hello internet

Hello internet (and hopefully some human beings)

Ok so got that awkward introduction out of the way because *surprise* i don’t really know what I am doing. But hey i am sure nobody actually knows how to blog exactly (and if you say you do you are lying) so it’s all fine if it’s a bit awkward.

So my name is Ioana. I am from a small country in Europe called Romania and yes I am aware that the Internet is a scary place and you could all be serial killers for all i know (or an old creepy dude named Greg hugging an anime body pillow according to all parents ever) but i trust that you are just another peaceful Internet creature like myself.

I started this blog so i can talk about all the geeky things i like and not annoy LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE PERSON i am near because “WE GET IT YOU LIKE IT NOW SHUT UP” (ok so i do get a little bit overexcited sometimes i admit). So i thought maybe possibly you , total stranger on the internet, might like these things as well so we can be friends and hold hands and run off into the sunset with matching flower crowns atop our head leaving the muggles to stare at our crazy selves. Because i would like that very much.

Some things that I enjoy are (in no particular order): BOOKS, dogs, marvel movies, buying more books even though i already own 10 unread ones why, sometimes drawing (even though it can be a very taxing hobby- my self-esteem has suffered severe damage over the years), not-marvel comics, acting like an electrocuted octopus when i think about the past…or the future (but time doesn’t really exist so it’s fine), watching cartoons and anime and reading about mythology, folktales and weird creatures on wikipedia at 2 am.

So if you like some of the same things please leave a comment (please i need validation and i crave attention). I am not a three-headed dragon that bites i promise (actually you never know on the Internet…i might be a secret dragon…i might even be a secret Greg *gasp*) . Comments could also help me not feel like i am screaming into a scary endless void and that actual people are actually reading and that would be kinda nice.

i don’t really know what or when my next post will be up but hey i am active on all social media and i would be happy to chat anytime



5 thoughts on “hello internet

  1. Hi! *waves* I found your blog from that Twitter thread asking about new bloggers. I’m here to validate you and tell you you’re not screaming into the void ๐Ÿ˜‰ And if you do happen to be a dragon, all the better since I wouldn’t mind having a dragon friend.

    You said you like not-Marvel comics, any in particular? Not that I’m a comic expert, but I’ve read some and like learning about new ones to look into!

    Mythology, folklore, and weird creatures—I have been meaning to read more about all those things, believe it or not lol. 2 am sounds like the perfect time if you ask me ๐Ÿ˜›

    Anyway, welcome to the book blogging world! (At least I assume you’re new to the book blogging world since this is an intro post, but I suppose I could be wrong lol.)


    1. Oh hello to you too you lovely internet friend (we are friends right that’s how this works -because I totally want to be your friend). Thanks for commenting! Since this is the first coment I ever gotten it’s terribly exciting.
      My secret identity as a dragon has been compromised I admit to being a fierce lizard that somehow meneges to use a keybord to type posts #dragonstruggles
      As for comics I am pretty new to them myself buuut i have found some favorites (highly reccomand Monstress -it has talking ancient cat gods and what more could one wish for in a comicbook).
      Thanks again for the warm welcome and I really hope you like my posts and weird sense of humour โค


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