isn’t faulty logic.

4.Why do you love reading?

Well i get to see how other people might experience life in various situations which is pretty fascinating. Also the real world kind of sucks so you can just open a book and BAM plop in a dragon or two and it instantly makes everything better. Fiction is cool like that.

giphy (5)
5.What book or series got you into reading?

How many people’s answer to this question is Harry Potter? *literally everybody rises their hand*

…um but are you really surprised though?

 Look I will amuse you and tell you the longer story. Prepare yourself emotionally for what is to come.

Ok so…I used to loath reading when I was younger. *gasps in french and terrible wails of pure torture*

Now put your pitchforks and torches down and listen to the rest of the story.

 Then everything changed when (cough*the fire nation attacked*) I read Harry Potter. After my mom literally forced me. Yes one of my parentals had to force me to read a book. Madness i know.

And guess what: I- as a rebellious devil spawn- started with The Prisoner of Azkaban because I read an article that Harry died and i though it would happen in that book. Yes I literally wanted to start with the last book because I wanted to see Harry just die already. Was I not the most adorable child?? (also after that i read The Chamber of Secrets and then The Philosopher’s Stone…needles to say I was only half confused because of my truly original order of reading a series)

ANNND THEN I stopped reading the books for 2 years after I read the Prologue in Half-Blood Prince because my friend that finished the books told me that Harry had children and I panicked and thought that meant he has sex and that was way too much for my second grade brain to handle. *takes deep breath after that sentence because it is exhausting to even read mentally seriously do i not know what punctuation is*

I mean I DID eventually finish the books…and then promptly started rereading them from start to finish in coherent order.

I still loved them the first time though…in my own weird way.

6.What questions would you ask your favorite authors?

I doubt I would ever talk to an author because I am just way too much of an anxious awkward bean but „How do you make the words do the thing where they make a book??” seems like a pretty good question to me.  Also if they maliciously think „this is going to make them all cry” when they write a particularly heartbreaking scene.

giphy (2)

And their favorite flavor of ice cream because that is crucial information to one’s character and it’s a personality trait don’t you tell me otherwise.

7.What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?

 HA actually managing to NOT ignore my real life because I spend too much time on the internet. The biggest challenge of them all.

giphy (3)
8.When did you start reading?

…I think my Harry Potter story is enough of an answer to this one…

9.Where do you read?

Everywhere and anywhere no matter how socially unacceptable that is. Sorry family but I WILL pull out my phone and read at grandma’s birthday party. At least until it’s time for cake. That usually gets my attention.

giphy (4)
10.What kind of books do you like to read?

Good ones.

….Oh should I elaborate? Well I read what interests me no matter what genre it is. And if a book gets a lot of good reviews I will most likely at least try to read it. I like to see what the fuss is about (even though i almost always end up dissapointed).

Also I love diverse books because they seem much more special and precious then the other ones. They are like the little cinnamon rolls of the literary world. Too pure my children.

+11. What are some of your all time favorite series?

( Oh look at me asking myself questions I must pat myself on the back for the sheer originality of these ones.)

I have a very special section on my bookshelf dedicated to my precious babies. Right now i have to say that The name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo are some of my faves. Also The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare that (A) I like more then The Mortal Instruments fight me and (B) I don’t know if The Dark Artifices is going to top it and take it’s place on the faves shelf yet. We shall wait and see.

+12. How about some all time favorite authors?

Oh these mostly have no correlation with my favorite books. I can like the way an author writes more then i can like the book itself. So for that I say : Becky Arbertalli, Rainbow Rowell and V. E. Schwab. Their writing is what I aspire my own writing to be like in the future (maybe hopefully)

+13. Favorite flavor of ice-cream?(the most critical of information)

 Vanilla (preferably the one with small little black dot-thingies in it) coated in milk chocolate. In other words: perfection.


So there you have it. 13 questions because it’s honestly one of my lucky numbers. Tags are pretty fun to do I must admit as a GIF lover I had a blast picking all of them because honestly THEY ARE SO CUTE AND THE BEST THINGS EVER. If i could use GIFs in real life I would.


 But hey what are some of YOUR favorite authors/books/specific ice cream flavors? And do you know some blogger newbies that I could check out (or maybe you are a newbie yourself in which case hi there let’s talk about ice cream and books and be friends)?

~ Also I wanted to apologize in advance for the future lack of posts in the next few weeks. School is literal hell at the moment so I will post when and if I have time. Until next time: stay geeky.


4 thoughts on “The book blogger newbie tag // in which I learn how to use GIFs

    1. Well I am glad Harry got me (and so many other people) into reading. It doesn’t matter as long as we are all utterly in love with books now. (plus it really does help me speak to other people that love HP but are not necessarily bookworms irl)


  1. THIS POST IS ALL THE AMAZING AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Your favourite authors/books are ThE BEST. Clearly you have amazing taste. 😉 I adore Six of Crows, The Name of the Wind and everything by Becky Albertalli and VE Schwab (WHO IS QUEEN) too. 😍 And yes and yes to cake being the only thing to drag us away from books. Priorities. Also #6 seems like a logical question to ask authors, I agree. I’ve never met an author IRL but I would probably just melt into a socially awkward turtle shell and blabber how much I loved their books. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never met an author either!! Mostly because they never come to my country ever! Authors in these wild lands are truly rare ocurances like some mythical Pokemon. And when they DO come to Europe they completly avoid my smol country- i am truly starting to think it doesn’t show up on maps (I am living in the true Narnia it seems #internationalbookwormstruggles). I mean if I DID get to meet them then yes the ultimate socially akward turtle shell would totally happen but it would be fun to at least get to do that. I blabber about books to everyone so hey why not blabber to the author too I am sure they wouldn’t mind my very eloquent high praise 😂.


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